Youth and the badge.

Well we knew that it would be tough. But team played well. Obviously lacking in some areas. 3 games and hopefully 3 playoff.

@RGrosjean happy birthday and we’ll done in qualifying.

@pendo1234 happy birthday

Rush hour traffic on the single track road in Poolewe! The only thing missing is my 7! http://t.co/CI3LZxGce2

Some pictures from yesterday… Happy Easter guys! http://t.co/U랬9ycTw

15 min before qualy… What is your top 3 prediction?? #F1 #ChineseGP
 @MikeGascoyne18 Apr

@brianmoore666 re the dog and duck, have you ever been in the pit lane of a Grand Prix……
Happy birthday to my best friend chucky!!! 8 years already… http://t.co/xbAmDsqHRg
 @tonyfernandes18 Apr

Watch our product in Klia2. As always we will turn a negative into a positive. We always do. I’m pumped.
“@OfficialSF1Team: check it don’t miss our #incrediwheel infographic! Download link ► http://t.co/ncoiWgc0ZB ◄ http://t.co/JmL7gNod8N” Nice
You can find more photos of todays FP1 on my official Facebook page! https://t.co/Ji4bL4od8W http://t.co/n0zTTLYE4j
Cold track. Hard work. Good FP1. #F1 http://t.co/u56aVbqOzi
 @MikeGascoyne17 Apr

Packing and food shopping for the transatlantic trip next week, hope josh likes my cooking, not that he has much choice……
 @MikeGascoyne17 Apr

Strange to think that in just over a weeks time will be at sea with 3500 miles to go, enjoying time with the family even more than normal
 @MikeGascoyne17 Apr

Leave for Grenada next Wednesday to prepare Caterham Challenge and sail it back to the UK with Josh Hall, great sailor and I’ll learn a lot
 @MikeGascoyne17 Apr

Easter weekend and the start of the cricket season means day spent putting up the cricket net in the garden. Wind and rain spoil the effect
 @tonyfernandes17 Apr

@PARajab what do u reckon founder of airasia.
 @tonyfernandes17 Apr

And as Muss Thailand and 5th in miss universe. http://t.co/l81cIriMEe
 @tonyfernandes17 Apr

Here she is future Captain of Airasia. http://t.co/fEOpE89mkn
 @tonyfernandes17 Apr

Beauty and the beast hahhaha. http://t.co/dKEGqEPYi2
 @tonyfernandes17 Apr

future Captain,Chanaporn, Who happens to be Miss Thailand to.The only airline with a Miss Thailand flying for them http://t.co/v3xXdFfNV7
Good day… Looking forward to tomorrow!! #fp1 #ChinaGP #F1 http://t.co/AKj70og54e
Alright guys, here it is! My China GP mix, enjoy and let me know what you think?? http://t.co/qjShFgO6dR http://t.co/EOASiqkjos
 @tonyfernandes17 Apr

Deepest Condolences to all involved in ferry Sewol. 2014 has not a been a great year for disaster. Got to stay positive.
 @TWCaterhamF117 Apr

Media time starts for @Ericsson_Marcus and @kamui_kobayashi on track in China http://t.co/MWHBP1a98t