@Rowlinson_F1 – this is all sounding very early 1990s !

On my way back to Sao Paulo for the #FIAWEC round 8 at my hometown. Cannot wait to drive the #R18 at Interlagos again.

Buona partita @acmilan 1 altro team di Milano 1 #ForzaMilan

Sure they thought I was training for a sprint @LoveMyPhilly airport @PolarGlobal http://t.co/DIMvKLeX9y

Hard day but fun, started 29 and finished 18 in the SuperNats KZ final. Very good training to race with the worlds best in karting.
Ya menos de una semana para la @CraDEstrellas en Bogotá. Ya estamos listos para vernos allá. Uds ya están listos???

@Dioguim_luiz tudo tranquilo amigo…abraçao

By dudubarrichello_191 … Otimo resumo do nosso feriado… http://t.co/gJtgeMhFwv

By dudubarrichello_191 …resumo otimo das nossas mini ferias… http://t.co/WTi4orrJwR

The wait is almost over! Pre-register now at http://t.co/CpNJ5d9Otd to join the greatest team in the world before launch on Tuesday. #KICCA

Time to go Skusa KZ Final. Maximum Attack!💪😬

e via una peretta all’altro TEAM di milano @acmilan 1 altri 0 primo tempo ….NEEEXT

@leestevo1 😜💨140mph..

@acmilan siamo i più forti …

Boa, garoto! 🏆🏁👍 @massafelipe19 / Good boy! #F1 http://t.co/WoGuWk8Onf

Sorry Merc.. Brackley😜 Near A43, M40 anyway…

From the contenders to the title happy 2 see that the best 1 won! Congratulations Lewis, awesome job! Na disputa d hj o melhor dos 2 ganhou.

@PattyDuke72 @Fullerjeremy we @MaxPapisInt are THE USA based for #ROTOMOP we sell it @MenardsUSA expanding give us a call

seguendo @acmilan e altro Team di Milano da PUNTA CANA aeroporto …

Tidy 2nd world championship for Lewis…bloody good job. Banbury as a team didn’t hang around either, well done guys…

@tiff_tv @HNeedell @harrylong15 – they still call when they fall on a fence though !

Thank you @erin_malek @erin_malek “Well Done fairuzfauzy and @hiqmardanial ! Podium finished Started… http://t.co/kTMDlVaSsw

Was weer een mooie show bij @books44 en dank aan mijn collega’s @Olav_mol fatimademelo #emileschelvis… http://t.co/jueL6oxZBH

Was weer een mooie show bij @books44 en dank aan mijn collega’s olavmol fatimademelo #emileschelvis… http://t.co/jueL6oxZBH

@dburgersdijk @SPORT1_nl Bedankt voor het kijken en de complimenten! Tot volgend seizoen! #f1 #sport1