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I am anything but a good businessman but, in my favour, I love Formula 1 motor racing and I am passionate about it and so when I see rampant profiteering going on at the expense of the sport, I get annoyed. I want the best possible Formula 1 and so I naturally object to what […]
The first Formula E race took place on Saturday in Beijing with the race being won by Lucas di Grassi, albeit after the two leaders collided at the final corner, with Nick Heidfeld’s Venturi car being hit by Nicolas Prost (E.Dams Renault) and then hitting a kerb and being launched into the air and into […]
The FIA has issued a calendar for next year, with the continuing stupidity of expensive stand-alone fly-away races, no doubt designed to get the teams to ask for back-to-backs, with the ultimate goal being to expand the calendar beyond 20 races. Singapore and Japan have been pushed together, which will save money, but by the […]
Max Verstappen completed 148 laps of the Adria International Raceway, yesterday, completing nearly 400 km of running in his first proper F1 test. He had previously done some running around on the streets of Rotterdam in a promotional event. The 16-year-old Dutchman, who will take over from Jean-Eric Vergne at Toro Rosso next season, did […]
The departure of Luca Montezemolo from Ferrari is a move of gigantic proportions in the geopolitics of the sport – and it has a number of implications that may not seem obvious. Back in the 1970s Montezemolo was the bright young boy at Ferrari and after putting Ferrari back on a winning path he went […]
Sauber has been sold quite a few times. The first time was back in 1995 when Red Bull boss Dietrich Mateschitz purchased a majority shareholding in the team, although Peter Sauber retained the voting rights and so remained in control. In 2001 the two parties fell out over drivers (Mateschitz wanted Enrique Bernoldi and Sauber […]
Emilio Botin, the chairman of Santander, has died at the age of 79. Botin was the motive force behind the company’s massive involvement in F1 and his death may mean some serious changes in the years ahead, particularly if his replacements do not share his belief that F1 is good for a business. It is […]
People in F1 sometimes come to me and ask me why I don’t report some of the things that they say. This happens with people I do not trust because when you have been lied to before, you are a fool if you let yourself be lied to again. Some people say that they have […]
In recent months the F1 driver market has appeared to be dominated, or rather held back by, Fernando Alonso and his decision to either leave Ferrari or stay there. This is the normal way of things in the F1 jungle. Fernando is, to quote The Sherman Brothers, “king of the swingers, the jungle VIP”
After the excitement of Lewis Hamilton’s brilliant victory on Sunday, life was busy yesterday. Much of Sunday night night and Monday morning was spent writing in my pokey hotel room and then, after minimal snoozing, a typically unsatisfying Italian breakfast (they are famous for exquisite pasta and pizzas but their breakfasts probably explain why the […]
Lewis Hamilton delivered the perfect response to Nico Rosberg in Monza, beating the World Championship leader, fair and square, overcoming a dreadful start that meant that he had to fight his way back from fourth. He was second by lap 10 and took the lead when Rosberg, under pressure, went straight on at the first […]
Eoin Young has died at the age of 75. Young was a trendsetter in many respects, as a founder member of the McLaren team, as a journalist and PR man and as a trader in motoring memorabilia. Born in the village of Cave, not far from the town of Timaru on New Zealand’s South Island, […]
It has been a long day, during which I see that Kamui Kobayashi has found a way back into the Caterham team and McLaren has come up with some financial results. I will probably take a look at these later if I have time. They look pretty decent
New statistical research by a group of academics reveals that between 1981 and 2010, when two top F1 drivers compete in the same team, it tends to have a detrimental effect on their individual performance. The study follows the recent collision between Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton at Spa and aimed to discover whether it […]
Haas F1 Team, which will make its debut in the FIA Formula 1 World Championship in 2016, has done a deal with Scuderia Ferrari to be its technical partner. The Italian firm will provide Haas with its power unit, gearbox and with technical support.
