I googled ‘HAM still rising’ and I got this. Now I’m hungry AND confused. http://t.co/B32rDzE7QL

Столь захватывающий момент с участием @alo_oficial и @AussieGrit на гонке в Спа! А вы помните это? #F1Sochi http://t.co/sCSnARUa4E

#BelgianGP here we come… Next stop France. #F1 http://t.co/AsfxvzgSgH

So breathtaking moment with @alo_oficial and @AussieGrit in Spa! Do you remember? #F1Sochi http://t.co/xw6j0eFIp6

“The aim is to recreate the best moments at every race from now” #LH44 talks #BelgianGP -> http://t.co/qiVn8RNqOT #F1 http://t.co/bvqE1EUPmP

Can it really be @TheBishF1 sporting new facial topiary? Oh yes indeed. #2014BelgianGP http://t.co/7UNG8DA6DC

Not at all weird. Looks a bit like a ransom note. http://t.co/87TpVF9KpN

A P on your hand to show your support for Peace. A gesture worth more than a thousand words: #P4Peace @matchforpeace http://t.co/3eghbeTf42

2012…Spa…remembering the 1st corner.Yes…I have one less world championship trophy, but I gained a live. Lucky http://t.co/0DGgvUJgQu

2012…Spa…acordarme de la 1a curva.Si…tengo un trofeo menos de campeón del mundo, pero gané una vida. Bien. http://t.co/7CZakdMhQb

Morning everyone! Don’t forget to enter our competition to win an Xbox One, you have until the end of tomorrow! http://t.co/GRCq9fZ4aU

Imagine this zooming up to your rear bumper: my transport this week, courtesy of @AlfaRomeoUK http://t.co/zXsyObckMQ

Good memories from SPA. Won there 2 years ago and finished 2nd last year, both times in @GP2_Official #ME9 http://t.co/Ub5pNCY1SZ

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#Fact Power of the sound system of Sochi Autodrom is 100 000 Watts! Make some noise! #F1Sochi http://t.co/tFwaiAYtZ5

#ROADTRIP!!!! Watch out Belgium – @MercedesAMGF1 are en route! :) Care to keep us company guys? #F1 http://t.co/sNbpy6Qed0

#Факт Мощность звуковой системы Сочи Автодрома составляет 100 000 Вт! #F1Sochi http://t.co/JEWEMNndkg

Khedira omitted from Real Madrid squad for Super Cup – so does that mean he’s off to Arsenal? http://t.co/7xVeyiSFsf http://t.co/VIRPAW63aA

Double points, extra races for final rounds? http://t.co/ES6zmYoyJQ #WSBK http://t.co/InxqaK42jq