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Which card would you pick for #ThePerfectFit ?

A beautiful sunset, a bold Pagani Huayra and a set of powerful PZeros, isn’t that #ThePerfectFit ?

P Zero Rosso, the best for high-powered sports performance, with both asymmetric and directional tread patterns.
Ask where you can get yours:

After a long week it’s time to let off some stress. Where do you drive to when you need to take a break? #OnTheRoad bit.ly/P_Zero

Explore Nature with an eco-tyre engineered to challenge the road less travelled! bit.ly/ScorpionVerde_gl

Our P Zero adds so much grip you need a helicopter to keep pace. bit.ly/P_Zero

The iconic #PirelliCalendar goes to New York. Stay tuned!

The summer drives never end with improved fuel efficiency.
Discover how Cinturato P7 enhances your drive.

Pagani Zonda Revolucion & P Zero Corsa: performance, technology or art? What do you think?
bit.ly/PZeroCorsa #ThePerfectFit

With bit.ly/P_Zero #SkyGrip there’s no limit to what you can explore.

A shot of coffee is works, but nothing’s quite as stimulating as a drive with #ThePerfectFit

When Performance matters, there’s only 1 choice: #ThePerfectFit

Don’t let the road determine your destination.
Explore the world beyond the asphalt with bit.ly/Scorpion_ATR

You don’t need to be a Bond villian to enjoy the intimidating stare of McLaren’s latest creation, but if you interested in world domination best to start with perfect control of the road. bit.ly/P_Zero

We use the circuit as the ultimate testing ground, because only under the toughest conditions can we achieve the next level of performance. #Race2Road
Bring the Performance of the track to the road: bit.ly/P_Zero