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How old social media are? #ThePirelliPost Connecticut College

When is the best time to hit the road for a weekend getaway? #OnTheRoad

The ‘80s and new consumer habits for Italians: home appliances, cars, entertainment. Do you have any photos of items from back then? Send them to us and tell your story, you’ll receive an exclusive print from the Historical Archive of the Fondazione Pirelli #ThePirelliPost #Princeton

The road to perfection is long, but just how long does it take us to create the perfect homologation? Tell us in the comments below. #ThePerfectFit

Chaos represents a kind of order that we cannot see, do you agree?
#World, The WorldWide Magazine of Pirelli Group http://www.pirelli.com/corporate/en/media/house-organs/default.html

Looking for innovation, stability and high performance for your #SUV?
Scorpion Verde, an “exemplary” tyre, that provides it all.

At the turn of the millennium Italy opened itself to diverse cultures making multi-ethnicity a reality. In 2005 PZero Moda launched a new campaign with the ‘Black Panther,’ do you recall who the model with her was? #ThePirelliPost #Princeton

50 Professionals from 6 nations drove over 3 million Km safely and with reduced fuel costs. Discover the advantages of the new #Carrier

Beautiful weather brings with it the desire to plan new trips. Which roads will see you as protagonist? #OnTheRoad

#60s, huge social reforms and the emancipation of women: Working mom becomes a reality. Do you have any photos from back then? Send them to us http://thepost.pirelli.com/en/your_story/index.do and become protagonist with #ThePirelliPost #Princeton #stories

Discover our made-to-measure technology. What’s your #ThePerfectFit ?

Pirelli’s made-to-measure technology at the 84th Geneva Motor Show
Pirelli celebrated a record number of homologations for the P Zero tyre in Geneva and the Cinturato P7 also hit the headlines…
From the Belgian Congo to Milan with a Chevrolet? Yes, on Stella Bianca anything’s possible. Do you know when this event occurred? #ThisIsOurStory #TBT #ThePirelliPost

With the 2012 Annual Report “Imagining The Future With You”, Pirelli won the PR News’ CSR Award. The award reflects the new standards of excellence in communication projects. #AnnualReport

Your Values Our Video.
We wanted to share with you the video that outlines our initiative Imagining the Future with…
Attention to the environment or high performance, which do you consider more important? #Cinturato P7 combines both aspects, discover how:

‘It is bad design that causes chaos, from its most common forms to its most dramatic ones’. Don Norman talking about order and chaos on #World, The WorldWide Magazine of the Pirelli Group. Do you agree? http://www.pirelli.com/corporate/en/media/house-organs/default.html

#Cinturato P1 Verde, the Summer tyre made with eco-compatible materials for improved driving comfort. How important is being ‘green’ to you?

#90s, Pirelli renews their advertising campaigns. Which Ambassador do you remember best? #ThePirelliPost #Princeton #Stories

The most powerful cars choose Pirelli for a driving experience without equal. Tell us one of your most memorable times behind the wheel!

2014 Geneva Motor Show by Pirelli: Choose The Right Tyres
Only the most powerful cars can give you a pure driving experience…
How can one explain to young people today the ‘Years of Terrorism’ in Italy?
‘It is not just an educational and historical duty, but also an ethical, civic and political obligation.’ Gianni #Riotta
#ThePirelliPost #Princeton #Stories

Even #F1 succumbs to the noise revolution. Discover how we are setting the standard with PNCS:

Silence…The tyres are passing by | P ZERO MAGAZINE
An acronym which is certain to become a point of reference in this area is PNCS, which stands for� Pirelli Noise Cancelling System These are the words that appear on the side of the P Zero tyres that ?shod? the new Audi RS6 and RS7 as standard equipment…