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Creative gearbox. I think I know what all of you would choose!

One lap in Genk, this is so much fun! #Karting

Pitstop! Changing tires quickly, because we kept on going…

Will Stevens: “Today’s been another good day. I’ve definitely made the most of this test.” Read all about it, right here: http://www.caterhamf1.com/news/2014/2014-abu-dhabi-test,-day-2

Yesterday at Genk!! Good fun with @maxverstappen1 @emilevandoorn @michahorzelenbergnl

Who of you can guess the year and race of this photo? #TBT

A driver. A Christmas tree. A Ferrari. Merry Christmas and a spectacular 2015!

Greetings from Fiss.. Nice gym session this morning and now enjoying the sun! Tomorrow cross country ski #training #push

And be careful with firework!😉

My new office! What’s your favorite one? #Helmets

Will Stevens: “Today’s been a really good day, I’m very pleased with myself. We got through everything we needed to do and we completed more than 100 laps, which is excellent not only for me to get more mileage under my belt but also to show that the car is reliable. I feel very comfortable in the car now and I cannot wait to do it all over again tomorrow”

Read more at http://www.caterhamf1.com/news/2014/2014-abu-dhabi-test-day-1#R6IZ0bUoiU6ofUq5.99

We’re pleased to announce that Will Stevens will drive on both days of the official Formula 1 test in Abu Dhabi this week. Read all about it here: http://www.caterhamf1.com/news/2014/abu-dhabi-test-2014

Thanks for all your support this year, I wish I could tell you guys what’s going on but I’m feeling strong and I’m happy you’ve always supported me, that keeps me really motivated! I hope I can say something about the future soon…

My first Formula 3 qualy back in 2004, Hockenheim. Resulted in P3, not bad! ;) #TBT