@F1Purplelover @RGrosjean @Pastormaldo It’s ok, we knew what you meant ;-)

@RossyAcero @Pastormaldo @RGrosjean Of course we do, we read them all :-)

@Renny_Leonard @RGrosjean @Pastormaldo Thank you for your kind comments!

@JakeShute @RGrosjean @Pastormaldo Thank you for the nice tweets :-)

La nouvelle @Lotus_F1Team #E23 ! Hâte de la piloter et de passer l’année dans son baquet…. #r8main #f1 #2015 #Lotus http://t.co/jT0BiaEgRx

New office for the year :-) looking forward driving the #E23 ! NOT long to go… #r8main #F1 #HappyDays #2015 http://t.co/lJgMsVarLU

Más imágenes del E23👍 http://t.co/woXNcbh8Qi

Finalmente acá les presentamos el nuevo E23 Hybrid! Con grandes expectativas y muchas ganas de… http://t.co/GVfiL0svuw

Here she is! Pleased To Meet You – First look at the E23 Hybrid: http://t.co/t6WZIhPCDp#GottaKissMyselfImSoPretty http://t.co/IlKn2lhZ8M

Make no mistake, she is most definitely on her way… #E23 #sneakpeek http://t.co/7BpOyW9jYA
14 de Feb nuestro 1er rally del año en Camp Britanico @BTRDARally junto Phil Clarke de copiloto a bordo del C2R2Max.. http://t.co/NYvg1xqZZI
Entry in for Wyedean Rally, first round of the @BTRDARally 14th February class B10 with the C2R2Max… http://t.co/6akhsAfQU7

Sunday roast with the family… Great day and you? #r8main #sunday #FAMILY http://t.co/3JACfVRkYx
Bravo aux deux Seb pour leur super #RallyeMonteCarlo. @SebOgier pour la victoire et @SebastienLoeb pour ses performances… #WRC #r8main
 @Lotus_F1Team25 Jan

Happy Birthday Johnny Cecotto! The Venezuelan racer drove for Toleman in 1984 and is 59 today. Happy birthday! http://t.co/XjUWMH7TcI
Chocolate mousse contest over! It has been a pleasure to taste all of those 😀 YUMMY#R8MAIN http://t.co/p6gLOCQ7Rl
Chocolate mousse contest on his way… Smelling and looking good :-) #r8main #chocolate #sweet #passion #friends http://t.co/0Wqna0rsXI
 @Lotus_F1Team23 Jan

Since it’s Friday, How about one more #E23 #sneakpeek for you all? Enjoy the carbon fibre & have a great weekend! http://t.co/aChlWPzJoc
 @Lotus_F1Team23 Jan

To everyone else that RT’ed – all 3,500 of you!!!! – thank you so much for trying & we will do another giveaway soon, we promise!
 @Lotus_F1Team23 Jan

Now, now… who did win that 2014 actual proper team shirt (yup, not a replica), signed by @RGrosjean? @muriel85270… c’est vous!!
 @Lotus_F1Team23 Jan

@NicoleScherzyFr @MercedesAMGF1 Interesting… Have you ever seen both of us in the same place at the same time? #CouldWeBeTheSameTwitterer?
 @Lotus_F1Team23 Jan

@edwardbristow Haha noted, we’ll see what can be done. :-)
 @Lotus_F1Team23 Jan

Only two hours left until we pick a winner for our Romain-signed team shirt! Make sure you RT/follow the original tweet for a chance to win!
Had a lot of fun drifting all day yesterday… Having some really good friends around too! #r8main #cuisineattitude http://t.co/nwABD0aeOl
 @Lotus_F1Team22 Jan

@F1Loopy @RGrosjean Of course it does, thanks for following us already! :-)
 @Lotus_F1Team22 Jan

Shall we have our next giveaway now?