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An odd bit of tech has been appearing in the pitlane this season. Although not new to F1, the past few races have had a FOM pitlane camera running on cables over the pitlane. This appears to be the same … Continue reading →
In the two second that is a good F1 pitstop, the hardware and detail gets missed behind the twenty or so mechanics working on the car. ; The pitlane area is marked accurately with paint, this provides a datum for … Continue reading →
Each GP, Pirelli technicians fit hundreds of tyres to wheels.  The process they use is very similar to your road car tyres being fitted, only very much faster! Teams deliver their wheels and tyre requests to Pirelli
With huge media and fan attention Red Bull launched their RB10 last week at Jerez.  Much of the cars aero has been kept simple to get through the difficult early testing period, but some 2014 specific features are evident around … Continue reading →
Marussia have not introduced any large upgrades so far this season. In season development being just small iterations of front wing and cascade design.
This year McLaren have had the option to alter rear brake cooling during the pit stops in a race. As a result they can vary brake temperatures and potentially alter tyre temperature slightly. This latter effect being possible from the … Continue reading →
For years the F1 quick lift jack was a simple humble tool used around the garage and at pit stops. Since pit stops have become an ever greater part of the team’s performance during the race, the jack has come … Continue reading →
Red Bull have raced two major iterations of sidepod and exhaust this season, at Valencia they introduced their third. This iteration brought the re-introduction of the bridgetunnel concept first used with their V2 sidepod. These sidepods not only sport a … Continue reading →
Caterham have been slowly working their way clear of Marussia and HRT to close-in on Q2 sessions and the Toro Rosso’s in the race. This year the CT-01 is a clean sheet design and exploits a Renault engine with a … Continue reading →
Williams have enjoyed a resurgence this year, with new management, a revised car which now sports a Renault engine and competitive drivers. The FW34 won a race on merit in Spain, with Barcelona being a track well known to be … Continue reading →
At the European GP in Valencia we saw the unusual circumstance of two ‘leading’ cars both retire within a few laps of each with a related fault. It was confirmed by Renault that there were alternator failures on the Renault … Continue reading →
In conjunction with the Motorsport Industry Association (MIA), and National Motorsport Week 2012, M-Sport – the company behind Ford’s assault on the World Rally Championship (WRC) since 1997 – will open its doors for students to attend a unique engineering … Continue reading →
Such is the pace of development, Lotus had made at least two changes from the specification I described in my last analysis of the Lotus E20. The teams have further modified the front wing with a revised cascade winglet and … Continue reading →