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It has been a long day. I woke up at bonkers o’clock in order to finish all the work that did not quite get done yesterday and then – once the work was done – there was half an hour or so for a solid English breakfast to send me on my way, through the […]
The British Grand Prix was a cracker, with Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg having to fight back after a pretty disastrous start, which left them scrambling behind the two Williams-Mercedes. In the end the crowd got what they wanted to see, a Lewis Hamilton victory, won with a brilliant strategic move when it began to […]
If you check back in the blog in recent years you will see that I have suggested several times that Aston Martin might want to come into F1 with Mercedes V6 engines badged as Astons. It is a fairly logical thing to do in a world in which car manufacturers share all manner of different […]
GP+ was the first e-magazine in Formula 1, eight years ago, and it remains the fastest magazine in the sport, appearing just hours after the chequered flag. And don’t think that because we are quick and electronic we are not a heavyweight magazine. We attend all the races (we are actually there, on the ground, […]
The much-maligned Formula 1 Strategy Group meets today at Biggin Hill and there is a sense among the leading players that this is a meeting of much importance if F1 is to sort itself out a bit for 2017. Is there any real chance that some sensible decisions could emerge from it? Everyone has an […]
The run-up to the British GP is a time when there are events for the national media to give the race a boost and the British GP is bigger in this respect than other events, if only because of the British F1 media is one of the larger groups of journalists. The chance to have […]
Sorry it’s been a bit quiet. There’s not much been going on in the F1 world, with the focus being on Formula E and the Goodwood Festival of Speed.
I know that Tuesday is not the perfect day for an event, but it is the only opportunity this summer in the UK to meet Joe Saward and ask him questions about Formula 1. There is a lot going on in the F1 world – both on and off the track and there are plenty […]
There is action in the world of the ownership of the Formula One group – but one needs to be very careful at taking things at face value, because these kind of people never go public until a deal is done, unless they want the publicity to achieve something. Normal people go to the media […]
if you are into F1 but a bit worn down by all the politics, come and get your batteries recharged with a pre-British GP “Audience with Joe” event in London’s Knightsbridge on Tuesday evening, June 30. The event is open to all fans (except lawyers representing F1 people) and gives fans the opportunity to find […]
I finished my post-race work in Austria at about three in the morning and a little shut-eye, I left at six, with a merry “nächstes Jahr!” for the gasthof owner’s wife, who has been kind enough (or perhaps) old nice enough to be happy to be up to make me a coffee. Then I was […]
. The Austrian Grand Prix was a headline-writers nightmare. Some might have said “Bore-Ring” or “Snore-Ring” but the race was better than that, while not being a classic. Perhaps Simmer-Ring was the best description
The Austrian Grand Prix was a headline-writers nightmare. Some might have said “Bore-Ring” or “Snore-Ring” but the race was better than that, while not being a classic. Perhaps Simmer-Ring was the best description
I will be hosting a pre-British GP Audience with Joe in London on Tuesday, June 30. This gives F1 fans the opportunity to ask any question they like about F1 (unless there are any lawyers in the audience!) in the days before the action begins in Silverstone. The event will take place on the spectacular […]
It’s quiet at the Red Bull Ring, a big difference to the same day last year when most people spent a lot of time in traffic jams. The word is that the numbers are down this year, which is not really surprising given that Red Bull is not likely to be in a starring role. […]
It is normal these days to bash the Formula One group for its lack of social media, but in recent times it has been busy tweeting teasers about Austria, designed to generate interest in the sport and is rich history. Today’s effort is a picture of Vittorio Brambilla’s March after it crashed after taking the […]
Red Bull has done well with F1, but it has always had a habit of publicly blaming others when things don’t go well. The team succeeded in pissing off Pirelli big time a couple of years ago and now too much public criticism ;of Renault means that the French are not happy bunnies and the […]
In order to keep abreast of all the goings-on in the motorsport world, I don’t trawl the Internet. I don’t have time. Instead I go to one particular “news-clipping” service that gives me a list of headlines.
People in F1 are crazily competitive. It’s the way they are and what got them into the jobs they have. When a Formula 1 person says that they are busy, they don’t mean Real World busy, they mean F1 Busy.
Nico Hulkenberg joined the Porsche factory sports car team for the Le Mans 24 Hours, alongside Briton Nick Tandy and New Zealander Earl Bamber. They were followed home by the second Porsche of Mark Webber, Brendan Hartley and Timo Bernhard, with the Audi of Marcel Fassler, André Lotterer and Benoit Treluyer.
There is a bit of chat today resulting from some remarks made by Kimi Raikkonen during an interview recorded in Canada with Jean Alesi for France’s Canal+. The Finn said F1 should be made more dangerous. Later in the weekend he stood in front of the FIA’s banners proclaiming Action for Road Safety after qualifying […]
The refusal of the Azerbaijan government to allow access to the European Games – an athletics competition organised by the European Olympic Committees (EOC) to a journalist from The Guardian is not a great signal to the world. The power of money is such that the EOC has kowtowed on the matter, saying that they […]
Patrick Head has been knighted in the Queen’s Birthday Honours, the 69-year-old engineer is one of the most influential F1 engineers, having co-founded and led the engineering team at Williams for 27 years, between 1977 and 2004. Many of the top engineers such as Adrian Newey, Ross Brawn, Neil Oatley, Paddy Lowe, Frank Dernie, Sergio […]
Sixty years ago today Pierre Levegh’s Mercedes ran into the back of Lance Macklin’s Austin Healey, which was trying to avoid Mike Hawthorn’s Jaguar, which had slowed unexpectedly as Hawthorn decided at the last minute to put. Levegh’s car flew, hit the earth bank beside the circuit and disintegrated, parts flying into the crowd at […]
Yesterday I had a most interesting time at Canal+ in Paris, where I was asked to take part in a programme called Les Specialistes de F1. This is basically a talk show about F1, with opinions being expressed by various people with different roles within the sport.
The Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal has the highest levels of fuel consumption and brake wear in the Formula 1 season. This is because of its long fast sections and the need for the cars to then brake into quite slow corners and then to have to accelerate to top speed again. This means that […]
The next few days may turn out to be some of the most important in the history of Formula 1 in the last 30 years. It is increasingly clear that someone is on the verge of lodging an official complaint to the European Commission about the way the sport is operating, on the grounds that […]
Off to the airport now for the flight to Montreal. After the early season long-hauling the trip feels like a local hop of only eight hours. I looked at the weather forecast and there was a different story on every website so well just have to see what transpires.
Sebastien Bourdais has been mouthing off in recent days about the state of Formula 1. It is not really a surprise.
Sepp Blatter, the FIFA President, has resigned. He says that he will organise an extraordinary congress to find a replacement for him as president and that he will not stand in that election. It is believed that the decision has come about because FIFA’s sponsors have been putting pressure on the federation for a change […]
Formula Sochi, the former organiser of Russian Grand Prix in Sochi, has been declared bankrupt by a court in the Krasnodar region. The firm, an open joint-stock company, was a subsidiary of the construction firm OJSC Centre Omega, which is itself owned by the Krasnodar regional government.
Formula Sochi, the organiser of Russian Grand Prix in Sochi, has been declared bankrupt by a court in the Krasnodar region. The firm, an open joint-stock company, was a division of the construction firm OJSC Centre Omega, which is itself owned by the Krasnodar regional government. Reports indicate that Formula Sochi was $109,500 in debt […]
I read with interest that former FIA President Max Mosley believes that the salaries being paid to the top F1 stars are “absurd”. It is a fascinating discussion.
Since Monaco I have – rather unwillingly – become something of an expert in what is purported to be Lewis Hamilton’s love life. Let me say first of all that I don’t care what Lewis does when he’s not at races. As far as I’m concerned he can wear flowers in his hair and dress […]
US media billionaire John Malone was keen to buy into the Formula One group last year, but for whatever reason (some say money, others say Bernie Ecclestone) the US cable magnate decided against the idea and instead made a much smaller investment to buy a chunk of Formula E. Malone’s objective was to acquire content […]
There is a really good opportunity to have a fun night out at very little cost and to learn a lot more about Formula 1. Joe Saward has been at every Formula 1 race for the last 27 years (that’s nearly 500 Grands Prix) and he keeps his ear to the ground in the paddock. […]
Manor Marussia F1 has announced the recruitment of Luca Furbatto in the role of Head of Design, working under Technical Director John McQuilliam. Furbatto is a mechanical engineering graduate of the celebrated Politecnico di Torino, who has been involved in F1 since 1998 when he joined British American Racing as an assistant test engineer. He […]
What is happening at FIFA at the moment, with the arrests of a number of key officials in relation to allegations of corruption, should be a wake-up call for all international sporting federations. There has always been potential for trouble with the way these organisations are set up – and much trouble is now raining […]
Formula 1 is a complicated world, which sometimes leaves fans a little bewildered with all the rules, politics and intrigues. Joe Saward spends his life trying to simplify and explain this complicated world to fans – and to make them feel that they can get closer to the sport. You can ask any question you […]
It has been very clear for a long time that Europe is running out of promoters for Grands Prix because of the race fees being demanded by the Formula One group. The business model that is used is to force these numbers upwards and hope that the local governments will pick up the tab.
I had a bit of a near-miss on the grid at Monaco. It was really rather frightening, I was minding my own business, chatting to Christian Horner about his “mini-moon” ( a short honeymoon) and grabbing other team bosses who are easy targets when they emerge from hiding. Suddenly a high speed vehicle came straight […]
The weekend in Monaco was a fairly pleasant one. The weather was not bad and the controversy was minimal.Monaco is always a buzz although the F1 race was not exceptional although the Mercedes screw-up made for an exciting last few laps and plenty of post-race chatter. Nico Rosberg was an undeserving winner and his celebrations […]
The goings-on in Zurich, with the arrest of a number of officials of the FIFA, the governing body of world soccer, with the US Justice Department ;understood to be behind the move, send out a strong signal to all sports federations that they cannot be a law unto themselves and that they must obey the […]
Formula 1 fans often complain that the sport does not engage with them. Joe Saward wants that to change and for the last few years has been hosting regular Audiences in cities that F1 visits around the world, to give fans the chance to get inside the sport. This year’s Audience in Montreal will take […]
The Monaco Grand Prix was an unsatisfying race – particularly for Lewis Hamilton fans. The World Champion dominated the race but a late race Safety Car and a bad call from the Mercedes team strategists left Hamilton in third place in the closing laps, unable to find a way to pass Sebastian Vettel and Nico […]
While one should never be unhappy when someone in Formula 1 says they are going to ask what the fans want, I cannot help but wonder whether the key to success for the sport might not be asking the people who DON’T watch the sport what it needs to do in the future to get […]
The Formula 1 circus is gathering on the Cote d’Azur for the annual shindig around the streets of Monaco. For most of the people on this planet, Monaco is the epitome of glamour and ;they say that even the bushmen in the Kalahari know that the Principality is famous for a car race. Some may […]
The FIA and FOM have both recently taken on new communications people and it is a very good sign that today there has been a press release about yesterday’s Strategy Group meeting. The fact that there is a press release is a very good sign.
If it is true that the Strategy Group has decided to allow customer cars (they did not bother to actually communicate on the subject) then the sport is in deeper trouble than ever. It should change its name to the Bad Strategy Group. This would be a big team decision, backed – or at least […]