Great news! I will also be #Racing for @PorscheRaces at #24hLeMans in 2015. Thanks @TheVijayMallya for the support! #challenge #excited
Happy Thanksgiving to our friends celebrating in the USA and around the world! We’re about to attack our pumpkin pies at HQ…

@dariofranchitti @allanmcnish that’s in the rules when you reach the top of the club. #toptable

@dariofranchitti happy days! Congratulations.
 @SChecoPerez27 Nov

Cafécito y bien tapados para el Frío!! Listo para apoyar a las Águilas!!!! Vaaaaamos vamooos América @CF_America
@PatooSheridan of course our drivers are epic, but they’ll be back next year :)
@gjsfcoastal going for more than that!
A fond farewell as the VJM07 goes into the history books. 1 podium, 10 double points finishes, 155 points. Thank you! http://t.co/a7qa6hg1k5
Our final report from the track for this incredible season is here, with insight from Spike and the team: http://t.co/rgk8hNfsP8
Time for one last pack up, one final flight: it’s time to go home! #FeelTheForce http://t.co/0s6yiBuU9k
Wheeling Spike back in the garage for the last time as the sun goes down in Yas Marina #FeelTheForce http://t.co/C6OGxFTSzK
The chequered flag brings our final on-track activity of 2014 to an end! 89 laps for @spikegoddard, P6 in 1:44.944 #FeelTheForce
Did you see when @BradWollack challenged @NicoHulkenberg at racing (RC cars, that is…)? Refresh your memory: https://t.co/jrPvz3bp6l
Spike improves his time to 1:46.726 as he reaches 64 laps. Lots of mileage for the young Aussie! #FeelTheForce
A busy morning session for @spikegoddard – 33 laps to get familiar with the VJM07 and a best time of 1:48.738. http://t.co/rYOOrmRl5T
Read our Test Report as @JolyonPalmer gets his first experience at the wheel of a Formula One car: http://t.co/2XoYaOTPAG #FeelTheForce
P4, 37 laps and 1:44.516 – these are the numbers of today’s test with @JolyonPalmer in the cockpit of the VJM07. http://t.co/EFcEzUHRAb
Going, gone – @JolyonPalmer leaves the pits… a bit too briskly for our shutter! http://t.co/1JuU4UHozd
Readying the car for one last run. The floodlights are on for some night-time magic! http://t.co/o2ggjNHrjo
Stoppage on track for Jolyon due to some technical issues. The car is now back in the garage for our crew to investigate and resolve them.
The lights go green for the afternoon session – not much action on track yet, but doesn’t this place look fantastic! http://t.co/RejjoyolOq
A small engine issue reduced running, but we aim to be back on track for the afternoon session. #FeelTheForce
A good morning and first experience in the car for Jolyon. His lap count so far is 18 laps under the bright Yas Marina sun. #FeelTheForce
 @SChecoPerez25 Nov

Lets get ready for 2015!!! @clubforce bit colder than Abudhabi 😂 http://t.co/ql1UgJBiGf
 @SChecoPerez25 Nov

A preparar 2015 !!! Hace un poco más frío que Abudhabi 😂 http://t.co/3WaZBs3k4n
 @TheVijayMallya23 Nov

@awaisyaqoub we will race and take on the best. We want a fair level play field so we can win too. No charity.
 @TheVijayMallya23 Nov

@ronnie66348796 why don’t you ask why KFA flew into trouble instead of abusing….you will get your answers.
 @TheVijayMallya23 Nov

@ronnie66348796 Crude abuse achieves nothing. It is destructive. KFA is a publicly listed Company and not my private business. I try hard.
 @NicoHulkenberg23 Nov

And congrats to the new world champion @LewisHamilton! Well done & well deserved Lewis!