@lauracoppin congrats on your time and looking after us for all those years!
We lured @NataliePinkham here saying she’d be driving one of our machines. We just didn’t specify which one… http://t.co/b99vXzCCPc
We lured @NataliePinkham here saying she’d be able to drive one of our machines. We didn’t specify which one… http://t.co/b99vXzCCPc
@NataliePinkham always a pleasure to have you visiting!
A gorgeous picture. No reason. Just because. #FeelTheForce http://t.co/dC3Gy66N3v
Happy Birthday #MasterBlaster! A true legend of Indian sport and great friend of our team! #BirthdayForce @sachin_rt http://t.co/y22knr3oTu
 @pauldirestaf123 Apr

7 day count down tomorrow until I travel to my first race 2014. 😀✈️ #keentogetracing
@CassieMayF1 I thought that was your plan all along.
@Djay_chicharito we may be biased but @clubforce all the way!
Oooh the new Twitter layout looks nice. To switch or not to switch? This is the question… #ForceDilemma
 @SChecoPerez21 Apr

Quiero agradecer a todos los Mexicanos que hicieron el esfuerzo por ir a Shanghai ! Fue muy especial ver a tanto Paisano apoyandome!!!
 @SChecoPerez21 Apr

Rescatamos 2 puntos de una mala calificación ! Ahora a pensar en la parte Europea ! Les deseo felices pascuas !
Race Report: Nico and Sergio score top-10 finishes in China to continue our points streak. Read the full story: http://t.co/DjPYGPZKiI
10 points from today’s race mean we go to P3 in the Constructors’ Championship, 3 behind of RBR and 2 ahead of Ferrari #FeelTheForce
Thank you #BestFans for all the supportive tweets during this race! Keep tuned for our report and much more coming soon! #FeelTheForce
Nico holds on to P6 despite a late surge by BOT, Sergio crosses the line in P9 for our 3rd double-point finish of the season! #FeelTheForce
14 laps to go here in Shanghai – Nico in P6, Checo in P9 as we approach the closing stages of the race #FeelTheForce
@kunalashah impressive fuel management there.
The gap from Kimi went from 6 to 2.8 seconds for flying Checo! #FeelTheForce
1:42.228 – Sergio’s name goes purple, fastest lap of the day! #FeelTheForce
A quick visit to the pit-crew for @NicoHulkenberg as well. He keeps position over BOT. Neat job by the crew #FeelTheForce
Second pit stop of the day for @SChecoPerez – he rejoins the track on another set of medium tyres. #FeelTheForce
Slightly more uneventful race for Nico at this moment – he is up in P6 keeping a safe distance from BOT behind. #FeelTheForce
The man is on a charge! Almost 0.3 of a second gained on Kimi ahead for @SChecoPerez. #FeelTheForce
Fancying a bite at P9? Checo is oh-so-close to RoGro in front. Now, to pass this Lotus… #FeelTheForce
After the first round of stops, Nico gains a position and Checo two – great job by the crew! #FeelTheForce
And just when Sergio has closed in to MAG, the Dane dives in the pits. Up to P10 and into the points for Checo! #FeelTheForce
It’s a lap for overtaking old team-mates, it seems, as Sergio overtakes Button. Up another position, good job Checo! #FeelTheForce
Nico cleared old pal Gutierrez to move to P8 and is now chasing Rosberg. Lining up all the Nicos? #FeelTheForce