An odd bit of tech has been appearing in the pitlane this season. Although not new to F1, the past few races have had a FOM pitlane camera running on cables over the pitlane. This appears to be the same … Continue reading →
In the two second that is a good F1 pitstop, the hardware and detail gets missed behind the twenty or so mechanics working on the car. ; The pitlane area is marked accurately with paint, this provides a datum for … Continue reading →
Each GP, Pirelli technicians fit hundreds of tyres to wheels.  The process they use is very similar to your road car tyres being fitted, only very much faster! Teams deliver their wheels and tyre requests to Pirelli
With huge media and fan attention Red Bull launched their RB10 last week at Jerez.  Much of the cars aero has been lept simple to get through the difficult early testing period, but soem 2014 specific features are evident around … Continue reading →
If the nose tip regulations have caught everyone’s attentions, probably just as influential but hidden is the front bulkhead regulation. For 2014 the front A-A bulkhead is placed some 100 lower, down to 525mm form 625m. As the bulkhead is … Continue reading →
I will have my more in depth analysis later this week Tweet
I will have my more in depth analysis later this week Tweet
I will have my more in depth analysis later this week Tweet
Lotus surprised the F1 world with its aggressive Twin Tusk design for the nose of the E22.  This is a solution that turns most peoples understanding of the 2014 nose tip regulations on its head. 
Why do 2014 F1 cars have finger noses? A key feature of most of the 2014 cars will be an odd shaped proboscis sticking out from the nose. This isn’t a new aero trick in its right, but simply a … Continue reading →
Toro Rosso have released a youtube video of a complete factory tour.  Both informative and in depth, the video shows us some detail of the car we do not usually get to see. Nose ; From the CAD screens we … Continue reading →
I did this preview of what I think a Red Bull RB10 might look like in 2014. The article is in German, but the can easily translated online. the online article is available here and was available in print in … Continue reading →
; This is an article I write and illustrated for autosport on the 2014 noses. Tweet
; More info from McLaren Electronics TAG 320 LIU-4 PB2006 LRX-310B ; Tweet
Mercedes-Benz is launching ‘#SoundWithPower’, two online films that explore the relationship between sound and emotion; the unique feeling that an AMG evokes when started. The #SoundWithPower films consists of a documentary style interview featuring Mercedes DTM race driver Gary Paffett. … Continue reading →
With the FOM world TV feed now using on-board Infrared (IR) cameras, it’s been interesting to see how the tyres temperature changes around the lap. But in Korea we were treated to a rear facing IR camera on Mark Webber’s … Continue reading →
Long Wheel Base suspension, note the element and track rod are nearer 90-degrees to the chassis[/caption]    Tweet
At Monza Sauber debuted a new front wing cascade set up, discarding the 2012 Japanese design for a simpler Lotus-esque design with integral turning vanes. After being flushed with success in 2012, Sauber’s year has not been as fruitful. Rear … Continue reading →
There has been a lot of focus on Mercedes wheel rims since images (via SomersF1) appeared to show a hollow section inside their rear wheels. However looking up close at both Mercedes front and rear wheel rims at Monza showed … Continue reading →
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Pic via Tobias Gruener Ferrari go low drag with their Monza front wing. This new simplified wing removes the winglet cascade elements, but retains the vertical fin like elements. The wing also uses a single piece flap and the nose … Continue reading →
Streamed live on Jun 27, 2013 The first of a special live double-header from the British Grand Prix at Silverstone from the Abu Dhabi/F1 Racing Fan Village near Becketts corner, where over 12,000 people are camping for the weekend. All … Continue reading →
In 2010 the key technical development was the F-Duct, a legal driver controlled system that stalled the rear wing for more top speed. During the course of the season, as more of the system was uncovered by prying cameras in … Continue reading →
Having tested at Duxford at the start of May, Force India returned to the aircraft museum and ex-WW2 airfield for another straight line test, after the Canadian GP. Being the run up to the British GP and the summer run … Continue reading →