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R&D Pirelli: 11 locations, 1400 engineers and partnerships with the biggest car manufacturers. All to bring you #ThePerfectFit

#CoolTech: Pirelli’s R&D Department
A quick tour of Pirelli’s R&D reveals the depth of our dedication to creating #ThePerfectFit…
Jenson Button on Road Safety, Power is nothing without control!

Did you know that winter tyres improve your stopping distance by 20%?
Stay Safe, Stay Smart, Be Ready: http://bit.ly/WinterSmart

Riding on #ThePerfectFit the McLaren 650S soaks up the autumn sun of France’s Bordeaux vineyards.
Where does the autumn road take you?
McLaren 650S in Bordeaux
#Winter treads are designed to combat snowy roads. Make sure you’re ready.

#CyberTyre: the age of intelligent cars is no longer science-fiction. Here are the new frontiers: World, Pirelli WorldWide Magazine

World, New Frontiers
Pirelli Worldwide Magazine, n 67 october 2014…
Q By AstonMartin dives new meaning to “dark” with its latest creation.
The intensity of the black designed is of course matched with P Zeros to put the power to the ground. #ThePerfectFit!

#ThePerfectFit: Mercedes C Class achieves greater energy efficiency with homologated Cinturato P7.
Discover all the benefits http://bit.ly/P7inDetail

Learn to recognize savings.
Improved Rolling Resistance = Better Fuel Economy.
Discover how you can improve your drive #OnTheRoad: http://bit.ly/WinterTyreCatalogue

#DiscoverPirelli: HangarBicocca was established in 2004 with the mission to produce & promote contemporary art. Browse the gallery and discover the world inside the HangarBiccoca.

The best cars at #MondialAuto wear Pirelli, this is #ThePerfectFit! Which is your favourite car?
Experience Pirelli at the 2014 Mondial de l’Automobile Paris…
Ever notice a Star on the side of some of our tyres?
It means that tyre is homogolated to a specific BMW. A symbol that awarded us the “BMW Innovation Award”
Discover more on what it means to have #ThePerfectFit

“Winter is coming” holds no meaning to a Volkswagen Passat with homogolated Winter Sottozero 3

BMW recognizes our capacity and commitment to innovate with their BMW Innovation Award.
Highlighting our role as a key supplier of high quality technological products. #CoolTech

Here are some of the cars at #MondialAuto, which is your favourite #ThePerfectFit ?

#MondialAuto: The new XC90 and Pirelli Scorpion Verde: #ThePerfectFit

We’re on the ground at #MondialAuto with the #AllNewXC90…
Make sure you have your snowshoes ready, the ones for your car that is. #Winter collection

The Volkswagen Passat achieves #ThePerfectFit.
Discover the benefits of Cinturato P7!

#ThePerfectFit: Ever see a McLaren GT3 in the wild? Definitely more Predator than Prey.