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#TeamEG ¡Pongamos a prueba tu creatividad! Crea una pequeña historia de Esteban con los siguientes elementos: botas, pistola, caballo, serpiente y bar. Veamos cuál historia es la más original.

Let’s test your creativity! Create a little story about Esteban with the next elements: a pair of boots, a gun, a horse, a snake and a bar.

Thank you for having me BERETTA ! #BerettaPride

Valtteri Bottas: a day in Beretta
One of the most promising young talents of Formula1 came for a visit yesterday, and opted for a Beretta DT11…
This guy is fighting for his life against cancer, what a great example of fight with persistency and great attitude. I visited a clinic and it has been one of the best experiences I’ve had!

I’ve been lucky enough to meet children around the world whose lives are being saved by Unicef. But right now there are millions of children who are still in danger. That is why I’m joining UNICEF UK’s new Children in Danger campaign. You can too – please watch and share: http://bit.ly/1Dstnh4 no #ViolenceVaccine

A vaccine for violence
The world is a dangerous place for children…
Good Morning !! This week, intense program of training!! And like every day, thinking about my friend in Japan! #ForzaJules !!

Buenos días!! Esta semana toca preparación física a tope! Y como cada día, pensando en mi compañero en Japón! #ForzaJules !!

Fue una increíble experiencia visitar a niños que luchan en contra del cáncer, me quedé sorprendido y conmovido con la actitud tan positiva de cada uno de ellos!!

Visita de Esteban Gutiérrez (piloto de F1) a pacientes AMANEC
Queremos compartir con ustedes la agradable sorpresa que tuvieron ayer algunos de nuestros pacientes que se encontraban en tratamiento, pues tuvimos una visita de lujo!!

Esteban Gutiérrez, piloto mexicano de la Fórmula 1 nos alegró el día al visitar ayer a nuestros pacientes que recibían quimioterapia!! Estuvo conviviendo con ellos, dándoles ánimo, platicando y compartiendo experiencias y vivencias…

#TeamEG Siente la velocidad y la adrenalina junto con Esteban en el Circuito de las Américas. ¡Ya falta poco! #EG21

Feel the speed and adrenaline with Esteban at the Circuit of The Americas. Just a few more days! #F1

I don’t have to worry about nothing. I decide the date and time. Rajet Aeroservicios #AirServices #Commercial

A great day with Williams F1 Team and Thomson Reuters

#TeamEG El recorrido de esteban continúa en Texas. Sigue los pasos del piloto Mexicano y apóyalo en la siguiente carrera. #FollowMe #EG21

Esteban’s tour continues in Texas. Follow the steps of this Mexican driver and support him in the next race. #F1

Great interesting and impressive day today @BerettaItalia factory. Thank you #Beretta ! #happygunowner #BerettaPride http://t.co/QXfKvyOtci

Valtteri Bottas (@ValtteriBottas) posted a photo on Twitter
Get the whole picture – and other photos from Valtteri Bottas…
‘Thanks for all the positive comments and support.. As soon as I know anything about my future I will let you know…’ #JB22
“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”

-Jim Ryun.

250 SWB around Goodwood has just made me fall in love.
#Ferrari #Perfect

250 SWB at Goodwoood
#Ferrari #Perfect

This blew me away. Flying over Iceland the other day. Now it all makes sense 😯 http://t.co/rn17NXjCpi

Daniel Ricciardo (@danielricciardo) posted a photo on Twitter
Get the whole picture – and other photos from Daniel Ricciardo…
Who misses F1 action? Have a good week everybody!

¿Quién extraña la F1? ¡Que tengan una buena semana!

Looking forward to RACING again! #ROCBarbados

The Race Of Champions is to feature its first female competitor as Susie Wolff has signed up for ROC 2014 at the Bushy Park Circuit in Barbados on December 13-14.

Originally from Oban in Scotland, Wolff spent seven years racing in Germany’s DTM touring car series before taking over as development driver for the Williams F1 team in April 2012. She made her first Formula 1 race weekend appearances earlier this year, taking part in free practice sessions at Silverstone and Hockenheim.

Now Wolff has the chance to return to competitive racing as she takes on a line-up of driving greats from all over the world at ROC 2014.

“I’m so looking forward to racing again,” said Wolff. “I have a full-time job at Williams, which is great, but nothing can replace the adrenalin of racing and I can’t wait to get that back. So I’m proud to have been chosen to take part in the Race Of Champions and I’m looking forward to racing against some of the top-rated drivers in the world.”