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JA on F1 Connect is the must have tool for the modern F1 fan. It’s all about keeping up to speed with what’s going on, bringing the fans closer to the sport and giving them a one-stop shop for finding out what’s going on in their favourite sport.

It’s all about news, but it goes well beyond traditional media-fed news. Here we have collected the best F1 news on the internet, from major news sources as well as F1 websites. But we’ve also combined it with facebook updates, tweets, and youtube videos from teams, drivers, journalists, media and fans to create a paradise for the dedicated sports fan. One visit here and you are truly “up to speed.”

All the F1 teams and drivers have social media accounts and are increasingly pushing content through them. They publish race insights, behind the scenes photos, videos and much more.

You may have ‘liked’ a team or two, and might even follow some of your favourite drivers. But it is very hard to find all the official accounts, and trying to organise them on your own quickly makes facebook and twitter unusable. So we’ve done it for you!

For those who can’t be there, live sport is interactive. Fans air their views on twitter, ask questions of commentators and send messages to their favourite stars. But unless you have a twitter account, you’ll probably have no idea that all this is happening.

So if you really want to know just how amazing the interaction between drivers, teams, journalists, officials and fans have become, then choose an option from the menu at the top, and browse the content from all these social media sites. If you can’t be there, then hopefully being here is the next best thing!

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