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Our biggest challenge of the year: Spa 24 hours. We’ve prepared 9000 P Zero tyres for 61 cars of varying makes and models, so that they’ll be able to compete under any conditions the circuit may throw at them.
Discover all the details of this incredible endeavor: http://www.pirelli.com/tyre/ww/en/news/2014/07/23/spa-24-hours-pirelli’s-biggest-event-of-the-year/

Before leaving it’s important to check your tyre wear, just in case you meet summer showers #OnTheRoad

Rims this chic deserve nothing less than #ThePerfectFit
Wish you could test out an Alfa 4C?

Alfa Romeo @ SBK World Championship in Laguna Seca
Alfa Romeo 4C @ SBK Superbike World Championship in Laguna Seca! It’s time to race! Who will win? #SBK…
18-inch or 13-inch? The benefits of the first seem to only be weighed against the esthetics of the second. Leave a comment with your opinion.

F1 Cars May Soon Get Bigger Rims to Benefit … Consumers? | Autopia | WIRED
The real reason for the possible change is that working with tires that are similar to those on road cars will make it easier for Pirelli to take technology it develops for F1 and deliver it to customers…
Don’t know what kind of roads you’ll face during your holiday? The key is being adaptable! #Summer

#OnTheRoad: verifying your tyre pressure and wear will keep you travelling safely throughout the summer.
Have any tips you’d like to share, let us know in the comments below:

Optimal handling and braking performance whether you’re driving in the sun or in the rain. #Summer
Rediscover the joy of the road!

Books, anthologies, collections: #TheCal is a true cult object.

#OnTheRoad Before departure: Did you check the tyre pressure?
Tyre Pressure should be checked based on the indications by the manufacturer and usage. It’s good to check the pressure when the tyre is cold.

Pagani journeys across the pond with #ThePerfectFit
Think they flew aisle or window?
Pagani Automobili landed in North America
Pagani Automobili begins a new journey in North America…
You wouldn’t wear worn out shoes, so why would you drive on worn out tyres?

#OlharDoCristo A live bird’s eye view from atop one of Rio’s most incredible monuments!

The gaze of Christ
Pirelli has restored the Christ the Redeemer monument…
It takes an pro to show the capabilities of an Alfa with #ThePerfectFit

Alfa Romeo 4C Candid Camera
Girls like velocity! Look at the funny joke made to Eugene Laverty’s girlfriend…
Italy’s Polizia di Stato stopped by Vizzola to share some tips on travelling safely. Can you guess which situations we simulated yesterday?

Join us as we celebrate our 85 years in Brazil with the completed renovations of Rio de Janeiro’s Christ The Redeemer!
The event will be streamed live soon.
Make sure to watch!

In which edition was #TheCal first set in Asia?

A quick tour of Pirelli’s R&D reveals the depth of our dedication to creating #ThePerfectFit. Discover just a few of the tools used to guarantee top performance.

#ThePerfectFit The Bentley GT3-R blurs line between race and road.
Where do you think she looks more at home?
In how many editions of #TheCal has Naomi Campbell lent her figure?

The newest concept proposed for Formula 1 would bring professional competitive tyres closer to road tyres. Bringing all the benefits of F1 to your next set of tyres. Discover how Formula 1 could be:
New 18-Inch tyre concept
Pirelli is introducing a new 18-inch tyre design concept to showcase the way that Formula One could look in the near future…