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Peace does not have teams, only fans! Pirelli are proud to support the Match for Peace as its top sponsor. Draw a P on your hand, take a selfie and share it on Twitter and Instagram with #P4Peace! Join the many of us already cheering for Peace → http://bit.ly/P4Peace

#Summer Scorpion Verde: Finally a green performance tyre engineered specifically for your SUV. Rediscover the road!

Diego Maradona is just one of the legends taking part in the Match for Peace.
Join these great champions by taking a selfie with the P for Peace on your hand and share it on Instagram and Twitter with #P4Peace. http://bit.ly/P4Peace

Maserati owners take up the challenge! Beijing to Modena 12.000km in 35 days.
Would you accept the challenge?

FernandoAlonsoOficial, Kimi Raikkonen Official, Nico Rosberg and Sebastian Vettel, are only some of the F1 pilots who have signed the PZero Yellow soft Grand Prix tyre to be auctioned for charity. Proceeds will go to legendary F.C. Internazionale Milano captain Javier Zanetti’s Fondazione PUPI and the Scholas Occurrentes foundation.

He’s lifted the World Cup and proudly defends Italy’s goal. Gianluigi Buffon will be on the pitch on September 1st at the Olimpico during Match for Peace for an even greater cause: supporting Peace. Play your part and support Peace! Share your selfie with the #P4Peace hashtag!

A P on your hand to show your support for Peace. A simple gesture that counts more than a thousand words: all together, #P4Peace! Not only Carl Fogarty (Official) and Javier Zanetti, find out who’s already been supporting this great cause→ http://bit.ly/P4Peace

Roberto Baggio fan page – official will also be on the pitch to support Peace during MatchForPeace. An absolute star, on and off the pitch http://bit.ly/1BsVNaS #P4Peace

Supporting Peace and the culture of integration, thanks to football and entertainment. This is what Match for Peace aims at: join us with a simple selfie, with a P, for Peace, and share it with #P4Peace.

Find out who’s already shared theirs!

Messi, Buffon, Baggio and Zidane are just some of the great champions who will play their part on 1 September for the Match for Peace.
To support them in spirit, all you need is a P on your hand.
Take a selfie for peace with the tag #P4Peace!

A kiss from #TheCal 2015, enjoy your Summer!

A role model, on and off the pitch. Football legend Javier Zanetti is on the front line for Peace.
Stand with him, take a selfie and share it with #P4Peace! #4ever Match for Peace

It’s time to put away the laptop, take off the tie, and feel the wind in your hair.
Share a photo of the open road!

#TBT 1930, Bathing Caps.
Enjoy your summer!

For which car is this #PZero #ThePerfectFit?

A two wheeled legend for the Match for Peace: Carl Fogarty (Official).
Many great champions will take to the pitch, but all you need to take part is a P on your hand.
Together, #P4Peace

Prepping for #TheCal 2015

The #Summer rain can be both refreshing and worry some, especially if you’re on the road.
Eliminate the latter with Cinturato Blue.
Discover the tyre that grips the road regardless of the rain: http://goo.gl/4rDFwz

A picture of Steve McCurry – Official Page is always special, and this one has a great goal: support Peace!
Visit www.pirelli4peace.com to find out who has shown his face already.

Take a selfie and share it using the hashtag #P4Peace: a small gesture for a big purpose!