@SChecoPerez24 May

Gracias por tanto apoyo! 😀Thanks for so much support! #nevergiveup https://t.co/jwsHutviwI
 @SChecoPerez24 May

Excelente resultado para cerrar un gran fin de semana!! Gracias a todos por sus mensajes. Vamos por… https://t.co/cEVidJeKI4
 @TheVijayMallya24 May

Happy with 6 F1 championship points in Monaco.Well done Checo for a splendid drive. Nico unlucky to be hit by Alonso but creditable 11th.
 @TheVijayMallya23 May

Flawless lap by Checo to qualify 7th. Nico made a slight mistake in his last qualifying lap will start 11th. Great atmosphere here in Monaco
 @SChecoPerez23 May

Sin duda, Una de mis mejores calificaciones en mi carrera hasta ahora.No doubt, one of my best… https://t.co/5qzxhWjzlj
 @SChecoPerez23 May

Today everyone at the team did a great job!! Tomorrow we’ll give it all again to score some points. #NeverGiveUP http://t.co/mSYFgsQ1CA
 @SChecoPerez23 May

Hoy todos en el equipo hicimos un gran trabajo!! Mañana volveremos a darlo todo para sumar puntos. #NeverGiveUP http://t.co/i7WVlXUKrp
 @NicoHulkenberg23 May

Not the best run in Quali! Didnt get the best out of it, mistake in the final corner coast me a better position. #bigpush tmrw! #MonacoGP
 @TheVijayMallya22 May

Well done Virat @imVkohli for leading a fantastic RCB @RCBTweets side into the semi final. We lost narrowly to CSK but very proud of RCB.
 @SChecoPerez22 May

La pasé increíble estas últimas semanas!! Aquí les cuento un poco en mi blog presentado por @interproteccion: http://t.co/CeM74jBANc
 @SChecoPerez22 May

Día dedicado a nuestros Patrocinadores y Fans.. Salí a correr esta mañana y a meditar un poco! #MagicOfMonaco http://t.co/uabMJQ7oti
 @SChecoPerez21 May

Tengo confianza que será un buen GP 😀. Im confident it will be a good GP. #nevergiveup @ Monaco https://t.co/JO2TF4oDhD
 @TheVijayMallya20 May

South Indian Derby in Ranchi on Friday. RCB v CSK. Traditional rivalry to be played out in a neutral venue. Go for it guys @RCBTweets
 @TheVijayMallya20 May

Mandeep @mandeeps12 was fabulous tonight. Great gesture from AB to offer him the MOM trophy. Keep it going and prove RCB has batting depth.
 @TheVijayMallya20 May

Three RCB batsmen AB,Virat and Gayle in the top 10 run scorers.Three RCB bowlers Chahal,Starc and Harshal in the top 10 bowlers @RCBTweets
 @TheVijayMallya20 May

Tremendous RCB performance to enter the IPL semi final. Clinical all round performance @RCBTweets. Very Proud. Well done guys!
 @SChecoPerez20 May

Una de mis pasiones que mas disfruto!! @MiguelHerreraDT Piojo, estoy listo jaja!! http://t.co/CRg76fsSS9
 @SChecoPerez19 May

To many accidents in Indy so far very #worried for all the drivers risking so much their lives..Might be a general issue with the cars??
 @TheVijayMallya17 May

RCB robbed of the opportunity to qualify in second place. Imagine five rain curtailed games this season. But RCB @RCBTweets will play bold.
 @SChecoPerez17 May

Felicidades @TwFCBarcelona !!! Feliz domingo a todos!!! A quien le van?? Chivas o Atlas? http://t.co/B0sOuIssTD
 @TheVijayMallya17 May

Very proud of Team RCB @RCBTweets ending the IPL league stage in 2nd place despite 5 rain affected games. Well done guys.
 @NicoHulkenberg17 May

Wish you all a great sunday! #MonacoGP next up 👍🏼👍🏼👌🏼👌🏼 http://t.co/ZQDh8M1xRp
 @SChecoPerez17 May

“@AxelMatus1: Nice picture from this weekend #vivamexico http://t.co/W0mmi34evm” felicidades a seguir así 👍👍👍
 @SChecoPerez16 May

Muy buena cena con amigos en @tatel_madrid .. Se los recomiendo, Buenisimo!! http://t.co/ZaaaFr9LUG
 @SChecoPerez15 May

Ayudemos a salvar nuestro Bosque de Chapultepec!! Con tu donativo podemos ganar esta carrera: http://t.co/BTQYQYeAQx @chapultepec_mx
 @SChecoPerez10 May

Felicidades a todas las mamás, dedico mi esfuerzo de hoy, en especial a la mejor del mundo! 😀… https://t.co/T4nPF2sD9G