First malaysia snowboarding team. How cool is that. Good luck guys https://t.co/wdxCL8oNdM
Не стесняйся – пиши “от души”

On Qpr lots to say and do. But we will let action talk first. But I’m pleased with what we are doing.

@craigellan @myBIGShots what do you feel is lacking.

Wifi now on 11 planes. New duty fee website will be launched soon.

Some great progress on technology. Going to be easier and easier to fly. Self bag drop in senai airport. A big step forward

Kamarudhin and Ben making big strides in Airasia x. Will see the fruits of their had work in the 3 rd quarter .

With this news and turnaround of PHILIPPINES and INDONESIA Airasia I have never been so optimistic in airasia

Now we just need Malaysian airports to get a win win scenario and avaition will fly which will add loads to malaysia. Economy

At last we can be compared in terms of financials terms with Ryanair and easyjet. Big plus for airasia and Airasia x

After 14 years of in malaysia avaition at last I see the light of a rational avaition industry. Where all players can make money.
Если ближний стоит у греха на краю
Вселенные не умирают.
“Ну и нафантазировал я тут! А в том, что всё сбылось, ваша вина, люди».
как вселенная, полон, как сердце, пуст.
У меня стыда нет и души –
Ради них и рабыней согласна быть ты…
Надо срочно сформулировать правила
 @Charles_Pic126 May

FanBoost back for Russian race – Official FIA Formula E Championship http://t.co/7qXvlNSIbV
Где светит солнце.
Богат ты иль беден
судьбою измеряется….
доложна тверже камня быть поступь
 @MikeGascoyne25 May

Great day to be a Norwich City FC fan, we’ve had many difficult ones. #OTBC have a great trip back up the A11 to all the great fans today
Тем самым, силой заменяем разум.
 @MikeGascoyne25 May

NZ 5 down at lords and Norwich 2-0 up in the playoff at wembley. Common boys #OTBC
Покуда вовсе не обрыдло
Лучше уйти по-английски,чем по-русски-с битьём посуды.
Все-таки больше к месту
шаг за шагом, земля…🎏