.@HeylenJan Nice number mate!

Read @JaniceZhao‘s fantastic Fan Blog all about the story of Shanghai and the Chinese GP http://t.co/bvNPpvCpf2 http://t.co/MwvpJErn5G

The man. The legend. The book. Pre-order Ayrton Senna by Maurice Hamilton now http://t.co/GLpGQ6HIXq #Sennainwords http://t.co/RqMO25Eh71

Last #ThrowbackThursday of the day: the man who started the legend in the first place, Bruce McLaren himself. http://t.co/erBNhj9hP7

#ThrowbackThursday: Check out this beautiful footage of the McLaren M6GT: http://t.co/VsjOJefC8a #F1

#ThrowbackThursday: the one ’n’ only James Simon Wallis Hunt, world champ for McLaren in 1976. #F1 http://t.co/CV8ZERs1hG

It was Patrick Tambay, McLaren M28, Long Beach, 1979. #TBT http://t.co/VXTcG2WQy7

Ever seen a blue McLaren #F1 car before? Who, what, where, when? #ThrowbackThursday http://t.co/IKS8GR0cnM

Thanks to @JaniceZhao for her amazing Fan Blog telling the story of Shanghai & the Chinese GP http://t.co/bvNPpvCpf2 http://t.co/o4YcMhhFkW

Big hug from all at McLaren to @lauracoppin, who celebrates 25 years at @autosport today. #UnsungHero #Legend http://t.co/6KFL8ad6M4

Who guessed it? Philippe Alliot, McLaren MP4/9, 1994. http://t.co/WOybD8H1Yo

.@svandoorne in the house today for some media work… #MTCSnaps http://t.co/ckAN1VEll3

#ThrowbackThursday: John Watson, hard at work, on his way to 4th at #Monaco in the tricky 1979 McLaren M28. #F1 http://t.co/S5d1LARkXo

#ThrowbackThursday to kick start your day: McLaren’s Ron Dennis, with @janmagnussen & @Mansell_Nigel, in 1995. #F1 http://t.co/w4G1Kixuqd
 @JensonButton23 Apr

Happy Saint George’s day!
 @TeamMcLaren22 Apr

Our Official Team McLaren Fan Blogger @JaniceZhao was lucky enough to meet @KevinMagnussen this weekend #colourful http://t.co/jYpXNhj3YL
 @McLarenF122 Apr

Reflections on China. @F1Photographer Darren Heath captures the weekend’s action: http://t.co/znECjAd5ZL #ChineseGP http://t.co/dnYl1QuJJt
 @JensonButton22 Apr

“@tomdudden: @JensonButton looking forward to seeing the car closer to the front #JB251 #BelieveinButton #BelieveInMclaren” 👍
 @JensonButton22 Apr

Tough weekend for the whole @McLarenF1 team. All working very hard to put things right.. I believe we can do it. #BelieveInMclaren #JB22
 @McLarenF121 Apr

Pics from the East. A selection of the best images from the 2014 #ChineseGP available here: http://t.co/CrHampFyuX http://t.co/Jvtb2oFaxr
 @McLarenF120 Apr

The journey back to Woking begins…#Mobil1Insider http://t.co/2ZlJ9eJnxH
 @McLarenF120 Apr

Last interview of the day for @eboullier: it’s Vespa-loving @benjhunt of @TheSunNewspaper. #ChineseGP http://t.co/j99ZvJGhCA
 @McLarenF120 Apr

“We know what we have to do, we’ll work night and day to do it.” More on today’s #ChineseGP >> http://t.co/CowUsE7Z5h http://t.co/28CAXyLzB8
 @McLarenF120 Apr

Chequered flag in Shanghai. Jenson P11, Kevin P13. HAM wins from ROS, ALO, RIC, VET, HUL, BOT, RAI, PER, KVY. #ChineseGP.