@EmBuxton @FollowAndretti @FIAformulaE mega congratulations Em! Go get ‘em!

Spent an hour today watering plants as partner away and on pain of death if anything dies in the hot weather, now hosing it down with rain..

Watching a bit in turn 2.. Not a easy corner because of downhill!! #F1 http://t.co/kgp0kfNFCr

Spending the day with Richard Allen at the QPR academy. Lots of progress. http://t.co/NNKoFww1zb

@alanbaldwinf1 @eddstrawF1 isn’t every single thing @benjhunt writes an exclusive? Otherwise he’s broken the super soaraway’s #1 rule…

@tootalltom13 even more weird – our on track photographer’s nickname is TooTall. Known throughout the paddock as Toots (& other things….)

@Julia_Smith45 yes for sure. But. right character and right price. Maybe two or three.

@QPRReport we have learnt. Learnt lots. People are most important and we way to first team most important.

Good morning from a sunny Budapest!!! #Positive http://t.co/aAhkvvnyNx

@JacksHFB don’t worry.

On training ground. We have not stood still. Harlington has made huge improvement. Today I’m off to the academy.

Some clubs use media to push price up on players. Since Stephen Caulker there have been no bids on players. As I keep saying we have learnt.
 @TWCaterhamF124 Jul

Joshua also shot @Ericsson_Marcus and we’ll see the results in black and white in Lollipop magazine soon. Good people http://t.co/DaGJp68kQo
 @TWCaterhamF124 Jul

Two cool people to work with: @kamui_kobayashi & Lollipop Magazine’s Joshua Paul. That camera’s from 1913!!!! http://t.co/POkAKZfJIO
Track walk Hungaroring done. Lovely circuit, very technical! #F1 http://t.co/ihVOH7njv1
 @TWCaterhamF124 Jul

@GrandPrixDiary does sort of put them in stark reality eh….
#TBT Six years ago I left the Hungaroring with a trophy in my suitcase and the fourth win! #WorldSeries http://t.co/tFHBADOYeu
 @Charles_Pic123 Jul

In Budapest. Great GP. #CP
 @MikeGascoyne23 Jul

Queens car at the commonwealth games seriously needs a new set of dampers
 @MikeGascoyne23 Jul

Tomorrow heading back to Leafield after a couple of days in Norfolk and Caterham Technology.
 @MikeGascoyne23 Jul

Great meeting and discussions today with Caterham Tech COO Luke Bennett, always interesting and intellectually stimulating
I’m @Schiphol, respect for the 1 min of silence. It’s never been so quite. #DayOfMourning http://t.co/MATlrsgZ2L
@schiphol respect for the 1 min silence.. It’s never bin so . #DayOfMourning http://t.co/hbjLhpFKGk
 @tonyfernandes23 Jul

@j_sendles_white u haven’t played me yet.
National day of mourning in the Netherlands. I express my deepest sympathy to all the loved ones of the victims of #MH17.
 @tonyfernandes22 Jul

@Caulker4 welcome to QPR. And also welcome to @rioferdy5. Delayed due to MAS for Rio
 @tonyfernandes22 Jul

I would like to announce the signing of Stephen Caulker to Queen’s Park Rangers. Welcome. http://t.co/3c6QvziDbK