Jody Egginton, until recently the Operations Director at Caterham F1, has joined Scuderia Toro Rosso as its new Head Of Vehicle Performance. Egginton was at Caterham from five years, initially as Chief Engineer. Prior to that he was a race engineer at Force India for five years after joining the Silverstone team from Aston Martin […]
After many weeks trying to avoid it, Vijay Mallya and several other directors of Kingfisher Airlines have finally been declared “wilful defaulters” but the state-owned United Bank of India. The move came after the Kingfisher executives failed to appear before a United Bank of India committee to discuss the situation. Once listed as wilful defaulters, […]
Philippe Gurdjian had died at the age of 69. He was the promoter of the French Grand Prix for 13 years and went on to aid Bernie Ecclestone in setting up races in a number of other countries as F1 expanded into Asia.
The Formula 1 media has been fixated in recent days on the Lewis Hamilton-Nico Rosberg situation and everyone has expressed their opinions, no matter how insane these may be. When you boil it all down, Rosberg has sullied his reputation but has a big lead in the World Championship. He may or may not have […]
Mercedes has been struggling to figure out what to do with Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton’s spat at Spa. Here’s the answer: Lewis Hamilton: “Today we came together as a team and discussed our differences. Nico and I accept that we have both made mistakes and I feel it would be wrong to point fingers […]
The ultimate irony about the failed F1 race in New Jersey is that while Bernie Ecclestone is blaming it on a promoter who failed to deliver the money, and the reporting on the matter inevitably fails to tell the whole story, it is still his primary ambition to get F1 into the New York and […]
There is talk today, from the kind of sources one expects to see producing this stuff, about how Bernie Ecclestone is back, seeking revenge, and being needed more than ever by the sport. Bernie has done amazing things with the sport and many have benefited from the success but I struggle to see the reasoning […]
The Rosberg-Hamilton in Spa has brought out a number of those people who like to accuse journalists of bias because they share the same nationality of one or other of the protagonists. One commenter, called Robert, summed up my views on this subject. “I do hate how people bring up the subject of being British […]
There is a mix-and-match lot of news kicking around today with nothing really unexpected, nor very interesting. The idea of a Grand Prix in Greece has been kicking around for the best part of 15 years and has never got beyond the chattering stage. The whole thing is daft when you look at it in […]
Len Terry has died at the age of 91. Born in Birmingham in 1923, Terry grew up in London, leaving school at the age of 14. Initially he worked as an office boy for a theatre producer, but the war changed the course of his life when he joined the Royal Air Force becoming an […]
Yesterday was a pretty horrible day across Belgium and northern France. The man on French radio described the weather as “ridiculous” for August and that seemed about right, as I drove through endless streaming rain and dodged huge puddles.
I am driving home today and I think it will be good to have time to ruminate a little on the excitements at Spa. It was terrific theatre after the race with the excitements at Mercedes but sometimes it is better to let the emotions cool a little to get a better feel of the […]
The Belgium Grand Prix was full of drama, excitement and controversy, but thing didn’t really kick off until after the chequered flag had fallen when Lewis Hamilton told the F1 media that in the post-race team debrief Nico Rosberg had admitted that he deliberately left his car’s nose where it was in a fight with […]
Marussia has changed its mind and Max Chilton is back in the car for the race this weekend. One has to presume that the contractual problems have been solved by the arrival of money from the Chilton camp. This is tough on Alexander Rossi as he was looking forward to making his F1 debut.
Alexander Rossi will make his Formula 1 debut this weekend at Spa, replacing Max Chilton at Marussia. Rossi joined the team last month as reserve driver but Chilton has some “contractual issues” that need to be resolved.
An early start this morning, to avoid Paris traffic and then, once clear of the capital, there is time to stop for a croissant and a café allongé, while the commuters get themselves into a tangle behind me. I can see across the carriageways that the queue to get into Paris is beginning to form.
André Lotterer will drive for Caterham F1 Team at the Belgian Grand Prix and it is not really a great surprise. The team’s primary goal is to improve the performance of the CT05 and while Kamui Kobayashi is quick, he is not famed for his technical feedback, while the team’s second driver Marcus Ericsson does […]
So I’m back in action after a very pleasant break in glorious Cape Cod. I will leave it to the local tourist board to do the promotion for the place, but suffice to say that I keep going back, despite having travelled the world and found many beautiful places hither and thither.
