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#10SeasonsTimeFlies – A fireman and an STR1, France 2006.
#TBT #throwbackthursday

From grandstands or sofas, while having breakfast or doing the ironing… our fans’ #STRwall best posts>>> http://win.gs/1JVmZUp

Dal Toro Rosso Social Club… tutta la passione dei nostri tifosi nei loro tweet e post live da divani, tribune, eventi, gare>>> http://win.gs/1J5oVJm

#MonacoGP – Carlos P10, Max DNF

Drivers’ reaction on http://win.gs/1cUR6OT
Le reazioni dei nostri piloti su http://win.gs/1HDlzyg

#MonacoGP Race Result:
Ros – Vet – Ham – Kvy – Ric – Rai – Per – But – Nas – CARLOS SAINZ P10.

#MonacoGP: Carlos to start the race from pit lane for not stopping at weighing bridge, Max from P9.

Our drivers’ quotes on http://win.gs/1AlRL6S
Le dichiarazioni dei nostri piloti su http://win.gs/1GvNPS7

#MonacoGP Qualifying
Ham – Ros – Vet – Ric – Kvy – Rai – Per – CARLOS SAINZ P8 – Mal – MAX VERSTAPPEN P10. #GOTOROROSSO

Full story on http://win.gs/1Q1ukRU – Leggi tutto su http://win.gs/1ekWeg2

After Free Practice 1&2, our drivers’ quotes on http://win.gs/1PYZ8mu

Dopo le prime due sessioni di Prove Libere, ecco cosa ne pensano Carlos e Max su http://win.gs/1ElVQTF

#MonacoGP – Free Practice 2
Ham – Ros – Vet – Rai – Kvy – CARLOS SAINZ P6 – MAX VERSTAPPEN P7 – Alo – Hul – Gro.

#MonacoGP – Free Practice 1
Ham – MAX VERSTAPPEN P2 – Ric – Vet – CARLOS SAINZ P5 – Mal – Kvy – Rai – Ros – Mas.

Ok, the Prince’s Palace is up there but… where are the pits? Max and Carlos’ first #MonacoGP adventure on http://win.gs/1Afg46F

D’accordo, il Palazzo dei Principi di Monaco è lassù in cima ma… dove sono i box? La prima avventura monegasca dei nostri ragazzi su http://win.gs/1EY5fRV

Q&A about #MonacoGP… and some other questions. Find out where they would send their teammate on holiday, or what they’d make them sing on a karaoke night…!

Monaco was not the best, hope Berlin will be better this weekend… Together we are stronger, so help me with your vote please. Give me #Fanboost ;)


Monaco n’a pas été au top, ça sera mieux à Berlin ce week-end j’espère. Ensemble nous sommes plus forts, alors donnez moi votre vote pour le Fanboost si vous le souhaitez. Merci ;)

#MonacoGP 2015 – Prixview
Carlos and Max quotes on http://win.gs/1Fm9g5S

Le attese dei nostri piloti su http://win.gs/1Ki8A62

#ToroRossoComics – #MonacoGP #F1 1/1
Work hard… Play hard! :P

Red Bull Soapbox Race, tomorrow in Valkenburg, Netherlands.
Max Verstpappen and his STR ZK1 are ready! Read more on http://win.gs/1E8RLSw

Max è pronto! Leggi tutto su http://win.gs/1A5Lwnu