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Last simulator session completed. Time for the real thing.

Don’t wish for what others have, make the best of what you have.

Last training session of the week before driving in the first free practice session on Friday at the British Grand Prix. I can’t wait.

Silverstone prep in the simulator today @WilliamsRacing #F1 #BritishGP 🇬🇧👍
Great few days of training here in Monaco ☀️👍 feeling good ahead the #BritishGP next week! Hyvä… https://t.co/hTaWw57ADU

Onwards and upwards.


Solid test today, got thru the plan with interesting results. Next week Silverstone! 🏁… https://t.co/ILruhhi0pg

Morning! Soon starting the test day here in Austria. Plan is aero tests this morning and setup work in the afternoon. http://t.co/Yun08GMKA5

Great work done for the team today during the test but a very frustrating day for me with limited running due to the weather. Time to analyse the positives, head back to the simulator & look forward to Silverstone FP1 next week. 👍🏻

A few shots from the 2015 Austrian GP

5th today. Tough race dealing with a brake issue.. But we got still some solid points. Testing here on Wed and then onto next one!

5. Sija tänään. Vaikea kisa. Jarruongelmat esti kamppailut paremmista sijoista. Testiä täälä keskiviikkona ja sitten tähtäin seuraavaan kisaan!

#F1 #AustrianGP #5th #77

Tough race today with a problem with the brakes. Still got some points.. Testing here on Wed and then onto next one! http://t.co/VxMFEf4mij

Our review of the Austrian GP and another visit to the podium