Well, folks, the time has come for the summer break. It’s been a busy year but with nothing much happening in F1 until the clans gather again in Spa on August 21, I am shutting down the blog. It is a good moment to say “thank you” to my readers.
As of tomorrow most the F1 circus will be on holiday for two weeks. This means that news will be thin on the ground because almost everyone will be doing things other than F1. The engineers and team bosses will be taking in some sunshine or enjoying a “staycation” and not traveling anywhere
The reports that Bernie Ecclestone is offering $33 million to settle the criminal trial in Germany are just plain weird. There have long been rumours that Ecclestone was looking for a financial settlement, but it has always looked to be rather unlikely.
It’s holiday time now in F1 and in a few days everyone will be off in all directions. I am headed to where the F1 sun casts no shadow: to get properly away from it all. And I have promised myself that I will not waste my energy on the return of Flavio Briatore and […]
Sir Frank Williams is a massive fan of aviation. Last week he went to RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire to see an air display before flying out to Hungary.
The Mercedes GP Petronas team is riding high in Formula 1 at the moment – except for Toto Wolff, who ended up yesterday in hospital in Vienna after he crash heavily while taking part in a 100km cycle ride. The drivers were not involved this year but rather the entire engineering group and according to […]
I am trying to understand the wisdom of F1 going to Russia this autumn. Yes, the Russian government has agreed to pay a rumored $60 million per year (with a 10 percent annual hike) to run a Grand Prix in Sochi.
The Mexican events company CIE has filed papers with the Mexican stock exchange indicating that subject to final negotiations and paperwork, it has agreed a five-year contract to host Formula One races in Mexico City, starting in 2015. Previous Mexican Grands Prix have been held at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, which is operated by CIE. […]
The greatest drivers in Formula 1 are able to achieve great things with cars that are deemed to be uncompetitive. They understand the problems and adapt to them.
Yesterday was a rainy drive home from Germany with a silly “umleitung” (diversion) in the Pfalz forest which resulted in nearly an hour of rally stages either behind chugging trucks or (more dangerously) swerving around on wildly twisting roads amid trees, cliffs and ravines. We climbed so high that we were in the clouds which […]
It’s a beautiful day in France and being in no great hurry to get to Hockenheim I decided to stop of in a village called Vadelaincourt, just off the autoroute near Verdun, to find the grave of Georges Boillot, the great French Grand Prix driver before World War 1. He won the Grand Prix de […]
Years ago there was an Italian racer called Felice Tedeschi, who we used to call Happy Germans, with appropriate artistic licence. I am sure to find a few gleeful Goths and happy Hun today as I am off to the Federal Republic this morning, down that well-beaten path known as the A4 autoroute, by way […]
Mercedes AMG Petronas has announced “a multi-year contract extension” with Nico Rosberg. Rosberg has been with the team since 2010 and in recent years has scored six victories.
Amid stories of big changes at Caterham F1, with dozens of staff having been let go in recent days, work is now going on to change the aerodynamics of the car as quickly as possible in order to try to snatch 10th place in the Constructors’ Championship from Sauber, or even ninth from Marussia, which […]
The rumbling that will become the F1 Silly Season have been going on for a while, as everyone in F1 assesses the current crop of cars and then decides what to do to get a better result next year. The driver market always works like a string of dominoes, with one move causing other moves […]
At the Rochester Institute of Technology in Henrietta, New York, there is a plaque on the wall that warns students to never let themselves be carried away by their own egos. “Take a bucket and fill it with water,” it says.
There is no doubting that larger wheels can look pretty good but on the other hand, the larger the wheels and the tyres the heavier they are and thus the more effect they will have on performance. Tests show that as wheel/tyre combinations get bigger, acceleration and fuel economy suffer often quite dramatically with a […]