Both drivers head back out, but Nico’s car is now fitted with soft tyres (Checo still on mediums). Useful assessment of both tyre compounds.
Deep in the bowels of our garage, away from prying eyes, these guys do a precious work analysing heaps of data…
Nico’s back in the garage after his first run – time for a quick catch-up with the engineers… #FeelTheForce
Both drivers head out promptly as FP2 starts – 90 minutes of action around the twisty Hungaroring. #FeelTheForce
Twenty minutes to FP2 – who’s following it with us? #BestFans
A fairly routine FP1 session ahead of #HungarianGP. Nico P12 after 28 laps on medium tyres with a 1:28.101. Checo clocked up 24 laps in P16.
Both Checo and Nico complete their first laps around the track today. Ready to tackle the Hungaroring? They sure are!
Ready for installation lap – @McLarenAndy lowers the car and we’re good to go! #FeelTheForce
… and all appears in order on Nico’s side of the garage too! #FeelTheForce
All going to plan in the garage – weight checks are complete for Checo… #FeelTheForce
Good Morning #BestFans! We are ready for FP1 and by the looks of it, it should be a fairly hot one… #FeelTheForce

@alexoficial compa muchas felicidades por hacer historia y poner a México en lo más alto!!!! Un abrazo!!!!
@SChecoPerez has been talking all day about how awesome the Mexican GP will be next year. We can’t wait either!
We sandwiched the media between motor homes for our media scrum today. A nice shady spot because it’s another hot day
@NicoHulkenberg talks to the media in Budapest. Apparently he regards Monaco as his highlight of the year so far!
 @SChecoPerez24 Jul

@EPN Muchas Gracias Sr.Presidente ,es un sueño para mi y para muchos Mexicanos ! Vamos a mostrarle al Mundo lo grandes que somos !!!
Fantastic news to see Mexico return to the Formula One calendar in 2015. As you can imagine, @SChecoPerez is delighted with the news.
 @SChecoPerez24 Jul

Morning Budapest !! 💪💪
 @SChecoPerez23 Jul

Tenemos GP en México!!! Sin duda uno de los días más especiales en mi Vida ! Gracias!!!!!
Our team photographer @jamesmoy celebrates his birthday today. Everybody at the team wishes you a good one James!
 @SChecoPerez20 Jul

1 punto que sabe a mucho después de todos los problemas que tuvimos en la carrera !lo bueno es que regresamos en 5 días al coche! Gracias!
 @SChecoPerez20 Jul

Sin duda esperábamos mucho más! Nos cambio las condiciones de la pista en la carrera,luchamos hasta el final sin tener Ritmo y rescatamos
Our Race Report is here – read the reactions from Nico, Checo and the Team Management: #FeelTheForce
… in the meanwhile, let’s go #BEYONDTHEGRID and find out what the FRIC is FRIC:
Our race report and the best pictures of the day are coming up, so stay with us… #FeelTheForce
10 races, 10 points finishes – Nico and Checo’s total goes to 98 points for P5 in the Constructors’ Championship #FeelTheForce
No drama in the last few laps – we finish in the points with both drivers, Nico P7 and Checo P10! #FeelTheForce
Clean job by Nico – he passes BUT and is now up to P7! #FeelTheForce
Nico is on the hunt for BUT – 1.2s gained in the last lap as the Hulk targets P7. #FeelTheForce