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Our Cinturato P7 blue received Top Marks across the board!
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Can you correctly guess the cars below with the #ThePerfectFit? Which one would you drive?

Today is #WorldBookDay!
We’re celebrating together with young readers, because it’s never too early to share your passion for reading! #IoLeggoPerché

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Ice-Skating with #ThePerfectFit.
What does the triple peak with the snowflake represent?
The 2015 Lamborghini Aventador Pirelli Edition at an exclusive event for the New York International Auto Show.

How do you unlock the full potential of the Bahrain International Circuit? #ThePerfectFit
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There’s nothing quite like the moment those lights change.
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#ThePerfectFit is when innovation meets the right people. #SupplierAwards

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#CoolTech: In collaboration with Dallara, we recently achieved a technological coup: a joint development test with driver, engineers and circuit located on three different continents. Discover how we’re constantly pushing the limits technology: bit.ly/GP2_simulator

Maserati and #ThePerfectFit at the NYIAS. Until next year!

Ready for an early spring drive #OnTheRoad? Is the car fully packed?
Riccardo Manzi, Pirelli tyre advert, 1951, Fondazione Pirelli