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Awesome Austin – Romain Grosjean and Pastor Maldonado talk us through Thursday at the #USGP: http://bit.ly/107lEGo

We’ve had a chat with Pastor and Romain ahead of tomorrow’s on-track action for the #USGP. Have a listen here:
Pastor: http://bit.ly/1tlDtO6
Romain: http://bit.ly/1wJKIya

2012 United States Grand Prix, Romain Grosjean, the #E20 & a helicopter looking epic at Circuit of The Americas.
#F1 #TBT #ThrowbackThursday

#F1 United States Austin GP Technical Analysis. October 31 November 2 2014

Race Date: 02 Nov 2014
Circuit Name: Circuit of The Americas
First Grand Prix: 2012
Number of Laps: 56
Circuit Length: 5.513 km
Race Distance: 308.405 km
Lap Record: 1:39.347 – S Vettel (2012)

Our take on Austin – Where cowboy hats and boots abound…: http://bit.ly/1rBn2aG

Howdy! How’s y’all doin’ on this fine mornin’?!

It’s 7am here in Austin but we couldn’t wait to share this pic of #MiniRomain & #MiniPastor. The Minis have got themselves a cowboy hat this week to get into the Texan spirit :-)

(Also… Forgive the poor Southern accent, it’s likely to happen a lot this week.)

Easy Rider – Romain Grosjean previews the 2014 #USGP and talks to us about his motorcycle…http://bit.ly/1v9tHuU #F1

Our #USGP factfile is here! Enjoy the PDF version: http://bit.ly/R17Factfile and the hi-res jpg: http://bit.ly/R17Factfilejpg

#Formula 1 America Austin Texas GP October 31 November 2 2014

Pastor por la mejora en Austin
Ante un trazado que en teoría debería favorecer el desempeño de los E22 por sus características, el equipo Lotus ya se encuentra en territorio Americano junto a sus pilotos Pastor Maldonado y Romain Grosjean, quienes verán este fin de semana por tercera ocasión el Circuito de Las Américas…
Hombre – Pastor Maldonado gets prepped for his trip to the Wild West: http://bit.ly/1pPLiX8

The Man Who Knows – Technical Director Nick Chester presses the reset button and powers up for Austin: http://bit.ly/ZQ7n14

And because we’re feeling generous today (no special reason why), here’s a bonus round with Franck, Giancarlo Fisichella AND Fernando Alonso from Australia 2005.
#TBT #ThrowbackThursday #F1

Rewind – A little look back at the 2013 United States Grand Prix: http://bit.ly/1sSyhiM

To celebrate Franck Montagny finally joining Twitter (@FranckMontagny), here’s a special #TBT:

2005 Testing in Jerez, Spain. Franck drives the Renault R25. #F1 #ThrowbackThursday

We caught up with Esteban Ocon after his successful test in the #E20 over the past two days. Here’s what he had to say: http://bit.ly/1wmTOl2

This week #MiniRomain and #MiniPastor are playing hide & seek (badly). Have a good look, can you spot them?

Also, no this ISN’T the new nose!

Shall we have a one-off #FlashbackFriday today? Since it’s his birthday, let’s enjoy this mega shot of the Kimster at the wheel of the E21 in 2013.

Dictionary Day – The A to Z of Lotus F1 Team social media lingo: http://bit.ly/DictionaryDay

Terminology plays a huge part in Formula 1, from words used to describe the very bespoke environment teams work in, all the way to the mysterious codes employed over team radio.

Lotus F1 Team has its own particular way of communicating, especially on social media, and to celebrate Dictionary Day, here are 26 of our favourite expressions: http://bit.ly/DictionaryDay