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“The Tifosi make an incredible atmosphere”
Nico Rosberg talks #ItalianGP here -> http://f1.benz.me/FxO4Ei/

“Die Tifosi sorgen für eine unglaubliche Atmosphäre”
Nico Rosberg zum #ItalianGP: http://f1.benz.me/RPPhQu/ #F1

This is why I love the #ItalianGP, #Monza, and what I aim to do this weekend…http://www.lewishamilton.com/post/monza-preview-2014/

“I won’t give up until the flag drops in Abu Dhabi”
Lewis Hamilton talks #ItalianGP here -> http://f1.benz.me/O1wZBH/

“Ich gebe nicht auf, bis die Flagge in Abu Dhabi fällt”
Lewis Hamilton über dens #ItalianGP: http://f1.benz.me/SoSQQI/ #F1

war ein super Tag heute beim Familien-Tag mit dem ganzen F1-Team in England. War super euch alle zu sehen! Witzig, der kleine Mann neben mir auf dem Bild scheint nicht so interessiert gewesen sein an einem Foto mit mir :) morgen simulator-Training

Great day today. Team family day in England. Great to see you all!
Little dude on the right seemed especially interested in the pic with me:)

As I was in my race suit for the last ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, I’ve gone for it again! Here goes part 2.

#fromthebottomtothetop #noflexhttp://instagram.com/p/sUjTudL0w1/

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Statement from Lewis Hamilton. #F1

Lewis Hamilton
Today we came together as a team and discussed our differences…
Today we came together as a team and discussed our differences.

Nico and I accept that we have both made mistakes and I feel it
would be wrong to point fingers and say which one is worse than the other.

What’s important is how we rise as a team from these situations. We win and we lose together and, as a team, we will emerge stronger.

There is a deep foundation that still exists for me and Nico to work from, in spite of our difficult times and differences.

We have the greatest team, the strongest group of individuals who have worked their hands to the bone to give us the best car you see us racing today.

It’s important that we never forget that and give them the results they deserve.

Today, Toto and Paddy told us clearly how we must race against each other from now on in a fair and respectful manner.

The fans want to see a clean fight until the end of the season and that’s what we want to give them.

It’s going to be a tough road from here but Championships have been won from much further back than I am now.

And I promise you that I will be giving everything and more to win this for my team, for my family and for my fans.

Statement from Nico Rosberg – in German and English. #F1

Nico Rosberg
In den Tagen seit dem Großen Preis von Belgien in Spa habe ich viel Zeit damit verbracht, um darüber nachzudenken, was während des Rennens geschehen ist…
In den Tagen seit dem Großen Preis von Belgien in Spa habe ich viel Zeit damit verbracht, um darüber nachzudenken, was während des Rennens geschehen ist. Dies habe ich auch mit dem Team besprochen.
Ich habe bereits mein Bedauern über den Zwischenfall zum Ausdruck gebracht. Nachdem ich mich heute mit Toto, Paddy und Lewis getroffen habe, möchte ich einen Schritt weitergehen und den Vorfall als eine Fehleinschätzung meinerseits bezeichnen.
Die oberste Regel unseres Teams lautet, dass wir nicht kollidieren. Aber genau das ist passiert.
Für diese Fehleinschätzung möchte ich mich beim Team und bei Lewis entschuldigen. Es tut mir auch leid für die Fans, die in Belgien um unseren Kampf um die Führung gebracht wurden.
Lewis und mir wurden klare Anweisungen gegeben, wie wir gegeneinander zu fahren haben.
Als Fahrer haben wir eine klare Verantwortung für das Team, die Fans unseres Sports, unsere Partner und Mercedes-Benz, sauberen Rennsport zu zeigen. Diese Verantwortung nehmen wir sehr ernst.
Ich freue mich darauf, die Saison mit einem harten, aber fairen Wettkampf auf und neben der Strecke abzuschließen, der bis zur letzten Runde der Saison in Abu Dhabi anhält.

In the days since the Belgian Grand Prix in Spa, I have spent a lot of time thinking about what happened during the race and discussing it with the team.
I have already expressed my regret about the incident but, after meeting with Toto, Paddy and Lewis today, I wish to go a step further and describe it as an error of judgement on my part.
The number one rule for us as team-mates is that we must not collide but that is exactly what happened.
For that error of judgement, I apologise to Lewis and the team. I also want to say sorry to the fans who were deprived of our battle for the lead in Belgium.
Lewis and I have been given clear instructions about how we race each other.
As drivers, we have a clear responsibility to the team, the fans of the sport, our partners and Mercedes-Benz to deliver clean racing. We take that responsibility very seriously.
I look forward to concluding the season with hard, fair competition on and off track right up to the final lap of the season in Abu Dhabi.


Toto Wolff, Paddy Lowe, Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton met today in the boardroom of MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS headquarters in Brackley to discuss the events of the #BelgianGP.

Click here to read more -> http://f1.benz.me/5NFZKf/ #F1


Toto Wolff, Paddy Lowe, Nico Rosberg und Lewis Hamilton trafen sich heute in der Vorstandsetage des MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Hauptsitzes in Brackley, um über die Geschehnisse des Großen Preises von Belgien zu sprechen.

Hier klicken, um mehr zu erfahren: http://f1.benz.me/uSSJ54/

Great to see the #TeamManagerThursday conversation still in full swing – thanks for getting involved! We’ve pulled together a host of comments – from the genius to the hilarious – on Storify to capture the wide range of opinions so far. Enjoy! #F1

#TeamManagerThursday (with images, tweets) · MercedesAMGF1
The best, the worst, the genius, the hilarious…
The people have spoken! 98% of you favour free racing, 2% team orders

Let’s take it one step further. To the 92% in favour of free racing, what sanctions would you impose on a driver who breaks the ‘no contact’ rule? To those who favour team orders, how would you employ them?

Would you suspend a driver for a race and not maximise constructors’ points? Perhaps you’d set the order at qualifying positions, the first corner, or the first pit stop?

Tell us what you think!

Wanna hear what a Zonda 760LH sounds like? #AMG

Time to put back on those 6kg I lost for this season since next year the weight limit goes up 10kg lol #blessedlife #godisthegreatesthttp://instagram.com/p/sPvE13L0zv/

Look closely & you can see the heavens! #skysthelimit #heavenisrealhttp://instagram.com/p/sPu_XXL0zs/

I always take time to count my blessings, there are so many amazing things that happen in life & have happened in my life. So I give thanks everyday for the days I’m given:) #godisthegreatest #lovelifehttp://instagram.com/p/sPui0tr0zI/

Cruising through Monaco tunnel in my Zonda 760LH!! #youcanthandlethis #zonda760LH #AMGhttp://instagram.com/p/sPXDMtL01M/

#zonda760LH #AMGhttp://instagram.com/p/sPXFVJr01P/