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Hands up if you agree Charlie should wear parachute pants for ‘the discussion’ ;) #SaveOurHAMmertime #QuoteOfTheDay

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I’m feeling very Olympic today, how about you? (Sanka from cool runnings) haha #letsgo #sankahttp://instagram.com/p/tKHLaHr08b/

#TopShots from the opening practice sessions at the Singapore GP Official Page! Get the full lowdown on today’s #SingaporeGP #F1 action, including quotes from Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg, right here -> http://f1.benz.me/fI03Ar/

#TopShots vom Auftakt-Training beim Singapur GP! Hier erhältst du die geballte Ladung der heutigen F1-Action. Darunter Aussagen von Lewis Hamilton und Nico Rosberg. Gleich lesen: http://f1.benz.me/AvfsR4/

Nico looks very quick, as do the Ferraris and the Red Bulls, but I’m feeling good this weekend and I’m focused on the job #SingaporeGP #TeamLH @mercedesamgf1http://instagram.com/p/tIo8XQL00F/

#letsdothis #SingaporeGP #TeamLH @mercedesamgf1http://instagram.com/p/tIpFFMr00S/

#SingaporeGP #TeamLH @mercedesamgf1 – photos by Steve Etheringtonhttp://instagram.com/p/tIpBnLL00N/

Today was a work in progress. We made some changes between P1 and P2 and, whether it was those changes or the track itself, the balance didn’t feel right. It felt like we lost a bit of performance but we’ll look into the details and see what it was tonight.

The long run was okay – I had a bit of traffic which wasn’t ideal, as when you back off to rebuild the gap the tyres come back to you a bit which may not give an accurate picture of exactly how long they will last.

Pole here has always been very important. The right side of the grid, for example, always seems to get the better starts. Being up at the front will be crucial and that’s obviously my target for qualifying tomorrow.

Nico looks very quick, as do the Ferraris and the Red Bulls, but I’m feeling good this weekend and I’m focused on the job.


Wie lautet eure Überschrift über das Bild? So what is your headline?
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Lewis Hamilton tops the times in #FP2 here at the Singapore GP Official Page! Red flags hamper Nico Rosberg’s flying run to see him end the session in P13. Full report to follow… #StayTuned! #F1 #SingaporeGP

It’s closer than close in #FP1 here at the Singapore GP Official Page!

Lewis Hamilton P2 (1:49.178, 23 laps)
Nico Rosberg P3 (1:49.205, 24 laps)

The #SingaporeGP #F1 action resumes in two hours time… #StayTuned!

30mins to #FP1 action here at the Singapore GP Official Page! How about a word from our boys to kick off the #F1 action?

“A lot rests on these races – I want that second title so much – but over time, you just learn to handle what comes at you.”
Lewis Hamilton talks to BBC Sport -> http://f1.mb4.me/zomMel/

“This is an awesome battle to be a part of – that’s the reason why I am in #F1″
Nico Rosberg talks to Daily Mail Sport -> http://f1.benz.me/2l1CC0/

OFFICIAL: #TeamRadio for car performance, #RadioSilence for driver coaching – just as our #BestFans recommended last week! Check out the full directive on the Official #F1 website -> http://f1.benz.me/tWbeM4/ #SaveOurHAMmertime ;)

The full gallery of #ExtraTopShots from today when Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg met the fans at the #SingaporeGP in Paragon Shopping Centre on behalf of Mercedes-Benz Singapore!

#TopShots from media day at the Singapore GP Official Page – featuring Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg and the Mercedes-Benz #F1 W05 Hybrid!

Really pumped for #SingaporeGP #letsdothis #TeamLH @mercedesamgf1http://instagram.com/p/tF2WjjL04O/

Great to meet some fans before the weekend starts! Thank you for all your support #SinagporeGP #TeamLHhttp://instagram.com/p/tF27iCr05d/