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Good morning/afternoon , I am at the Conrad @AmberLoungeLtd for a tailor fit for my @McGregorFashion suit!! 😉 http://t.co/4J1mdl3KPI
@LucaFilippiLF @ElisaOccelli congrats guys…! Really happy for you both 😉
 @tonyfernandes17 Sep

Good asean tour. Indonesia profitable again, Malaysia strong, Phillipines turned round by December. That regaining quickly.
 @MikeGascoyne16 Sep

“@wirelessdc: @MikeGascoyne @Assembly_House join me next time you’re back in the land of your birth. It’s a date mate, good result tonight
 @MikeGascoyne16 Sep

Norwich City rampant in the second half for the second game running away from home, great to see #OTBC
 @MikeGascoyne16 Sep

#OTBC Norwich go 1 up, happy days
Next stop Singapore…. Long flight ahead!! Hope to get some sleep😴 #F1 http://t.co/uOt8MyCDn8
Here it is; the highlights of @goodwoodrevival race we won. Looks fun, doesn’t it?! https://t.co/P7zrenYmLl
“@crispirro: Bumped into Perez, @GvanderGarde and @maxchilton at the @goodwood #revival 😂😂 http://t.co/4XyVGH7lWG” 👍
 @tonyfernandes14 Sep

Thought players put in lots of effort. On today’s performance many many would have faced same result. Stay confident.
 @tonyfernandes14 Sep

We hit a Hungary United at old Trafford. We will come back. I’m sure Harry saw enough today. To get better.
 @tonyfernandes14 Sep

Thought we showed to much respect for United today. A weakedned midfield today. But time will tell. Stay Hungary stay focused.
 @MikeGascoyne14 Sep

Apologies of course was 5 years ago today, special mention to Nino Judge who had a dream
 @MikeGascoyne14 Sep

4 years ago to the day 4 people, me, Silvi, Paul and Keith turned up at Hingham to create a F1team, supported by Phil and Duncan in Cologne
 @GA_Macdonald14 Sep

Supporting my nephew in the Ironman Wales. Come on Craig. We’re all really proud #IRONMANWALES http://t.co/4uHTf27QeF
 @tonyfernandes14 Sep

Tough tough game unfortunately we have a couple of injuries. But squad better. Tense. Go out and enjoy boys. Play wit pride and the badge
 @tonyfernandes14 Sep

I can see many Malaysians and asean people who support Manchester United spilt loyalties on today game.
P3 today in Qualy, was good fun! And tomorrow big push for a better result!! 😉 http://t.co/efoU6qMfTi
 @GA_Macdonald12 Sep

@Andy_Francis @Jim_Holder You tight a*se Mr Francis!!
Goodwood race weekend! The atmosphere today is already amazing… #GoodwoodRevival #cobra http://t.co/kdJgF3318l
 @tonyfernandes10 Sep

The first ever tie up between AirAsia and Petronas. The tie up between both loyalty cards. Super cool. http://t.co/rbg0cxSCdz
 @MikeGascoyne9 Sep

@StevenEnglish Tony Fernandes has a lot to answer for……..
 @tonyfernandes9 Sep

Just got back home. Big day tomorrow for airasia. Forecast looks good. Indonesia picking up. Ancillary great.
 @tonyfernandes8 Sep

It’s all about trust, the Asean Economic Community will create more jobs, larger brands. Win win for everyone.
 @tonyfernandes8 Sep

At the ABC Forum. The Davos of Asean. Next year is the year, the Asean Economic Community. 600 million people. http://t.co/85OHDeDxEX