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The wheel of McLaren’s P1 GTR track special is based on the championship-winning MP4-23′s.http://t.co/LIcq3ynB4Z http://t.co/aBloQoWshP

Trying to explain the sorry mess that the Caterham #F1 Team is in: http://t.co/VR41j79Wm9 http://t.co/N241jB9Oxb

The boys came downstairs to turn this series around! @OyoSports @Royals #worldseries http://t.co/W978sUbZQF

Tomorrow morning’s backpage. Mario Balotelli blasted for shirt swap. Full story here: http://t.co/Y1DqXXyUdD http://t.co/puDK9JLiz8

Crew chief Jimmy Prock told JFR he was leaving at season’s end so Force told him to leave now http://t.co/GqpOKuZZ23 http://t.co/efDjKtvQbv

James Rodriguez provides sublime assist and dazzles against Liverpool http://t.co/EuRk4qxklK http://t.co/6lbHi79ueu

England can be frightening. Here’s the team I’d pick for the Autumn series. By @CliveWoodward http://t.co/nMjMbuXS4z http://t.co/09gsaju3p7

Liverpool 0-3 Real Madrid: Five things we learnt about Brendan Rodgers’ side. By @rjtreas http://t.co/qLqm4xL1RE http://t.co/EE5fzsBhSc

Yeah man, I’m always there :) so cool “@MSCWillWin: @luizrazia hey look you re in pole :D http://t.co/JRCrUlQZjj”

FULL STORY: Here’s how the Balotelli Pepe shirt-swap unfolded and the reaction to it http://t.co/Y1DqXXyUdD http://t.co/SOoPSmjYtK

.@McLaren sporting director Sam Michael to return to Australia: http://t.co/Dn5SKaiH6G #F1 http://t.co/rLkKb4pxPY

“We’ve got these discounted Dodge Vipers flying off the lot!!”http://t.co/dtTMMj228f http://t.co/zIlPU8uu2y

REPORT: This Cristiano Ronaldo face sums it up. The Galacticos outclass Rodgers’ side http://t.co/jhZuevBNNA http://t.co/7UBmOlZCTx

REPORT:@Podolski10 completes a remarkable comeback for Arsenal. By @draper_rob http://t.co/doxhhjsc6i http://t.co/o1gVqi0zK0

#V8SC: Major sponsors confirm @TeamDJR exit following its new merger with Penske: http://t.co/T21y0tRy1T http://t.co/eGn8erueOF

Ford has some gnar-gnar Mustangs headed to Vegas.http://t.co/xo7I4DemCV http://t.co/Tb9aXZCepd

Don’t really understand climate change? Watch this 6 minute video http://t.co/xuK8GoSbOF http://t.co/tI11WZkpix

.@Cristiano vs Raheem Sterling: Real Madrid’s star man gives masterclass. By @neilashton_ http://t.co/y3IVNiC8oE http://t.co/gcyGb7HTFf

Now we’re talking. Team equipment is starting to arrive. Here’s @ToroRossoSpy‘s. http://t.co/wxLiLv3OSL http://t.co/PvMBI1hro0

Üç Dönemin Hikayesi – I – http://t.co/w7Vam2Twt0 http://t.co/aiavtiXuxR

Here’s a round up of all the full-time Champions League scores http://t.co/dqyWopHaFV http://t.co/6Z7rJKHdSL

FULL-TIME! Anderlecht 1-2 Arsenal. Incredible turnaround. Wenger’s not sure what to make of it http://t.co/dqyWopHaFV http://t.co/SxoRfHOmgi

FULL-TIME! Liverpool 0-3 Real Madrid. The World class talent shines through at Anfield http://t.co/wUWoWhm0Dg

What will a car be in 2025? Our own Eddie Alterman and Eric Tingwall weigh in on @NPR.http://t.co/EhSU1I1VY7 http://t.co/HURKfpdRJ0

What will a car be in 2025? Our own Eddie Alterman and Eric Tingwall weigh in on NPR.http://t.co/EhSU1I1VY7 http://t.co/AESBpfv2bl

The Arsenal horror as Anderlecht scored… http://t.co/dqyWopHaFV http://t.co/LdALbfFMpG