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Formula 1 fans often complain that the sport does not engage with them. Joe Saward wants that to change and for the last few years has been hosting regular Audiences in cities that F1 visits around the world, to give fans the chance to get inside the sport. This year’s Audience in Montreal will take […]
The Monaco Grand Prix was an unsatisfying race – particularly for Lewis Hamilton fans. The World Champion dominated the race but a late race Safety Car and a bad call from the Mercedes team strategists left Hamilton in third place in the closing laps, unable to find a way to pass Sebastian Vettel and Nico […]
While one should never be unhappy when someone in Formula 1 says they are going to ask what the fans want, I cannot help but wonder whether the key to success for the sport might not be asking the people who DON’T watch the sport what it needs to do in the future to get […]
The Formula 1 circus is gathering on the Cote d’Azur for the annual shindig around the streets of Monaco. For most of the people on this planet, Monaco is the epitome of glamour and ;they say that even the bushmen in the Kalahari know that the Principality is famous for a car race. Some may […]
The FIA and FOM have both recently taken on new communications people and it is a very good sign that today there has been a press release about yesterday’s Strategy Group meeting. The fact that there is a press release is a very good sign.
If it is true that the Strategy Group has decided to allow customer cars (they did not bother to actually communicate on the subject) then the sport is in deeper trouble than ever. It should change its name to the Bad Strategy Group. This would be a big team decision, backed – or at least […]
I’m off to London today to sort out the computer mess with 100 percent certainty, and then I’ll be back tonight and heading for Monaco tomorrow, as these days I rent an apartment for a week of the race. I do this because the hoteliers got so greedy that you can get a decent apartment […]
I won’t go into details about how GP+ was produced this week, but I shall be taking the new computer back tomorrow and heading to the UK to get my hands on one with a QWERTY keyboard, which you cannot buy in France… This means I have been creating it on an AZERTY, so one […]
Despite the help of some of the best brains in Formula 1 it is not going to be possible to produce GP+ tonight as there appears to have been some kind of motherboard failure on the computer on which everything is created. This means that for the first time in years I am going to […]
FIA President Jean Todt turned up in Spain on Saturday night to attend the Spanish GP, having spent the day in Monaco, watching a Formula E race on the lower part of the F1 circuit (the hill apparently being a little too much for the e-mobiles to manage). In the meantime, the road safety world […]
The French government nationalised the Renault car company at the of World War II and in the 1970s and 1980s the company was a typical loss-making public entity. The company did what it was told, including supplying F1 engines to Guy Ligier whether it wanted to or not.
The F1 Paddock Club operations have been struggling of late because of the economy and new corporate governance rules that make hospitality much more of a problem than it used to be. the business was taken over last year by catering firm Do&Co, which has long done a good job, but it seems that ticket […]
i don’t want to sound like John Lennon, but there is no harm, from time to time, in saying “What if?”. What if things were different? OK, we can all understand that sport will inevitably be commercialised and that those who do this are not much bothered by the damage they do, as long as […]
I don’t know much about an organisation called FEVR. What I do know (from looking it up) is that it is a French acronym for the European Federation of Road Traffic Victims. This organisation is an international NGO that provides assistance to road traffic victims and their relatives and supports organisations in many countries to […]
Creating Formula 1 calendars is anything but easy. Some of the race promoters have clauses in their contracts giving them certain rights, such as being the first or the last race, or not being held too soon after another race in their region. In addition the calendar must avoid major clashes such as the Olympic […]
So FIA President Jean Todt has managed to get himself named as a “special envoy” for UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. That in itself is interesting in that it is not an official United Nations job, which I believe was the original plan.
Read around the Internet headlines, one gets a very negative view of Formula 1. Yes, the sport has to face some challenges and make some important changes in the way it is run, but the picture is nowhere near as negative as all the stories suggest.
Back at the start of motor racing, before anyone had dreamed up the idea of a race called the Grand Prix, there was a big debate: what did the future hold? Would these horseless carriages be powered by steam, electricity or by some other sort of fuel. It was solved, of course, by the passage […]
My first thought when I hear that the F1 season would start in April, was to check to see what was happening in March 2016. Remember, 2016 is an Olympic year so in theory races should be moved away from the Games to avoid clashes in August, but this seems to be the opposite. The […]
Melbourne has announced that it will be the opening round of the 2016 FIA Formula One World Championship on April 3. This means that the calendar is going to have to be condensed to get in the expected 20 races, while also preserving the August break. There is no obvious sporting activity to be avoided […]
People are getting a little ahead of themselves about Volkswagen and Formula 1. Just because Ferdinand Piech has resigned does not mean that the company will instantly be planning an F1 programme next week. The top management may have similar reservations to Piech about the sport, but whatever the case, it will take time before […]
Many older Formula 1 fans remember “the good old days” when F1 teams would turn up each season with cars featuring wildly new ideas: there were fan cars, surface-cooling, ground-effect, “skateboards”, twin-chassis and so on. In those days aerodynamic development was still exciting. The teams all invested in wind tunnels but slowly the excitement faded […]
The news that Williams Grand Prix Holdings, the parent group of the Williams F1 team, has announced a loss for 2014 of £34.3 million ($52 million) should not be seen as the disaster that it might, at first appear. Accounting is on complicated world and for example the company’s sponsorship for 2014 from Pastor Maldonado […]
There is big news from Volkswagen today with the announcement that supervisory board Chairman Ferdinand Piech has resigned on Saturday after losing a boardroom fight that he had provoked with Chief Executive Martin Winterkorn. Piech has been the major figure in VW for more than 20 years and has been the block to the company […]
At 67 years of age, Luca Montezemolo is “old school” F1, his involvement in the sport dating back to the early 1970s, when Enzo Ferrari took a shine to the youngster and put him in charge of his Formula 1 operation. There was an upturn in the team’s fortunes, with Niki Lauda as the lead driver. […]
There is much talk going on at the moment in F1 circles about engine regulations for the future, with a suggestion that there might be a compromise with different engines being used by different teams in 2017. This would mean a revival of the old pre-2014 normally-aspirated V8 engines, with their KERS systems, for the […]
The Singapore-based ARC Resorts has announced plans to build a six-star hotel, casino, golf course and a museum for glass artists in the marina area of Valencia. The project would also include a second hotel and a number of luxury homes.  The area was revamped in 2003 in preparation for the America’s Cup yacht races […]
There were more than a few people in Bahrain who felt that the TV coverage of the Grand Prix was decidedly strange – and not up to the usual high standards that the sport has been used to in recent years. In the old days, individual Grands Prix were televised by different local broadcasting organisations […]
It is springtime in Paris and a delight to be home after five weeks spent yo-yoing between Europe and the orient. It’s great for the air miles (although I have used them all on upgrades) and I’ve seen so many movies that I won’t need to go to the cinema for a while. To put […]
It is springtime in Paris and a delight to be home after five weeks spent yo-yoing between Europe and the orient. It’s great for the air miles (although I have used them all on upgrades) and I’ve seen so many movies that I won’t need to go to the cinema for a while. To put […]
The Bahrain Grand Prix was an exciting event with a tense fight between Mercedes and Ferrari, although the TV coverage seemed to be more focussed on Saubers. Lewis Hamilton drove a controlled race, chased initially by Sebastian Vettel.
