I’ll replace Alonso :) “@David__VDB: @luizrazia @jack_harvey42 question to you both, what are you guys going to do next season racing-wise?”

Sorry all, for lack of English, but a lot of work in Brasil and also big elections between two candidates that are the same but #not #BR

Yeah man, I’m always there :) so cool “@MSCWillWin: @luizrazia hey look you re in pole :D http://t.co/JRCrUlQZjj”

Sorry mate, big elections in Brasil plus a lot work :) “@jack_harvey42: @luizrazia can you start tweeting again in English???? Lol”

LOL “@franciscoamr: @luizrazia claro que nao, vamos votar todos em DILMA 13 pra continuar a transformacao maravilhosa do nosso Brasil!”

Não deixe o Datafolha votar por você.

Corridinha organizada na Granja hj.Otimo aprendizado… #go141 /// 5lap race organized on Weds…… http://t.co/SymVm5sF70

@jordan10taylor yes he was chasing me with the jet ski and a harpoon in his hand hahaha

From today on.. u can vote extra power #controversial #fanboost for race 2 of @FIAformulaE championship in Malaysia http://t.co/ksTxwOpzWT

Good 4 miles swim this morning, so tired now!

SQUIRE remix to gus gus for kompakt records contest. Vote if you like down here would be… http://t.co/QHqJFc3yhy

Thanks to my team and @mb_msp family for this season! It wasn’t easy, but we pulled well together. I’m sure next year will be successful!

Спасибо моей команде и всей семье Мерседес за сезон! Было непросто, но мы хорошо сработались. Уверен, следующий год принесет успех @mb_msp

Olha a equipe do AutoEsporte, mateira que vai neste Domingo, teve o talento de toda essa turma; Áudio… http://t.co/PcFCUs2Qj2

@riadasmat Nice! Let’s have dinner there when I come for the FE race! Would be great to catch up. Send me your new number in a message

Diwali…. The festival of light…. Here’s the motorsport version of ‘sparklers’ ! #HappyDiwali http://t.co/Eca2TrpcAS

Happy Diwali everyone !!! Hope you have a great day….

Great night with Samy Sass from Sass Café and Eddie Jordan. The man who gave me my first F1 test with… http://t.co/Be0XMNBRHE
@racrboi90 @mw55 I have not seen much but I heard he is funny! Hehehe

….I didn’t really feel like waiting for the dish to cool. So I just left my glove on to eat this… http://t.co/o1mu3w1r19
Pasándola muy bien en el parquro de Unicentro. #Carreradeestrellas http://t.co/oTU8Z0VTYd

@Lexus Awesome car! Gonna be an awesome race car!

@ConorDaly22 @deadmau5 Haha. I’m just waiting for the sound of the P1 to lead into a track!

Adorei Fefao… Uma mao e um carrao e as cores do meu capacete 🔝🔝🔝🔝/// car+ nice hand+ colors of… http://t.co/1Rut3S5nEz