@Susie_Wolff29 May

Sweat. Smile. Repeat. 😰😀😤 http://t.co/ijEFQh94oi
 @ValtteriBottas29 May

Full day of simulator today @WilliamsRacing. Simulaattoripäivä tänään tehtaalla. Canada & Austria prep! 👍
 @ValtteriBottas28 May

What a privilege to be clay shooting today with Mr. Beretta and Sir Jackie Stewart! @BERETTAitalia http://t.co/nChlM3g6R1
 @Susie_Wolff28 May

At @krcircuit with my Dad on my PW80 motocross bike. I loved those pink & aqua boots… #tbt #memories http://t.co/4JJENgLaRy
 @MassaFelipe1927 May

Silverstone esse era um carro incrivel !! That was a great car 👍👍 https://t.co/StSKUxNei7
 @Susie_Wolff27 May

Talking through my workout regime in @Sportmag_Ladies & no, I don’t look like that when I’m really training… 😉 🍅💦 http://t.co/BjzzQISYmx
 @ValtteriBottas27 May

Hiking day with @AnttiVierula 👌 Päivän treeni oli patikointia vuoristossa. http://t.co/vCf1McDJ5g
 @ValtteriBottas26 May

Check out all the best #F1 #MonacoGP pictures from my FB page: https://t.co/FqzQPxkgA1 http://t.co/KEcPSuLPS8
 @MassaFelipe1926 May

Meus amores que amo muito !! raffamassa , #Felipinho. love you so much!! ❤️❤️ https://t.co/4JJ4Icvzac
 @ValtteriBottas24 May

No points today. Very tough weekend for us. Main thing is we learn from this and come back stronger in next race! #77 http://t.co/ArsBMbM0vc
 @MassaFelipe1924 May

Corrida muito complicada hoje ,mas ao menos com ótima companhia!! Valeu irmao pela presença e torcida… https://t.co/181BApXA19
 @Susie_Wolff24 May

It’s race day! 🏁 http://t.co/HDKV9QmO37
 @MassaFelipe1923 May

pessoal vc que acompanha F1 e quer ver mudanças bacana para o esporte e fans entre no http://t.co/zODZjO71Uj de o seu palpite !! Vamos la
 @Susie_Wolff23 May

Please swab for Aksel – You may be the match that saves him… @SaveAksel http://t.co/26cfmsKHu0 http://t.co/X7XdDfdrgp
 @ValtteriBottas23 May

Already looking forward to tomorrow. New day and new opportunities! #MonacoGP #77 picture by @glenn_dunbar http://t.co/8BzuUvVbzf
 @ValtteriBottas23 May

Tough day today. Starting 16th for the race. Tomorrow is a new day and we will give 100% as always!… https://t.co/r30UucYmBe
 @MassaFelipe1923 May

Muito legal encontrar o grande #GeorgeLucas hj aqui na @williamsracing !!great to be with… https://t.co/x2C2eeOilf
 @ValtteriBottas22 May

Great to meet you all today with @MassaFelipe19 ! Thanks for your support! #F1 #MonacoGP http://t.co/WuLq0vlPne
 @Susie_Wolff22 May

Now time to forget the team clothes & get glamorous. Hosting @AmberLoungeLtd Fashion Show tonight with @CroftyF1http://t.co/mO5sPR4jwp
 @ValtteriBottas22 May

Meetings and sponsor events today.. Tomorrow back on track 👌 #MonacoGP #77 http://t.co/x1VP2Fvrbl
 @ValtteriBottas21 May

Not the easiest practice day. Still struggling to get those tyres up to temperature. Will work our… https://t.co/JYSue4VYfY
 @ValtteriBottas20 May

The media and meetings for the day done and tomorrow is the practice day. Looking forward to it 👍 #MonacoGP #F1 http://t.co/WKP90iaXmw
 @Susie_Wolff20 May

@caswellh sure! 👍🏻
 @Susie_Wolff20 May

@karl1910 think he will… eventually!