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It is Christmas soon and for those with race fans in their family, I would recommend a subscription to GP+ for 2015. It is a great value gift that will last them all year long.
A letter sent to Ferrari staff explaining why Marco Mattiacci has been replaced at Gestione Sportiva throws some light in the decision. Fiat boss Sergio Marchionne explained to the staff at Maranello that he is committed to “ensure Ferrari maintains its position of influence in the governance of F1″ or in other words that he […]
The Formula 1 season has ended and now is the time for summing up the year. You will no doubt read many seasonal reviews in the next few weeks and I am sure that there will be an exciting TV edit from FOM. I hope that someone will have the nous to stick a few […]
Ferrari has appointed Maurizio Arrivabene to be head of Gestione Sportiva and Team Principal. Surprisingly, Mattiacci is being dropped completely. Arrivabene is a Marlboro man, and has been the paymaster of Maranello for the last 10 years
Well that was intense. A busy race weekend with too much to do, trying to cram it all in. It was good to see Lewis win the championship
Lewis Hamilton was beaten to pole position in Abu Dhabi by title rival Nico Rosberg. But we knew that Lewis usually races better than Nico and on Sunday he showed it again, erupting off the line at the start and leaving Rosberg to eat the dust he left behind him.
Lewis Hamilton was beaten to pole position in Abu Dhabi by title rival Nico Rosberg. But we knew that Lewis usually races better than Nico and on Sunday he showed it again, erupting off the line at the start and leaving Rosberg to eat the dust he left behind him. Nico did not have any […]
Force India has confirmed that Sergio Perez has extended his contract to continue racing with the team for 2015 and beyond. The 24-year-old Mexican joined the team at the start of 2014 and enjoyed immediate success with a podium finish in only his third race for the team. The news is not a big surprise […]
There are reports around Europe that Ferrari F1 boss Marco Mattiacci could be replaced in the next couple of weeks, after less than a season in charge at Maranello. In that time the top management of the company has changed, with the new chairman being Sergio Marchionne (head of Fiat). There has also been an […]
So the cars are not doing very well and your eyeball numbers are down. You want to keep your sponsors happy and so you decide to do a viral campaign to give them a little added value. This is how you do it… Imagine if FOM had people thinking along these lines…
Abu Dhabi has extended its race contract for an undisclosed length of time. The original deal, agreed in 2007, extended from 2009 until 2016, an unusual eight-year deal.
Abu Dhabi has been buzzing this afternoon with all the expected announcements about drivers for 2015. Ferrari announced finally that Fernando Alonso is leaving the team. The team also confirmed that the driver line-up next year will be Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel
Force India has announced that it will be testing Jolyon Palmer and Spike Goddard in the post-Abu Dhabi GP tests. Palmer is well known as the GP2 champion and son of former F1 driver Jonathan Palmer, while Goddard is less well-known having achieved little during two years in the European Formula 3 Championship.
Jules Bianchi has been flown home from Japan, seven weeks after his accident at Suzuka. He is now in the intensive care unit of the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Nice, in the south of France, where he is under the care of Professors Marc Raucoules and Professeur Carole Ichai, under the head of neurosurgery Professeur […]
So I’m off to Dubai today, and have upgraded myself with my miles so that I can get some work done on the flight. Life is so much easier when you’re upstairs on an Emirates A380, planes with wireless Internet relieve the stress of needing to be in contact with the world, although I still […]
McLaren has said it is delaying the announcement of its drivers until “after December 1″. This means that either the team is still deciding, or that it has decided and wants to take the decision out of the clutter of the Abu Dhabi weekend. The only other story worth mentioning today is Bernie Ecclestone talking […]
The letter from the small teams to Bernie Ecclestone is very clearly a message with a message. It is also an indication of where things have got to because the three teams clearly feel that it is worth taking the risk of annoying the big players because they do not see any other choices. Rule […]
The small Formula 1 teams have written to Bernie Ecclestone asking him to reconsider his position regarding the distribution of prize money and bringing to light some interesting figures about what it costs to run an F1 team today. The letter, signed by Bob Fernley of Force India, was sent to Ecclestone, the other F1 […]
Before the World Championship decider kicks off in Abu Dhabi, it is worth considering the question of double points which may or may not help decide who wins the title. The first thing that must be said is that there is no such thing as a perfect system.
Caterham announced that Kamui Kobayashi will be driving one of the cars in Abu Dhabi, which means that the other can go to the highest bidder, or to Roberto Merhi, who says that he has a contract to replace one of the regular drivers if that is required. He mayn’t be the only one with […]
The defeat of Romanian Prime Minister, Victor Ponta, in the country’s presidential election over the weekend appears to be a major blow to the ambitions of the Forza Rossa F1 project, that was aiming to enter the sport in 2015. The project, which was supported by Ponta’s government, has been very quiet since the summer, […]
This year Caterham has used drivers Kamui Kobayashi, Marcus Ericsson and Andre Lotterer in races. An F1 team is allowed a total of four race drivers in a season. Marcus Ericsson has already terminated his contract and one supposes that Kamui Kobayashi is not keen to drive again, which would explain why the team has […]
Here is a message I have received. I have edited out a small section that I consider to be libellous.
The stories that have been widely reported about Carlos Sainz Jr joining McLaren are unadulterated tosh. The Red Bull-funded Spaniard is not in the running for a drive with Toro Rosso, even if he decided to break his Red Bull contract.
The world of Formula 1 media is a difficult one these days. Everyone is cutting back because free news on the Internet has reduced conventional publishing to a shadow of its former self.
