World record breaking kitesurfing in Spain at the Virgin Kitesurfing Armada http://t.co/4hEf9FUiG6 @kitesurfarmada http://t.co/coRLXTO1vo

Andy Murray sees off Jo-Wilfried Tsonga for grand slam rematch with Novak Djokovic #USOpen http://t.co/LpsSlWuhPt http://t.co/IcwLDhLYU2

Wishing @WayneRooney the best of luck in his new role as England captain http://t.co/lbzL11GkT2 http://t.co/bBO7VS0b1B

Ron Dennis does have a fun side! He accepted @JensonButton‘s nomination for the Ice Bucket Challenge #F1 http://t.co/Rj1Azfg8fT

Alvaro Negredo draws in the crowds at the Mestalla as he is revealed as a Valencia player http://t.co/bwHyuXpu3b http://t.co/ENvUIKfgzG

ICYMI: The best action from Red Bull Cape Fear http://t.co/Gq7MD1JHK3 http://t.co/0720EVCkht

Fresh start for Fernando as AC Milan’s newest recruit is officially unveiled http://t.co/tqxYkcMG71 http://t.co/4lBrUfDxkb

‘Dave’ pens new five-year contract extension at Stamford Bridge #CFC http://t.co/JHIfNLLyAS http://t.co/3GdYpXlTFl

Paul Parker lays into Wayne Rooney following his performance at Burnley on Saturday #MUFC http://t.co/9jM4wlLF3A http://t.co/BkZYDG9nJK

Who said the Road to Rampage was going to be easy? http://t.co/0Qp6RhBX9e http://t.co/xCrfif6rPP
Home for the week @Redbullairrace Round 6 Fort Worth-Dallas 35C #heatison http://t.co/kkMCEwWKCX

Oman Air publishes photos of a top-secret @astonmartin it shipped, and Aston ain’t happy: http://t.co/0XvG9HEu4c http://t.co/Ev5cRUnKU9

Cricketer Yuvraj Singh beats Usain Bolt in a 100m race at an exhibition match in India http://t.co/pfVf9CNe1l http://t.co/K6AiNM2esb

Christian Pondella’s 5 Favorite Rampage Photos http://t.co/LNBpacfaLo http://t.co/8LXt6hbf6k

Donington Park 2015′te MotoGP Takvimine Dönüyor! – http://t.co/rBiqpoPAEv http://t.co/AOAasADiFo

Race of Champions Barbados’ta Yapılacak – http://t.co/dIKJMAWnPN http://t.co/ZjucZrc6kO

Honda: Mercedes Kadar Güçlü Başlayacağız – http://t.co/kZquhnvDk9 http://t.co/zBN2w5sJcP

American @ConorDaly22 loses GP2 ride…could he end up in #IndyCar next year? http://t.co/2c5aT1SeNT http://t.co/lno4jwR7WV

And here he is, @Arsenal fans. Your brand new striker Danny Welbeck all kitted up #afc http://t.co/DM7PWZLn1L http://t.co/Gf2wI4H7ro

Renault da Motor Gelişiminin Durdurulması Kararının Kaldırılması Fik … – http://t.co/RRZj4v4YzF http://t.co/ncJKT81skK

Cheeky @Burn got @Pastormaldo involved in their secret project too! Watch this space.. #FuelYourFire #StillTeasingYou http://t.co/CG4qmKEnGk

Piloting @Porsche’s 918 Spyder, Cayman and Boxster GTS at Laguna Seca. Yeaaaahhh!!http://t.co/JvUlrdDUxQ http://t.co/YCcFfL7PH1

Some of the world’s most passionate fans will be out in force at #Monza. Do you have any Tifosi fan snaps? Tweet us! http://t.co/K36Eg4pTM3

Quick McLaren brownie pit stop to celebrate our 51st birthday. #HappyBirthdayMcLaren #EyesOnThePrize http://t.co/rmFErdEscM

We are hiring! Crash Media Group is seeking a Commercial Manager – click for more details. http://t.co/woLrU2mJ0d http://t.co/RjKwSJ4YYu

Who leads the way in English players in starting XIs? It ain’t Man City. By @_Callumwilson http://t.co/IqNUMro5yk http://t.co/p0704IURsr