Ford Taurus Super High Output–style is a go fo’ SHO’. [SLIDESHOW]http://t.co/IZ094LrzQz http://t.co/rKhHj2AKh2

Presenting the new Mercedes Maybach S600, for when you’re bored with the helicopter.http://t.co/L8sBsb4wqe http://t.co/kr12V4v94O

2014 Abu Dhabi GP Yarış Fotoğrafları – http://t.co/2hG3HlCbos http://t.co/EMrJWVc6QU

#COTA is honored to receive FIM’s Environmental Award for the 2014 @MotoGP #RBGPA. Here’s some numbers. #ridegreen http://t.co/Hd13Fg3uy0

Apparently some are confused over this, but Ricciardo did line up in front of Vettel at the start. #F1 #AbuDhabiGP http://t.co/Xv4VtCU48g

Come on @benjhunt you can do better than this…! http://t.co/tldw30WCWb

Buffalo’s Epic Snowstorm Couldn’t Stop This Man and His 560-hp ’81 911 Turbo—Until It Didhttp://t.co/1Kmtk6gaEj http://t.co/J92C09SMjw

Haha, well done LotusDon’t care what they say, you’ve still got itRT @Lotus_F1Team like to thank our partner @burn http://t.co/Xn8GqPTGPp

Fernando Alonso says it was tough to deal with the emotion of his final race at Ferrari http://t.co/2iGIMLGF0E http://t.co/W28liVlJd7

Limited-Edition @Audi R8 Competition Is the Fastest, Most-Powerful Audi Ever Builthttp://t.co/xOhRT2ajtd http://t.co/0TM7P9Umoa

2015 @VW Golf R SportWagen: A 296-hp, Long-Roofed Object of Lusthttp://t.co/2mf7cMcDBF http://t.co/rY8KtyWcmE
That’d look nice hanging on your wall. @MercedesAMGF1 http://t.co/AXo4hfnNPZ

We’ve done the number-crunching on Lewis Hamilton’s title-winning season. Check it out http://t.co/J66NRothKd #bbcf1 http://t.co/0AgwFSpNTM

Paul Gascoigne pictured looking healthy due to new exercise regime and diet http://t.co/h0aEijJC8X http://t.co/0LoMXmd6Y6

Raffaele Marciello Ferrari ile Testlere Katılacak – http://t.co/1pVMefhJ5c http://t.co/S0zS557GXo

The End…Hope you enjoyed F1 2014 as much as me and thank you for your company and lovely comments about SkyF1. http://t.co/OAELHvVvwA

The lovely Claire Williams made me a cocktail. I wanted an umbrella but there was only an old cork. Nice though :) ) http://t.co/RObd6lB20A

The 2016 Ford Explorer gets some major upgrades—price to stay the same.http://t.co/yxkcsScncM http://t.co/HhumJPm99r

Raikkonen: “Zor Bir Yarış Olacağını Biliyorduk” – http://t.co/VuKNN2EufE http://t.co/mthDNVlvG6
I didn’t know Lewis was a mayor? I like it! “@ScherzyHAM: OMG😍😍#2014F1WorldChampion @NicoleScherzy @LewisHamilton http://t.co/9vYKv314Hi