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Sport that is all about passion and emotion. In Italy the country goes wild when Ferrari wins a race: church bells are rung. Prime Ministers send their congratulations to winning drivers, grandstands and spectator banks heave with flag-waving fans wearing crazy hats and sporting painted faces.
When you fly on an Emirates flight, they are always very keen to tell you the number of languages that the crew members are able to speak between them. I guess that is a good way to make as many people as possible feel at home. Language is a subject that I find fascinating and […]
Sorry to have been so quiet for the last 36 hours, but I was on a plane (well, a couple of planes) going from Paris to Shanghai. My progress was not greatly aided by the French air traffic controllers. I had watched an entire movie before the plane took off and I am afraid that […]
Max Mosley, the FIA President from 1993 to 2009, says that the sport needs to take a serious look at the way money is spent, and the way revenue is distributed. The 74-year-old says that something needs to be done to avoid Formula 1 from collapsing. One might think this is a rebuke of the […]
The one thing that Renault knows about its F1 programme is that it is not right. It is time for a change. But what should that change be when money is tight?
Well, I’ve finished with the Chinese consulate for this year and, joyously, it was all rather more simple than in previous years. Everyone seemed to know what was going on and they were all was polite and helpful. I only made three trips to the Visa Section.
The Silverstone “Wing” has suffered significant damage during last night’s storms in the United Kingdom. While much of the damage will, no doubt, be covered by insurance, it will nonetheless be an additional problem that the circuit can do without this year, as it prepares for the British GP in June.
Racing people are fighters. They don’t shrug their shoulders and say “we did our best”.
Just walked in the door from Sepang and have been considering the events over the weekend. Bernie was busy trying to stir up stories but he did not really have a lot to say and I didn’t even bother reporting on his all-girl F1 idea. There are not sufficient women racers with the speed and […]
Just when we thought it was all over and Formula 1 was degenerating into more whinging and griping about the future, the World Championship lit up in Malaysia as Ferrari came from the shadows and beat Mercedes fair and square. It was all down to temperature and how the tyres worked on the different cars, […]
A good relationship is based on trust and so the stories suggesting that Renault is accusing Red Bull’s Adrian Newey of lying is a pretty good illustration of where that relationship is currently headed. Or to put it another way. This is a disaster
Good news for all the Star Trek fans out there, Fernando Alonso is back from his period of being a hostage with the Evil Empire (or whatever else caused his recent crash in Barcelona) and will be driving for McLaren in Sepang. Thus, it is safe to say that most of the stories written about […]
The post-Melbourne stories have focussed on how F1 can be fixed. This, of course, assumes that it is broken, which is an interesting discussion.
A great deal has been written in recent days about Giedo Van der Garde and Sauber, with considerable emphasis being on what the courts in Australia were saying. The matter has now been resolved out of court with, as expected, Van der Garde saying that he has been paid “significant compensation”.There is speculation about how […]
Lewis Hamilton dominated the Australian Grand Prix in Albert Park, Melbourne. Nico Rosberg could stay close but was never in a position the challenge the World Champion, while Sebastian Vettel gave Ferrari fans a thrill with third place, although he was more than half a minute behind the winning Mercedes. The race provided some interesting […]
Just out… The Sauber F1 Team can confirm it has been able to agree with Mr. Giedo Van der Garde that he refrains from driving in the Australian Formula One Grand Prix so it can keep its original planning. The Sauber F1 Team, Mr
The Saubers are out in the second session in Melbourne. The drivers are Felipe Nasr and Marcus Ericsson.
Looking at the situation at Sauber right now, one wonders whether the motivation behind all this courtroom activity is simply Dutch stubbornness and an understandable sense of having been wronged, or whether there are bigger picture things going on. Things are not always as they seem in F1, so one must ask why this mess […]
F1 goes into Friday in Melbourne limping, having (once again) successfully shot itself in the foot. It seems that the sport is incapable of producing a positive news story when one is required. On the first day of the new season, we should be seeing comments about how Nico and Lewis are going to go […]
It seems that Giedo van der Garde may have done well in court in Australia but the word on the street in the paddock in Melbourne is that the Dutchman made a mistake during the winter and failed to apply to his national sporting authority for them to ask the FIA to grant him a […]
Giedo van der Garde’s application to the Australian courts to claim a race seat with Sauber for the 2015 season has been ruled successful. This creates a right royal mess. Sauber is, of course, to blame for this, but one can understand the motivations behind the decision
The new F1 season kicks off next weekend in Melbourne and we will be there watching the action. In the preview edition we look at what we think is going to happen in 2015. In GP+ this week… – We talk to Lewis about life, love and the universe – We examine the state of […]
I’m off to Australia on Monday, with the plan being to publish the GP+ season preview for Tuesday morning (GMT). So if you are wanting to subscribe now is the time to do it.
Dutch F1 driver Giedo van der Garde is taking the Sauber team to court in Melbourne on Monday, claiming that he has been unfairly dismissed. The indications are that this is probably what happened, but there is a clear explanation as to why that was deemed to be necessary and while Van der Garde may […]
The Manor Marussia F1 Team has confirmed that its financial backer is Stephen Fitzpatrick, the boss of the Ovo energy company. Manor’s President & Sporting Director will be Graeme Lowdon, with former Sainsbury’s CEO Justin King as the team’s interim chairman. The team says it has modified cars that will comply fully with the 2015 […]
Fernando Alonso is not racing in Australia, and that has led to much inanity and conspiracy theorizing. I don’t see why there is such a kerfuffle on the subject or even about the accident.
