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All Formula 1 fans want to feel a little closer to the action. An Audience with Joe gives you the opportunity to do exactly that. The next Audience will be held on Friday, October 31, at the Z’Tejas Restaurant in Austin, Texas, from 7.00pm-11.00pm.
It has nothing to do with motor racing, but I feel the urge to mark the passing of Ben Bradlee, a man who did so much to define what good journalism should be – and who was not scared to take on the authorities when he felt it was necessary. Bradley made his name with […]
Reports that the Formula 1 World Championship could go over 20 events in the future should be treated with a certain amount of caution. While the Formula One group has a deal with the FIA that allows for a maximum of 25 races a year this was primarily a negotiating ploy that allowed the FIA […]
Christophe de Margerie, the chief executive of Total,  a major Formula 1 sponsor, has been killed when the company’s Dassault Falcon collided with a snow plough as it was taking off from Moscow’s Vnukovo airport on Monday night. The accident happened just before midnight and the Russian authorities say that the driver of the snow […]
There is trouble at Silverstone with the news that the three directors of Silverstone Circuits Ltd have been suspended on full pay pending an investigation into the affairs of the company. Silverstone Circuits Ltd is owned ultimately owned by the British Racing Drivers’ Club, which owns the circuit. Around 760 acres of the land has […]
Caterham Sports Ltd has  gone into Administration. The London-based  Smith & Williamson accountancy firm of Moorgate, London has been named at the administrator. The good stat were previously seized by the  The Sheriffs Office have been passed to the administrator
The FIA has announced the membership of  an Accident Panel to discuss Jules Bianchi’s accident at the Japanese Grand Prix. The group will carry out a full review of the accident to gain a better understanding of what happened, and will propose new measures to reinforce safety at circuits – if they are deemed to […]
All Formula 1 fans want to feel a little closer to the action. An Audience with Joe gives you the opportunity to do exactly that.
Wei Di, the director of the Automobile and Motorcycling Administrative Center, part of the country’s General Administration of Sport, says that a Chinese group is bidding to acquire a Formula 1 team and that “in the next one to two years, China will have its own F1 team”. He did not say who was behind […]
Nico Hulkenberg will continue to race with Force India in 2015. The 27-year-old German returned to the team in 2014 after a stopover with Sauber and has enjoyed a very good season.
Further to my previous post, I see that Forbes has paid me the compliment of going through my analysis, trying to pick holes in it. I trust that if I am proved to be correct they will dump their current correspondent on such matters and come to me for help… I used to work with […]
Health and Safety fans who have made such a fuss since the Bianchi accident in Suzuka, you can read in the news today that at least 39 people have just been killed while hiking in Nepal, because there were snow storms and avalanches that were not expected. An avalanche in April on Mount Everest also […]
In my experience, if Bernie says there’s a race coming in Las Vegas, he’s probably close to a deal somewhere else and this is a lever in a different negotiation. Call me a cynic, but Bernie never says anything about projected races without there being a reason to say it… When he says something like […]
There is a lot of fuss at the moment about the F1 engine rules and whether they should be changed. The current structure means that changing rules is very difficult and the whole business tends to get bogged down. This is something that the FIA allowed to happen because it wanted money and a share […]
It is just a few days since Sergio Marchionne took over as chairman of Ferrari, taking the role from Luca di Montezemolo. At the same time the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles company began trading on the New York Stock with shares priced at $9.00. The market has been rather wary and the share price is now […]
The word from Italy is that former Ferrari sporting boss Stefano Domenicali going to join Ducati, the Audi-owned motorcycle company based in Bologna. The word is that he will work alongside Gigi Dall’Igna, the former boss of Aprilia racing activities, who was appointed general manager of Ducati Corse a year ago. Andrea Dovizioso finished fifth […]
The latest round of unseemly reporting about the Bianchi accident has led to a reaction from Marussia regarding what was said or not said in radio transmissions to Bianchi in Japan. It is all recorded and at some point it will be made public if that is deemed to be the right thing to do, […]
I have a Russian colleague who has views that have shocked me of late. Of course, one must remember that most Russian media, especially the television, is controlled by the state or by those close to Russia’s leadership, but he actually seems to believe in the coverage of the Crimean crisis, the activities in the […]
Lewis Hamilton dominated the inaugural Russian Grand Prix at Sochi after Nico Rosberg blew his chances on the first lap. The German fought back to second place, showing just how strong the Mercedes is at the moment.
