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The Fondazione Pirelli promotes and communicates the knowledge of the historical, cultural and contemporary heritage of the Pirelli Group, by way of guardianship and development of the Historical Archive, and through the projects and initiatives which aim to spread the corporate culture of Pirelli.
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AUTO BILD Sportscar just named #Winter Sottozero3 the “King of Winter”
Discover where the Winter Sottozero3 reigns: http://bit.ly/WinterKing

Lamborghini Accademia & #ThePerfectFit: A driving experience you’ll never forget.

Audi A3 is ready to get wet with tailor-made Cinturato P7 Blues #ThePerfectFit
Learn how we can improve your autumn drive: http://bit.ly/BlueDetails

R&D Pirelli: 11 locations, 1400 engineers and partnerships with the biggest car manufacturers. All to bring you #ThePerfectFit

#CoolTech: Pirelli’s R&D Department
A quick tour of Pirelli’s R&D reveals the depth of our dedication to creating #ThePerfectFit…
Jenson Button on Road Safety, Power is nothing without control!

Did you know that winter tyres improve your stopping distance by 20%?
Stay Safe, Stay Smart, Be Ready: http://bit.ly/WinterSmart

Riding on #ThePerfectFit the McLaren 650S soaks up the autumn sun of France’s Bordeaux vineyards.
Where does the autumn road take you?
McLaren 650S in Bordeaux
#Winter treads are designed to combat snowy roads. Make sure you’re ready.

#CyberTyre: the age of intelligent cars is no longer science-fiction. Here are the new frontiers: World, Pirelli WorldWide Magazine

World, New Frontiers
Pirelli Worldwide Magazine, n 67 october 2014…
Q By AstonMartin dives new meaning to “dark” with its latest creation.
The intensity of the black designed is of course matched with P Zeros to put the power to the ground. #ThePerfectFit!

#ThePerfectFit: Mercedes C Class achieves greater energy efficiency with homologated Cinturato P7.
Discover all the benefits http://bit.ly/P7inDetail

Learn to recognize savings.
Improved Rolling Resistance = Better Fuel Economy.
Discover how you can improve your drive #OnTheRoad: http://bit.ly/WinterTyreCatalogue

#DiscoverPirelli: HangarBicocca was established in 2004 with the mission to produce & promote contemporary art. Browse the gallery and discover the world inside the HangarBiccoca.

The best cars at #MondialAuto wear Pirelli, this is #ThePerfectFit! Which is your favourite car?
Experience Pirelli at the 2014 Mondial de l’Automobile Paris…
Ever notice a Star on the side of some of our tyres?
It means that tyre is homogolated to a specific BMW. A symbol that awarded us the “BMW Innovation Award”
Discover more on what it means to have #ThePerfectFit

“Winter is coming” holds no meaning to a Volkswagen Passat with homogolated Winter Sottozero 3

BMW recognizes our capacity and commitment to innovate with their BMW Innovation Award.
Highlighting our role as a key supplier of high quality technological products. #CoolTech