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The Man Who Knows – Technical Director Nick Chester presses the reset button and powers up for Austin: http://bit.ly/ZQ7n14

And because we’re feeling generous today (no special reason why), here’s a bonus round with Franck, Giancarlo Fisichella AND Fernando Alonso from Australia 2005.
#TBT #ThrowbackThursday #F1

Rewind – A little look back at the 2013 United States Grand Prix: http://bit.ly/1sSyhiM

To celebrate Franck Montagny finally joining Twitter (@FranckMontagny), here’s a special #TBT:

2005 Testing in Jerez, Spain. Franck drives the Renault R25. #F1 #ThrowbackThursday

We caught up with Esteban Ocon after his successful test in the #E20 over the past two days. Here’s what he had to say: http://bit.ly/1wmTOl2

This week #MiniRomain and #MiniPastor are playing hide & seek (badly). Have a good look, can you spot them?

Also, no this ISN’T the new nose!

Shall we have a one-off #FlashbackFriday today? Since it’s his birthday, let’s enjoy this mega shot of the Kimster at the wheel of the E21 in 2013.

Dictionary Day – The A to Z of Lotus F1 Team social media lingo: http://bit.ly/DictionaryDay

Terminology plays a huge part in Formula 1, from words used to describe the very bespoke environment teams work in, all the way to the mysterious codes employed over team radio.

Lotus F1 Team has its own particular way of communicating, especially on social media, and to celebrate Dictionary Day, here are 26 of our favourite expressions: http://bit.ly/DictionaryDay

We have a special #TBT today: 2014 Italian Grand Prix, the Lotus F1 Team crew carrying out a live pitstop on Romain Grosjean’s E22.
#ThrowbackThursday #F1

The silly season really is in full flow… Let’s add another layer, shall we? #MiniRomain & #MiniPastor to enter a #miniE23hybrid in 2015?

Eyes On The Prize – A Q&A with Formula 3 champion Esteban Ocon: http://bit.ly/1r2irOK

2014 F1 Russia Grand Prix #TeamGrosjean Lotus

Lotus completó la carrera con sus dos autos
En otra carrera de limitado rendimiento del E22, el piloto venezolano Pastor Maldonado batalló con la inestabilidad y la adherencia durante toda la competencia y llevó el auto a casa, tres casillas por delante de su lugar de partida, justo atrás de su compañero Romain Grosjean en el puesto dieci…

Nuevos problemas de motor truncan clasificación de pastor
Problemas eléctricos recurrentes en la unidad de potencia de su monoplaza, impidieron la normalidad de desempeño del venezolano Pastor Maldonado en la clasificación para el GP de Rusia, celebrada hoy en el Autódromo de Sochi, testigo de la séptima Pole Position de Lewis Hamilton en 2014…
Sochi Struggles – Hard times at the 2014 Russian Grand Prix http://bit.ly/ZVHGg7 #RussianGP

2014 F1 Russia Grand Prix #RomainGrosjean P17