Here in Sochi the sun was shining today. The coastline along here is nice, so I am told, and rather reminiscent of the Cote d’Azur. The climate too is nice.
Lotus F1 Team and Mercedes AMG High Performance Powertrains have announce a long-term supply agreement which will see Lotus F1 Team utilizing the Mercedes-Benz Power Unit from the start of the 2015 season. The engines will use Petronas fluid, bringing to an end Lotus’s relationship with Total, unless there is marketing logic in the French […]
It’s 03.27 in the morning in Sochi and the Internet is working. This is good. It has been a rough couple of days for the F1 circus.
The Marussia F1 Team has put out a statement on behalf of the Bianchi family, in conjunction with the Mie General Medical Center. Jules Bianchi remains in the intensive care unit at the hospital and is listed as being in a critical but stable condition. The statement says that he has suffered from “a diffuse […]
You will have to excuse me if I quote from the Editorial Column of GP+, but I think that it best encapsulates the racer’s view of what motor racing is all about and what it should and should not be. It was published beneath the headline “Racing is also this…” just a few hours after […]
I am now in Dubai and during the eight or so hours I have been flying, a video has emerged which clearly shows what happened. This is very helpful to understand the dynamics of the crash.
There are a lot of Formula 1 people at Kansai Airport in Osaka tonight – and some pretty tired faces. Jules Bianchi remains in the intensive care unit of the Mie Prefectural General Medical Center, near Suzuka. Team bosses John Booth and Graham Lowdon are there and I hear that Ferrari and FIA people are […]
Lewis Hamilton won the Japanese Grand Prix after a battle in difficult conditions with team-mate Nico Rosberg, but the race was stopped after 44 of the 53 laps after a serious accident involving Marussia driver Jules Bianchi. In GP+ this week… – We look at the idea of third cars in F1 – We look […]
Jules Bianchi is undergoing an emergency operation at a hospital near the Suzuka circuit following an accident during the Japanese Grand Prix. The Marussia driver went off and hit a tractor that was removing the Sauber of Adrian Sutil, which had previously crashed at the same corner.
So, Vettel is off to Ferrari, Kimi Raikkonen will stay and Fernando Alonso is on the move, probably to McLaren. The big surprise on Saturday morning was Daniil Kvyat at Infiniti Red Bull Racing next year. That was always a possibility, but Alonso was also a decent bet because having the best driver in the […]
Well, the world moves in mysterious ways… Sebastian Vettel is leaving Red Bull Racing and the suggestion is obviously that he will go to Ferrari, replacing Fernando Alonso. But the announcement of Kvyat at Red Bull is a surprise in that the rumours had been moving towards Fernando going to Red Bull. If that is […]
Sorry to be dull, but a chap has to eat and while you Internet browsers all like to get something for nothing, have you ever considered getting news from motorsport before everyone else does? You can get it, if you are willing to pay a relatively small sum for a regular news service that is […]
Former Formula 1 driver Alexander Wurz has been named as the replacement for Pedro de la Rosa as the head of the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association (GPDA). The 40-year-old Austrian, who raced with Benetton, McLaren and Williams during his F1 career, and was a test drivers with Honda and Brawn, is a man of ambition.
