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KAMUI TV Vol.70を配信しました。Rd.19 アブダビGP 土曜日ビデオコメントをどうぞご覧下さい。 by web team

KAMUI TV Vol.70 in up now. This is Kamui ‘s review video comments after saturday for 2014 F1 Rd.19 ABU DHABI GP. by web team

[YOUTUBE] http://youtu.be/WrFOs32Zj-s

Listen to Esteban comments after qualifying #AbuDhabiGP

#TeamEG Escucha los comentarios de Esteban antes de la carrera final en Abu Dhabi. #EG21

Listen to Esteban’s comments before the final race at Abu Dhabi. #F1

This is it guys. We win & lose together. Help capture this moment at www.teamlhmovie.com #WeCan #TeamLHmovie #AbuDhabiGP http://youtu.be/1CZNlncgkls

#TeamLHmovie Part 3 – Saturday. 1 day to go.
A series of mini-documentaries – by you, for you and about your experiences leading up to the big race this weekend…
#ForceCheco http://sergioperez.mx/gran-premio-de-abu-dhabi/

La forma en la que las llantas se están comportando es diferente a como lo habían hecho antes aquí en Abu Dhabi, por lo que tuvimos que reajustar nuestro plan conforme a lo observado, y esperamos que esto nos dé una ventaja el día de mañana.

The way the tyres are behaving here is quite different from the past in Abu Dhabi so we had to amend our set-up accordingly: we hope this will give us some advantage tomorrow.

- Checo


Reporte de Calificación – Gran Premio de Abu Dhabi
El piloto mexicano Sergio Pérez arrancará la última carrera de la temporada 2014 de la F1 desde la posición número 12…
Been a tough weekend with quite a few issues but we pulled out an ok result in qualifying to go P8, after the disqualification of the Redbulls we’re now up to P6, think we can have some fun from the 3rd row tomorrow 😉 bring it!!! #JB22
Felt right at home in #AbuDhabi all week with the overwhelming amount of UK support! #AbuDhabiGP #YasMarinaCircuithttp://instagram.com/p/vttUemr0-4/

The best fans! #TeamLH #AbuDhabiGP #UK #LetsGohttp://instagram.com/p/vtu6vur08t/

Last qualifying of the season and my last with Sauber… Now.. What comes next???

Happy with qualy today. Strung together some good laps. Although both Seb & I need to start from the back now.. Aint gonna be a boring one!

Nico Rosberg
Ich wünsche Nico Rosberg alles Gute für das letzte Rennen morgen und drücke die Daumen…
#AdrianSutil 2014 F1 Abu Dhabi GP #P15

You can’t keep a great team down!
#TeamSpirit #Marussia

#AbuDhabiGP #YasMarinaCircuit #SilverArrows @mercedesamgf1http://instagram.com/p/vti14Tr04d/

Tomorrow is when it counts! #AbuDhabiGP #AbuDhabi #YasMarinaCircuit #TeamLH @mercedesamgf1http://instagram.com/p/vtiamVr00e/

3. Aika ajoissa tänään. Lopetetaan kausi huomenna hyvällä tuloksella! #sisu #77

Starting 3rd for the final race. cool quali today! Lets finish the season strong! #WilliamsMartini… http://t.co/yjVnpRdn2r

valtteribottas’s photo on Instagram…
Abu Dhabi GP – Qualifying

Abu Dhabi GP – Qualifikation