@londoniily, ciao… scrivici pure un DM. Grazie

@NatRox8588, beh Carlos lo parla già un po’ e lo capisce :D Max preferisce l’inglese… ma ci impegneremo ;)

@hermit_the_frog, not right now… but sometimes yes ;) Stay tuned and check http://t.co/Po57MCRwGo from time to time ;)

@johndbrownlie, we will launch our new car, STR10, on 31st January at 5pm in Jerez de la Frontera. Thanks
 @ToroRossoSpy23 Jan

@FernandBos, you know the italian espresso… is the best :p
 @Dany_Kvyat22 Jan

Congratulations to @KAMAZmasterTEAM for dominating Dakar rally , again ! ;-) ))
 @Dany_Kvyat21 Jan

And another one from the training camp ! Has been a cool time http://t.co/NEBcPUmS88
 @ToroRossoSpy20 Jan

@Graftechweb, mmmmmh dici? sicuro, sicuro? :D
 @ToroRossoSpy20 Jan

Waiting for 31/01… time to spy on the #STR10! Aspettando il 31/01… spiamo la STR10! #10SeasonsTimeFlies http://t.co/bvAnxjWByx
 @Dany_Kvyat20 Jan

Nice training camp with guys here in Lapland ! Only -25 degrees outside :) http://t.co/wTTQyEGYiD
 @ToroRossoSpy19 Jan

We celebrate our 10th Season with #10SeasonsTimeFlies logo! Un logo per la nostra 10a stagione http://t.co/Nqsx3U4jI6 http://t.co/mmqAjTKBnT
 @JeanEricVergne18 Jan

Did some karting in Lonato, so nice to see some drivers still showing their skills and winning races!… http://t.co/TTO8XxTvmr
 @ToroRossoSpy16 Jan

@FrankyTom_29, at the moment we are not open to public visits, sorry.
 @ToroRossoSpy16 Jan

Today @MaxVerstappen3 in the house: seat, pedals and monocoque check, meeting with his Race Engineer, @xevipujolar. http://t.co/jEMzDw0O7w
 @ToroRossoSpy15 Jan

2 months 2 #F1 #AustralianGP! We look forward to see our Young Guns in action!@carlosainz @MaxVerstappen3 http://t.co/JiUadueEw4
 @Dany_Kvyat15 Jan

@redbullracing wow ! Blue sky in MK , unbelievable..
 @ToroRossoSpy14 Jan

A “keyhole” towards the #F1 2015 Season! What do you see?#STR10 ;) http://t.co/7FriZYXPqr
 @Dany_Kvyat14 Jan

Good one from today ! Taking off 😄 http://t.co/nFzRWjNMEz