It is becoming increasingly clear that Fernando Alonso will decide to leave Ferrari at the end of the current Formula 1 season, with the contract between the two parties being terminated, apparently by mutual consent. The logic behind this is that Alonso is not happy with the way things are developing at Maranello, and the […]
One learns a lot of different things as a Formula 1 reporter and the latest adventure is an approaching typhoon (seen above from a NASA satellite). Some of us have been through this before because back in 2004 a Super Typhoon called Ma-on came plodding in and qualifying had to be pushed back to Sunday […]
It is the typhoon season in the western Pacific and that nasty storms brew up out at sea and then sweep in and batter the islands of Japan. It happens every year and every year it seems that Formula 1 has managed to schedule a race at the same time as one of the typhoons. […]
On Tuesday morning the Caterham factory in Leafield was visited by bailiffs, with instructions to seize assets belonging to the team because of bills that had not been paid. The team has issued a statement saying that there have been “unfounded and unsubstantiated rumours” concerning actions against 1MRT, the entrant and owner of Caterham F1. […]
Will Stevens will be driving FP1 for Marussia in Suzuka. The British driver is having a seat fitting this morning.
Have you ever wondered why there are so many conflicting rumours kicking around in F1 circles? Every day there is something new, some new twist of a story that was perhaps never a story in the first place… and so on.
With the Russian Grand Prix coming up, the F1 world must again face the question of whether sport should be treated as something unconnected with the real world, or whether it should be treated as an integral part of the political landscape. It is not an easy question to answer because, on the one hand, […]
Fernando Alonso is at the centre of every rumour known to man. He’s going to Red Bull, McLaren, Lotus and Williams and, because he hasn’t denied being on the grassy knoll in Dallas in 1963, he is also thought to have been one of 13 shooters who assassinated President John F Kennedy. He may also […]
The thing that kills F1 teams faster than anything is having to pay for engines. In the old days everyone could have a Cosworth at a moderate price and they could be moderately successful if they built a good car. But times have changed and there are no Cosworths left in F1.
The Singapore Grand Prix is always busy, with a lot of heavy-hitters in town. Finding sponsors these days is not easy because not only are the teams competing against other teams and rival sports, they are now having to fight off the Formula One group as well, and it’s not really a fair fight as […]
Sorry about the delay, we had a corrupted file and had to rebuild the magazine… Lewis Hamilton ruled in Singapore on Sunday evening – and the Englishman ended the day back in the lead of the World Championship after Nico Rosberg’s dreams of glory were interrupted by software gremlins before he could even start the […]
Sorry about the delay, we have had a corrupted file and are having to rebuild the magazine before we fly… Normal service will be resumed ASAP Lewis Hamilton ruled in Singapore on Sunday evening – and the Englishman ended the day back in the lead of the World Championship after Nico Rosberg’s dreams of glory […]
Lewis Hamilton ruled in Singapore on Sunday evening – and the Englishman ended the day back in the lead of the World Championship after Nico Rosberg’s dreams of glory were interrupted by software gremlins before he could even start the race. Lewis did not have it easy.
Here in Singapore, we live in a strange timeless world. People come into the F1 Paddock at four in the afternoon and greet one another with “Morning!” and go off and eat breakfast.
Regular readers will know that the life of a Formula 1 reporter is one that tends to leave a trail of destruction, with children in odd places and residences that once had a purpose. I even have a very dead car sitting in a barn somewhere, next to box loads of F1-related documentation and other […]
I am anything but a good businessman but, in my favour, I love Formula 1 motor racing and I am passionate about it and so when I see rampant profiteering going on at the expense of the sport, I get annoyed. I want the best possible Formula 1 and so I naturally object to what […]
The first Formula E race took place on Saturday in Beijing with the race being won by Lucas di Grassi, albeit after the two leaders collided at the final corner, with Nick Heidfeld’s Venturi car being hit by Nicolas Prost (E.Dams Renault) and then hitting a kerb and being launched into the air and into […]
The FIA has issued a calendar for next year, with the continuing stupidity of expensive stand-alone fly-away races, no doubt designed to get the teams to ask for back-to-backs, with the ultimate goal being to expand the calendar beyond 20 races. Singapore and Japan have been pushed together, which will save money, but by the […]