And the winner is… ALL the @nec guests as everyone gets to meet the drivers. #NEC #MeetAndGreet http://t.co/wLwh2SodEE

Back to speed after a lovely musical adventure. #EG21 and #AS99 competing in a miniature car race @NEC #SingaporeGP http://t.co/4nzf9sAPSK

What a rare sight and beautiful sound. Adrian playing the #piano. #NEC @F1NightRace #F1 #music http://t.co/QUQZVFCVUx

Cameras, canapés and cars.. #EG21 and #AS99 on stage @nec event in front of 200 invited guests #NEC #SingaporeGP http://t.co/8AfKePJFSJ

We reached Singapore and are starting the #F1 weekend a little different.. Can you guess how? #SingaporeGP http://t.co/uHW9My6tUx
 @OfficialSF1Team16 Sep

SECRETS of #F1 Wind Tunnel Testing REVEALED! Watch now on ►►► http://t.co/WeyfprB1yi ◄◄◄ http://t.co/50WffL7jEw
 @OfficialSF1Team15 Sep

¡Felices fiestas patrias, México!Happy Independence Day, Mexico!Via @JoseCuervo http://t.co/WF5al26l4v
 @OfficialSF1Team14 Sep

Learn about one of the BEST-KEPT SECRETS in #F1: the WIND TUNNEL. Part 8/8 explains model size and regulatory limits! http://t.co/8VmO2rX9Fq
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Unsere WINDKANAL ERKLÄRT Videos könnt ihr mit deutschen Untertiteln schauen! All 8 Videos! Viel Spass! #F1http://t.co/8VmO2rX9Fq
 @OfficialSF1Team13 Sep

Luckily, we don’t need these equations to explain #F1 wind tunnel testing!VIDEO ►►► http://t.co/8VmO2rX9Fq ◄◄◄ http://t.co/p0iFi919mb
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@Jose_Arrogantio Thanks a lot! Glad you enjoy them.
 @OfficialSF1Team12 Sep

Why 60% model scale in the wind tunnel? How do #F1 regulations limit aero testing? ENJOY! #TechBites http://t.co/psUFm4r7sk
 @OfficialSF1Team12 Sep

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After the Italian GP the Sauber F1 Team will travel to one of the season highlights: http://t.co/2yqQMAuM2U #F1 http://t.co/4TRGtCalbO
 @OfficialSF1Team12 Sep

Nach dem GP von Italien reist das Sauber F1 Team zu einem der Saison-Highlights nach Singapur: http://t.co/mKLsdpPj9I http://t.co/0Raqi3sESE
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You can also find our #ItalianGP photos on Google+: https://t.co/ZZfcmx4UbO#F1 http://t.co/6Pz00Irn9t
 @OfficialSF1Team8 Sep

The #ItalianGP – a difficult race. Plus: Silly season? No idea what you’re talking about, Brad ;-) Enjoy! – #F1 http://t.co/bFaQeKHMxR
 @OfficialSF1Team7 Sep

Lesen Sie mehr über das heutige Rennen zum Grossen Preis von Italien in Monza: http://t.co/mKLsdpPj9I http://t.co/ujf2Uk6F99