Kevin Magnussen will drive in place of Fernando Alonso in Australia, because of the Spaniard’s concussion.
It seems like there are never enough hours in the day at the moment, but as the F1 teams get into the packing up stage and prepare to head out to Melbourne, the talk in F1 circles remains that of money – or rather the lack of it. To be fair, motor racing has always […]
<a href=”#8221;><img src=”#38;#8221; alt=”Melbourne Audience logo” width=”300″ height=”206″ class=”alignright size-medium wp-image-14128″></a>I will be hosting an Audience with Joe for fans in Melbourne on Friday, March 13. Not a great date perhaps but in France they buy lottery tickets on Friday 13th because they consider it a lucky day, so I prefer to look at it […]
The latest whisper is that Renault is pushing ahead with a project to buy an existing F1, in order to get a better return on its investment in F1. Since the French manufacturer gave away its ;F1 team in 2009 and fled the sport, red-faced after being caught with its trousers around its ankles over […]
So we slide ever on towards the start of a new F1 season and, as we all wonder what to make of the testing, there are various is being dotted and ts being crossed. Real stories are thin on the ground.
One day, if I ever find myself with time on my hands, I think I might write a book entitled “How not to die”. It is a pretty catchy title – and might even guarantee selling a copy to Mr E. Alas, such a publication would not give away the secret of eternal life, but […]
The new season is nearly on us and there is much anticipation in the F1 world. What does the testing mean?
There is a minor kerfuffling about helmets, with the drivers rankling at being told that they might not be allowed to changed their helmet designs willy-nilly. What is required here is a little subtlety.
Thank goodness the F1 team bosses have had the good sense to step away from doing something really stupid and have voted not to make their lives more difficult with significant technical rule changes in 2017. Formula 1 is struggling to keep up with itself and more change would have simply added to the problem. […]
I will be hosting an Audience with Joe for fans in Melbourne on Friday, March 13. Not a great date perhaps but in France they buy lottery tickets on Friday 13th because they consider it a lucky day, so I prefer to look at it that way as well… The Audience is a very simple […]
Perhaps you might like to consider a product that I have been (quietly) producing for 20 years. It is called JSBM (Joe Saward’s Business of Motorsport) and is a weekly newsletter with the stories behind the stories behind the stories, plus new ideas, new trends and innovation. And it is not just about Formula 1
Smart work by Ferrari to give their sponsors some coverage at the moment when the F1 bosses meet to discuss whether there should be a if change in F1 design. Big change in F1 = bigger budget, and it makes no real sense to stick a few extra wings here and there to make the […]
Despite the best efforts of Force India, the Manor F1 team is still hoping to be in action in 2015, although the team obviously cannot now use modified 2014 cars. This is a setback, but in reality the 2015 car was always going to be something of a carry over from last year’s MR03, with […]
The new F1 season is now just a few weeks away and it is time for GP+ subscribers to renew for the season ahead. If you haven’t signed up already, it is a good moment so you don’t miss the season preview.
I do apologise for having dropped off the radar for a few days. Some of you worked out the reason that this was necessary and I thank you all for your many good wishes.
I need to shut down the blog for a few days. I would rather do this than do half a job and not do things properly.
There are lots of stories today about the F1 Strategy Group voting to block the return of the ex-Marussia team, unless it can build 2015- spec cars. The rules are however not at all clear as the sport is governed by bilateral agreements between the various parties and these are private. This means that the […]
It is very late in the day for a rescue of the old Marussia team. There are any number of hurdles and little hope that the team could do anything this beyond just being there, but the team has earned the money that it can claim and if there is cash to go ahead then […]
On paper the first test of the year in Jerez was dominated by Ferrari with Kimi Raikkonen fastest with a best of 1m20.841s and Sebastian Vettel a tenth behind him with a 1m20.984s. The Finn did 200 laps and the German 149 and they were both a long way clear of the rest.
The new Red Bull RB11 has been launched in Jerez, featuring a testing livery that is clearly at attempt to hide the shape of the car using dazzle techniques that were developed by the Royal Navy 100 years ago. The car features a lower nose, as mandated by the rules. “The design of the RB11 […]
Scuderia Toro Rosso launched the STR10 at the Jerez de la Frontera. The car will be raced by F1 rookies Max Verstappen and Carlos Sainz. The STR10 has been produced under the technical directorship of James Key with Chief Designers Paolo Marabini and Matteo Piraccini.
It is beginning to get exciting for F1 fans now, the new cars are ready to start testing. OK, some serious questions are also being asked about the sport. It is a time when insight and analysis is required
Ferrari has unveiled the SF15T. The car will be raced this year by Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen. “Last year we had an ugly car and it was a non-winning car,” said team boss Maurizio Arrivabene.
Sauber F1 has unveiled the new Sauber-Ferrari C34-Ferrari that will be raced by Marcus Ericsson and Felipe Nasr this season. The team has had a complete change of livery with blue and yellow, which conveniently reflects Ericsson’s Swedish nationality and Nasr’s Banco do Brasil sponsorship.