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“The street is my canvas.” Marina Zumi shares her passion and love for Street Art, which led her from Brazil to Italy to create a unique piece of art for Pirelli’s Annual Report. #TakePArt

Volkswagen Passat is the Car of the Year at Geneva International Motor Show, wearing Cinturato P7 with Seal Inside Technology!

#TBT Our Stand at the Geneva International Motor Show in 1954.
We’ve made some changes since then. #ThisIsOurStory
Come visit us at the 85th edition this March!

Discover why top SUVs choose Scorpion Verde. #ThePerfectFit

The best supercars at Geneva International Motor Show wear Pirelli, which car is this? #ThePerfectFit

The street is both a source of inspiration and a means of expression for Marina Zumi, Dome and Alexey Luka. Starting from their personal points of view the three artists transformed their own unique interpretations of the tyre into #StreetArt, which will bring to life the communication project of the 2014 #AnnualReport #TakePArt

Shape your freedom off- and on-road, Scorpion Verde All Season is the ideal choice for Crossovers and SUVs. #AllSeason

We have a record 1846 homologations across the world!
With 266 added in 2014! #ThePerfectFit
Visit us at the Geneva International Motor Show and discover which of your favourite cars chose to improve their drive!

Car of The Year 2015 Geneva International Motor Show: and the winner is… Volkswagen Passat.
Equipped with Seal Inside Technology! #CoolTech #ThePerfectFit

Another chapter of the now-legendary collaboration between Lamborghini and Pirelli will be shown in Geneva #ThePerfectFit

The challenge is coming…
Dome uses pen, India ink and acrylic to give life to his works of #StreetArt inviting the viewer to explore thoughts and emotions aroused by surreal images. His work, as well as those of Alexey Luka and Marina Zumi is on exhibit at the HangarBicocca. #TakePArt

Alexey Luka is inspired by the interaction with urban architecture, into which he inserts his works of #StreetArt dominated by coloured lines and curves. On exhibit at @HangarBicocca for the 2014 #AnnualReport

Her graffiti are pervaded by elegant magic, creating an oasis of tranquility in city’s traffic. Marina Zumi with Dome and Alexey Luka created their latest works for the 2014 #AnnualReport, viewable until Febuary 28th at HangarBicocca

This is one way to make use of a Lamborghini Huracan that is fitted with P Zero tyres

Watch a guy snowboard behind a Lamborghini Huracan
There are chairlifts, gondolas, rope lines, t-bars, and now this…
We travel on it each day without giving it a second thought, never asking ourselves what is the street? Renown artists Marina Zumi, Dome and Alexey Luka share their own answers in time for the 2014 #AnnualReport, transforming our tyre into #StreetArt. #TakePArt

The calendar might change, but the #ThePerfectFit remains a constant.

Ford Mustang
Here’s how we celebrate the Year of the Horse…
Andrea Dovizioso gave #ThePerfectFit a spin in the Lambo Huracan LP 620-2 Super Trofeo

All the pieces are falling into place and the #Pirelli project is rolling into the next stage. #TakePArt Marina Zumi, Dome and Alexey Luka Le Grand Jeu #AnnualReport