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Thanks for all your support this year, I wish I could tell you guys what’s going on but I’m feeling strong and I’m happy you’ve always supported me, that keeps me really motivated! I hope I can say something about the future soon…

My first Formula 3 qualy back in 2004, Hockenheim. Resulted in P3, not bad! ;) #TBT

Will Stevens: “Today’s been another good day. I’ve definitely made the most of this test.” Read all about it, right here: http://www.caterhamf1.com/news/2014/2014-abu-dhabi-test,-day-2

Will Stevens: “Today’s been a really good day, I’m very pleased with myself. We got through everything we needed to do and we completed more than 100 laps, which is excellent not only for me to get more mileage under my belt but also to show that the car is reliable. I feel very comfortable in the car now and I cannot wait to do it all over again tomorrow”

Read more at http://www.caterhamf1.com/news/2014/2014-abu-dhabi-test-day-1#R6IZ0bUoiU6ofUq5.99

We’re pleased to announce that Will Stevens will drive on both days of the official Formula 1 test in Abu Dhabi this week. Read all about it here: http://www.caterhamf1.com/news/2014/abu-dhabi-test-2014

Read all about our Sunday in Abu Dhabi, where we raced thanks to you, right here:

Caterham F1 Team – Sunday in Abu Dhabi
Track temp 38�, air temp 28� � Kamui Kobayashi, car #10, chassis CT05-#02 : “It’s a real shame to finish the season with a retirement, but unfortunately this is what happened: I started to feel some strange vibration on the car and a couple of laps later it started to be un driveable, so the team de……
Friday in Abu Dhabi, we’re here racing thanks to you #RefuelCaterhamF1

Read all about our first day back racing, here:

Goosebumps. We’re all supporting you. #ForzaJules #F1 #RussianGP

Read all about our Saturday in Abu Dhabi, right here:

We are pleased to announce that Will Stevens will race alongside Kamui Kobayashi this weekend in Abu Dhabi

Read all about it here:

We are pleased to announce that Kamui Kobayashi will race for the Team in the season finale in Abu Dhabi next week #F1 #RefuelCaterhamF1

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We are delighted to announce that we will be racing in Abu Dhabi next week thanks to the support of the fans. THANK YOU

Finbarr O’Connell of Smith & Williamson, joint administrator of Caterham Sports Limited: “We set ourselves a major challenge, but it’s definitely been worth it! In only a week the fans have made the impossible, possible. We knew that the best way to keep this team alive and attract possible buyers was to show that it’s still a racing team and be in Abu Dhabi for the finale, and there aren’t enough words to say how grateful we are to all the fans that have made this possible.

“We now head to Abu Dhabi ready to show what a hard-working and positive group of people this is and to hopefully secure a future for the team. During the past few days the interest of many potential buyers has increased massively and by racing in Abu Dhabi the team will be showcasing itself as a live and functioning team that deserves to continue into 2015 and beyond. It has hard-working people, team spirit and experience and now it only needs a secure financial future which I’m very hopeful we can achieve. Once again, I’d like to reiterate that we are racing in Abu Dhabi thanks to all the fans out there – an achievement that will go down in F1 history and one that we can all be very proud of. We still need to raise a bit more cash so please do keep an eye on the Crowdcube website. Let’s go racing!”

@CaterhamF1: We just reached £1.18m, we’re half way to our £2.35 target. Every day closer to racing in Abu Dhabi thanks to you! https://t.co/dhe6pfGzs2

Get @CaterhamF1 to Abu Dhabi. #RefuelCaterhamF1 Get involved at : Crowdcube
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