So excited to drive @WhelenEng @CorvetteRacing this week end in the @UnitedSportsCar our goal is Aiming at Team best result of the season

So excited to drive @WhelenEng @CorvetteRacing this week end in the @UnitedSportsCar our goal is Aiming at Team beat result of the season
Chef @GdeFerran looking at the shiitake…..this is the funniest time here in the market @JennaFryer http://t.co/vEfZhGAnHH

Some ppl say I should have got a mouth piece instead of ear-pieces but we could not find one @REradioz … LOL

@4geiger @REradioz @UnitedSportsCar @RoadAtlanta u can get your own as u talk so much !!!LOL thanks friend

Got these custom made ear pieces by @REradioz for @UnitedSportsCar @RoadAtlanta race do u have yours ? #industrybest http://t.co/q7OvQ3HOgP

В аэропорту “Шереметьево” выявили ряд нарушений после гибели пассажира

“Hello angel” is my greeting for @dallasstenhouse everyday! http://t.co/39FNcwSaA9

Выход из “Лабиринта”

@Diggy_SinghDeo – if you don’t try, you don’t suì³®d ! Come on and get typing – you need more than 140 characters

@Diggy_SinghDeo – dude ! Why don’t you just write a column with all these points which will be easier to read ?? Lots of good stuff !!
I enjoy the #SMSAudioLife on and off the track. See how another athlete enjoys @SMSAudio‘s Studio Mastered Sound… http://t.co/9WV5gw8XE1

I love looking out the window of an airplane….. http://t.co/8gudCRGrTb

Am I running the London fiaformulae track?! #battersea #fiaformulae It would be the most amazing place… http://t.co/oSVQThTk63

“@brash14:Happy Nana this am to turn off Mickey Mouse b/c 17mth granddaughter wants to watch Nanicas car. http://t.co/GSeuzNxEmx”-holy cute!

@Jame_dawg – I am in India !

Here’s a double-win campaign to start in India ! @narendramodi http://t.co/mOrP70Rqvk

E hj mais treininho em familia #amo+qbrigadeiro rsss //// family practice. #go111 #go141 http://t.co/S7AV9InEzO

Космический грузовик Dragon благополучно пристыковался к МКС

Missing my @wixfilters @redbullgrc #rallycross beast already!!! Can’t wait for vegas!!!! http://t.co/OkwiC2AezF

Россия зафиксировала пуск баллистической ракеты из Средиземного моря

Por um Brasil melhor: http://t.co/Ej70hlZWkkSeu voto faz toda diferença! Pesquise e vote em quem vai… http://t.co/77VQKVKv7h
@h3lio visited Oracle Open World on Monday to promote how @Hitachi has helped technology evolve in the Verizon… http://t.co/RbC2xHsW2M