Belgium’s Didier Theys never quite made it to Formula 1, but after a decent career in European Formula 3 and Formula 2, he headed off to the United States where he won the SuperVee and American Racing Series titles in the late 1980s, before spending nearly 10 years racing Indycars, while also creating a formidable […]
It is now fairly clear that almost all the F1 drives for next year are gone, unless the two small teams can be revived and that is looking less and less likely. Every day lost now is vital because the fewer days you have to develop the car, the slower it will be. If teams […]
So where are we at now with the two little teams which missed the last two Formula 1 races? It would help, of course, if the rules were not confidential (one wonders how the FIA managed to get recognised by the International Olympic Committee and other such bodies when the sport is completely lacking in […]
The European Alcohol Policy Alliance (Eurocare), a group of 57 public health organisations from 25 European countries, who are all working on the prevention and reduction of alcohol related problems, has written an open letter to the FIA President Jean Todt to express concern about alcohol sponsorship in Formula 1, citing the involvement of Johnny […]
Formula 1 drivers are often inspiring individuals but few compare to the extraordinary Alex Zanardi. For those who do not know him, Alex finished second to Christian Fittipaldi in the Formula 3000 series in 1991.
I had a pleasant day in New York, beginning in one of the hundreds of perfect old diners that can be found in the city, with booths and plastic flowers. The corned beef hash and eggs easy over and English muffins were great.
I’m in New York today, between planes, once again because of airline logic and frequent flyer mileage. I’m pondering a trip to Port Imperial as I have nothing to do except having lunch with an old mate and then getting back to the airport for a tea time flight to Paris.
It is with great regret that I must record the passing of Francois Guiter, at the age of 86. It is impossible to overstate the importance of Guiter in Formula 1, not just in France but also across the world. When the Elf oil company was established in 1967 Guiter was named as its marketing […]
The Caterham F1 Team is trying to relaunch using crowd funding. Anyone willing to invest can go to and pledge money.
It is very sad to have to report the news that Manor Grand Prix Racing Ltd has ceased training and the 200 staff have been made redundant. This means that the Formula 1 entry held by the team will now cease to exist and no team can be built from the ashes, unless an entry […]
Regular readers will know that I am one of the most positive observers of Formula 1. Yes, there are problems that need unravelling, but it really galls me to see all these pseudo-experts talking at the moment about the crisis and questioning whether the sport can survive.
The Sauber F1 Team has announced Felipe Nasr as its driver for the 2015 season and Banco do Brasil as its partner. Felipe Nasr completes the driver line-up alongside Marcus Ericsson. The 22-year-old Brazilian was the test and reserve driver for the Williams F1 Team this year, while also participating in the 2014 GP2 series, […]
It is impossible to give correct figures in relation to the Formula 1 payment structure because they are based on the financial returns of each year and then a complex web of percentages, mixed with fixed payments in places. And, of course, the whole thing is confidential and so no-one is supposed to provide the […]
The FIA has issued an entry list for 2015, featuring the same 11 teams as this year, despite the fact that two of the teams are in administration. The only real points of interest are that Marussia Racing has become Manor F1 Team and Caterham is now named CF1 Caterham F1 Team, which would seem […]
The rumours that CVC will buy off the threat of a mutiny of the small teams (unlikely though that might be because their few sponsors would not be keen to pay for non-appearances) seem pretty far-fetched, but this would be characteristically short-termist of CVC Capital Partners. A one-off payment is not going to make the […]
A crazy busy weekend in Austin with a lot of rubbish being talked in the paddock. Yes, F1 has some problems but it is not the end of civilization as we know it. The distribution of money has to change or we will lose more cars
In Austin Lewis Hamilton won his fifth consecutive victory, to increase his advantage over Nico Rosberg in the World Championship. It was another confident drive from Hamilton after a difficult qualifying and Rosberg had no answer to the dominant Brit.
The news that Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) is planning to spin Ferrari off into a separate company is interesting, but it is doubtful that the news will have much of an effect in Formula 1, although perhaps we will get a slightly better understanding of Ferrari’s financials as a result. What is clear is there […]
The new Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has announced plans to list Ferrari on US and European stock exchanges. FCA owns 90 percent of the Ferrari shares (the other 10 percent belonging to the Ferrari family) and the plan is for 10 percent to be floated and the remaining 80 percent to be given to FCA shareholders.
I wrote somewhere the other day that Formula 1 was “my sport”. It is, in my opinion, a sport that is owned, not by mean Scrooge-like characters who are in needs of ghostly visits in order to find redemption, but rather by all of us; by anyone who has an interest in, or passion for, […]
Austin is going to be a busy place on Friday night with the F1 fans in towns and Halloween as well, so if you are an F1 fan and want to get some pease and quiet, away from the madding crowd, why not come along to An Audience with Joe. If you are reading this […]
I’m sitting in the Admirals Club in Chicago, waiting for a flight to Austin and, while everyone is agonising about financial models (none of which will happen) unless some of the people round the sport change, I think we should bear a thought for the hundreds of people who are now without jobs because of […]
…I agree with Max Mosley. The former FIA President has been on  BBC Radio 5 live as a result of the collapse of Caterham and Marussia and I have to say that I agree with his views.
The current debacle going on in Formula 1 has raised the question of whether there should be customer cars.  I have written about this before, but I think it bears repeating. Customer cars was where F1 came from and it should not be where it is going to.
The current debacle going on in Formula 1 has raised the question of whether there should be customer cars in Formula 1.  I have written about this before, but I think it bears repeating. Customer cars was where F1 came from and it should be where it is going to.