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What direction will your next vacation take? #OnTheRoad

#ThePerfectFit matches performance to luxury

Pirelli Calendar comes to life on the walls of Milan’s Palazzo Reale. Weaving the history of #TheCal through relationships, citations, and contrasts, forgetting all references to time.
Experience it before February 2015!

Scorpion Ice & Snow provide excellent grip for smooth handling no matter the surface, so get ready to tackle the #winter road this holiday season.

Not even a Pagani can escape winter, but at least with #ThePerfectFit you won’t have to worry about getting caught unprepared.

Stay Smart this #Winter! A worn down tread can make the difference in your drive as you head to the mountains this weekend!

#ThePerfectFit brings out all the potential of your #supercars, transforming a work of art into a Masterpiece.
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Visit Milan’s Palazzo Reale before February 2015 for “Form and Desire. The Cal – Pirelli Collection”, over 200 photos taken from Pirelli Calendars from inception to today.

Looking for stability and grip even on snow covered roads?
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James Bond 007 wears only tailor-made suits. So of course he’d choose nothing less for his newest ride. #ThePerfectFit

Check your tyres before you hit the #Winter Roads!
Ideal tyre pressure is key to getting the most out of your vehicle.
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“Form and Desire”, the exhibit opens with the section “The Charm of the World” with photographs aimed at guiding the observer between landscapes and expressions of the models.
#TheCal, with 200 of its famous shots, is viewable at Milan’s Palazzo Reale until February 2015. http://www.mostrathecalpirelli.it/the-exhibit/?lang=en

Porsche premiers their 911 Carrera GTS, a masterful mix of elegance and speed, and P Zeros to put all that power in the ground. #ThePerfectFit.

Porsche at the LA Auto Show 2014
Porsche presents three novelties at this year’s LA Auto Show…
#ThePerfectFit: Lamborghini Aventador + P Zero: Design, Innovation and Performance all in one.

Enjoy the mystery of where the road may bring you!
Have you fitted your winter tyres?

Three important influencers and their followers lived a unique experience discovering the 2015 edition of the legendary Pirelli Calendar and much more!
Relive #TheCalExperience together with Xenia Tchoumitcheva, Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist and Silvio De Rossi of Leonardo.it

Pirelli Calendar – #TheCalExperience: a full immersion
Relive with our guests their discovery of their 2015 Pirelli Calendar experience…