The Bahrain Grand Prix was an exciting event with a tense fight between Mercedes and Ferrari, although the TV coverage seemed to be more focussed on Saubers. Lewis Hamilton drove a controlled race, chased initially by Sebastian Vettel.
Sport that is all about passion and emotion. In Italy the country goes wild when Ferrari wins a race: church bells are rung. Prime Ministers send their congratulations to winning drivers, grandstands and spectator banks heave with flag-waving fans wearing crazy hats and sporting painted faces.
When you fly on an Emirates flight, they are always very keen to tell you the number of languages that the crew members are able to speak between them. I guess that is a good way to make as many people as possible feel at home. Language is a subject that I find fascinating and […]
Sorry to have been so quiet for the last 36 hours, but I was on a plane (well, a couple of planes) going from Paris to Shanghai. My progress was not greatly aided by the French air traffic controllers. I had watched an entire movie before the plane took off and I am afraid that […]
Max Mosley, the FIA President from 1993 to 2009, says that the sport needs to take a serious look at the way money is spent, and the way revenue is distributed. The 74-year-old says that something needs to be done to avoid Formula 1 from collapsing. One might think this is a rebuke of the […]
The one thing that Renault knows about its F1 programme is that it is not right. It is time for a change. But what should that change be when money is tight?
Well, I’ve finished with the Chinese consulate for this year and, joyously, it was all rather more simple than in previous years. Everyone seemed to know what was going on and they were all was polite and helpful. I only made three trips to the Visa Section.
The Silverstone “Wing” has suffered significant damage during last night’s storms in the United Kingdom. While much of the damage will, no doubt, be covered by insurance, it will nonetheless be an additional problem that the circuit can do without this year, as it prepares for the British GP in June.
Racing people are fighters. They don’t shrug their shoulders and say “we did our best”.
Just walked in the door from Sepang and have been considering the events over the weekend. Bernie was busy trying to stir up stories but he did not really have a lot to say and I didn’t even bother reporting on his all-girl F1 idea. There are not sufficient women racers with the speed and […]
Just when we thought it was all over and Formula 1 was degenerating into more whinging and griping about the future, the World Championship lit up in Malaysia as Ferrari came from the shadows and beat Mercedes fair and square. It was all down to temperature and how the tyres worked on the different cars, […]
A good relationship is based on trust and so the stories suggesting that Renault is accusing Red Bull’s Adrian Newey of lying is a pretty good illustration of where that relationship is currently headed. Or to put it another way. This is a disaster
Good news for all the Star Trek fans out there, Fernando Alonso is back from his period of being a hostage with the Evil Empire (or whatever else caused his recent crash in Barcelona) and will be driving for McLaren in Sepang. Thus, it is safe to say that most of the stories written about […]
The post-Melbourne stories have focussed on how F1 can be fixed. This, of course, assumes that it is broken, which is an interesting discussion.
A great deal has been written in recent days about Giedo Van der Garde and Sauber, with considerable emphasis being on what the courts in Australia were saying. The matter has now been resolved out of court with, as expected, Van der Garde saying that he has been paid “significant compensation”.There is speculation about how […]
Lewis Hamilton dominated the Australian Grand Prix in Albert Park, Melbourne. Nico Rosberg could stay close but was never in a position the challenge the World Champion, while Sebastian Vettel gave Ferrari fans a thrill with third place, although he was more than half a minute behind the winning Mercedes. The race provided some interesting […]
Just out… The Sauber F1 Team can confirm it has been able to agree with Mr. Giedo Van der Garde that he refrains from driving in the Australian Formula One Grand Prix so it can keep its original planning. The Sauber F1 Team, Mr
The Saubers are out in the second session in Melbourne. The drivers are Felipe Nasr and Marcus Ericsson.
Looking at the situation at Sauber right now, one wonders whether the motivation behind all this courtroom activity is simply Dutch stubbornness and an understandable sense of having been wronged, or whether there are bigger picture things going on. Things are not always as they seem in F1, so one must ask why this mess […]