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#TBT #TeamEG A través del tiempo los diseños de los trajes han mejorado para brindar más comodidad y resistencia a los pilotos.

Over time, the designs of racing suits have improved for comfort and resistance.

Auf dem Weg nach München zur BMW M4 DTM Präsentation morgen in der BMW Welt! A96 please be traffic free
Shooting con mis amigos de Roshfrans para un nuevo comercial. Estoy orgulloso de ser embajador de una empresa 100% mexicana. #ForceRoshfrans

Shooting with my friends of Roshfrans for a new TV comercial. I’m proud to be ambassador of a 100% Mexican company. #ForceRoshfrans

Sebastian & Daniel enter Pepe Jeans London secret facilities to put the new Team Collection to the test.

Watch the video and enter the secret facilities yourself here: http://win.gs/1jH6J8A

Four races into the 2014 #F1 season, get the view from the top with Toto Wolff, right here -> http://f1.benz.me/5DfvAa/


Die ersten vier Rennen der #F1 Saison 2014 sind vorbei. Hier verrät Toto Wolff seine Eindrücke: http://f1.benz.me/jYpcya/

#TeamEG Faltan 18 días para continuar con la competencia. ¡Espérala! #EG21

18 days left for the competition. Wait for it! #SpainGP

#TBT Past and Present: The work of Pirelli technicians is forever ongoing. Do you know when these photos were taken?

#TeamEG Faltan 18 días para continuar con la competencia. ¡Espérala! #EG21

18 days left forthe competition. Wait for it! #SpainGP

Meet: Simona De Silvestro, Sauber F1 Team affiliated driver (video in Swiss German, English captions, deutsche Untertitel). Simona about:
► her development programme and fitness training
► her seat-fit in the C31 and her upcoming first test
► differences between Indycar and F1
► the steering wheel and engine sound


Simona De Silvestro über:
► ihr Entwicklungsprogramm und Fitnesstraining
► ihre Sitzprobe im C31 und den anstehenden Test
► Untscheide zwischen Indycar und F1
► das Lenkrad und den Motorensound

Website: www.sauberf1team.com
Videos: www.youtube.com/sauberf1team

#F1 #SimonaDeSilvestro #SauberF1Team #Indycar #FormulaOne #Formula1

Simona De Silvestro – Uf Schwiizerdütsch! – Sauber F1 Team
Meet: Simona De Silvestro, Sauber F1 Team affiliated driver (in Swiss German, English captions, deutsche Untertitel)…
Thanks for all the questions, it was great fun! Sorry I couldn’t answer all of them. Looking forward to the next one!
Alright guys, the Q&A has started! Fire away!

#Cinturato: Walking on Water.
During the qualifying at the ChineseGP Valtteri Bottas reached 316kph in very wet conditions, thanks to Pirelli Cinturato Green. We apply this same technology in our road tyres, in particular the Cinturato P7 Blue.

Bruno Senna correrá na Mille Miglia ao lado de Brundle
Silverstone victory! @toyota_hybrid #roadtolemans

Rkc Racing Kart Cormeilles
Après la piste de 1000 M, voici la piste de 1200 M qui revêt ses plus belles couleurs pour mieux accueillir les 1ères 24H de la semaine prochaine…
In 7 days… #20years #legend