@rinnywee Focused and happy at the same time :-)

Pitstop practice closely watched by @F1 this morning… Look sharp guys! (The feature will be on the #F1 app soon!) http://t.co/rbxpTcoy0N

D-4 before flying to the #AustralianGP . Eyes already focused on the start of the season. #r8main #f1 #Melbourne http://t.co/DkkWPCXt5x

Happy birthday Jos Verstappen! The Dutch racer drove his first F1 race for Benetton back in 1994 at the Brazil GP. http://t.co/qXLLxI4iCn

Pre-Season Debrief – Our Technical Director, Nick Chester reviews winter testing: http://t.co/CVlDZP4yha http://t.co/b3RyPe6SUd

Todo listo para Melbourne! All is ready for Melbourne! 👍 https://t.co/XiNf6ROAlP

Your top #Topshot is clearly #LotusF1TeamPrettyColours this week! Download the wallpaper here: http://t.co/9lbAyQdaNO http://t.co/13edvJlkeZ
Cobertura TV de @SpecialStageuk Campeonato @BTRDARally Nuestro carro en min 33:58 y 35:50 Disfruten Rally Britanico! https://t.co/EUHhBhGMvw
TV coverage from @SpecialStageuk of @BTRDARally Great to make it at minutes 33:58 & 35:50.Enjoy British rallying! https://t.co/EUHhBhGMvw

Qualified P3 at the 2012 #AustralianGP my best memory so far from the opening race of the season.… https://t.co/aB0KE0luTw
Les dejo la cobertura TV de @SpecialStageuk del Campeonato @BTRDARally Nuestro carro en minutos 33:58 y 35:50 Disfruten el Rally Britanico!
We will miss you @alo_oficial in Melbourne. Hope to see you very soon back behind the wheel. And most important hope you feel good #r8main
Parece q no muy “perfectamente bien” si todavia no dan visto bueno de correr en AUS. Esperemos y mejores deseos de pronta recuperacion! #ALO
So not too “perfectamente bien” if not racing at AUS, hope he recovers promptly! #ALO
 @Lotus_F1Team3 Mar

@Jasmine_Ellaine We make them ourselves and we prefer to keep them to 15secs for now but thanks for the feedback! :-)
 @Lotus_F1Team2 Mar

@beckitastic Hahaha! Oh my, what a lovely profile photo you have… :-)
 @Lotus_F1Team2 Mar

#Topshot voting time! Pick a fave, tweet us the hashtag & we’ll turn the most popular into a desktop wallpaper, deal? http://t.co/17mr9ZltpT
Everything is looking good for the @ausgrandprix On est en place pour le GP d’Australie#r8main #f1 #AustralianGP #8 http://t.co/MAYgIIAONR
 @Lotus_F1Team2 Mar

Pre-season testing is done! Here’s a quick #Flipagram look at how we got on last week.Music by Taylor Swift – Style http://t.co/vbPV9J4aQN
 @Pastormaldo1 Mar

Siempre gran apoyo de Venezuela en todo el mundo!!! Gracias amigos… https://t.co/beMP0muZbe
 @Pastormaldo1 Mar

Ha sido una pretemporada muy positiva, ahora afinaremos detalles esta próxima semana para arrancar la… https://t.co/VpLXsdYq7A
 @Lotus_F1Team1 Mar

Plan Ahead – @Pastormaldo completes final day of 2015 testing: http://t.co/Qm0bLAj4wJ http://t.co/ubGjwbVFcS
 @Lotus_F1Team1 Mar

Plan Ahead – @Pastormaldo completes final day of 2015 testing: http://t.co/Qm0bLAj4wJ http://t.co/7W4fri96Kp
Boys walk… Always a very special feeling to come back home with the family… #daddy #love #family #sundaywalk http://t.co/hlTvnJ4IOz
 @Lotus_F1Team1 Mar

A bit of work in the garage after an off this afternoon. Currently assessing whether we’ll return to the track.