Mario Balotelli would say ‘f*** the police’ when they came calling, claims Sergio Aguero http://t.co/2U1km4uEmJ http://t.co/taGMQqcCh6

ITALIAN RACE “La vita è correre. Il resto è soltanto attesa” (Steve Mc Queen)Ultime riprese al #RacingWeekend 2 http://t.co/Pox8mEv4Ak

.@COTAFanFest kicks off in one week. See @joanjett, @WeAreDeLaSoul, @texastornados, and more for FREE dowtown. http://t.co/wGxCFN3GYv

Everton fans left shaken in Lille as riot police resort to using tear gas http://t.co/hVEeWcHyPW http://t.co/0cNKoTpCux

“@OBeoneobrien: Me Vicky and @suziperry comparing our on screen presence. I win by volume ..http://t.co/nAJltaBoEC” haha filming 4 @The_IMI

Somebody say something about a new Dodge Charger R/T Mopar concept??http://t.co/XUPxpdZhpv http://t.co/QFd0NYtdvO

Messi 10-2 Ronaldo – Our @MailSport reporters pick between the world’s two best players http://t.co/itZzzBQFKJ http://t.co/FM8MIcv2zP

On the box: Boxing on TV this weekend including Butler vs Garnica and Coyle vs Katsidis http://t.co/XNfXXvfeT8 http://t.co/aU74oLY3Qf

Introducing… the #F1 W06 Balloon Power! Happy Friday Everyone :) #FeelGoodFridays http://t.co/QSyOluYUWq

Congrats! One of our SIC merchandise winners detected! U can win too! Register @ our FB page. Contest ends 26 Oct. http://t.co/dmD2Wx3Tim

Love the Hobbit? Check out this new airline safety video http://t.co/eDFOSU1VF3 #airnzhobbit http://t.co/JTr5jmaYt2

Theo Walcott is back! And in the Arsenal squad to face Sunderland http://t.co/Sr36vJuZXf http://t.co/uPfUJiBxG4

Theo Walcott is back! And in the Arsenal squad to face Sunderland http://t.co/Sr36vJuZXf http://t.co/Eq9Un9mfSC http://t.co/M1CrXUWJBZ

Theo Walcott is back! And in the Arsenal squad to face Hull http://t.co/Sr36vJuZXf http://t.co/Eq9Un9mfSC

Loving Southern California. Reminds me of home http://t.co/V5NKAGocfm

Great to hear stories & memories of Sir Jack from the likes of @danielricciardo, Jackie Stewart & Sir Stirling Moss http://t.co/KXt9Sqp9qY

Cristiano Ronaldo goes back to black in traditional boots this weekend http://t.co/Fj7RIIzFVk http://t.co/lxlPVN2nmC

Steve Nash’s hall of fame career in doubt after Lakers guard suffers season-ending back injury http://t.co/qo3qxgiPxA http://t.co/psppEUXod4

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Filming at #MTC goes extraterrestrial. http://t.co/KAemqDiAon

Interview for #thepretender this afternoon. Speaking about my 2014 #f1 season and hopes#r8main @F1TotalOfficiel http://t.co/HCCMRkSoRi

David Brabham recalling father Sir Jack at a celebratory memorial in front of F1 greats at Silverstone http://t.co/MOMvxL2iNT

Meet Italian surfing prodigy @fioravantil. He’s had a good year so far: http://t.co/ZJ4wr3AzGb http://t.co/0uECCzDYL2

.@F1 gossip: A new race in Las Vegas, plus @danielricciardo‘s smile gets even bigger. http://t.co/gOvGIsprLq http://t.co/h4RJEtjWZn