#AbuDhabiTest Day 2 – Max: Laps 49, Best time 1:45.222. Very positive morning so far. #Racing2theMax #GOTOROROSSO http://t.co/Zevj1dTEcY

No running yet – chasing a mischievous electrical fault. They call it testing for a reason… #McLarenHonda http://t.co/RNGrAahehD

Bottas’ın Menajeri Ferrari Ä°ddialarını Yalanladı – http://t.co/Y2trDSs4C1 http://t.co/fQUNVDFBFe

Smiths, McConnell step up to BSB with BMW http://t.co/2auXLMz4Db #BSB http://t.co/jxGIG3gfBM

Льюис #Хэмилтон: “Я еще не до конца осознал,что в прошлое воскресенье завоевал титул чемпиона” http://t.co/PGY6r1AlYu http://t.co/3D23fJDgN5

.@LewisHamilton: “Winning my second Formula 1 title on Sunday has definitely not sunk in yet”. http://t.co/epD5nmGe4i http://t.co/jh4obtAtJx

And here’s an @OconEsteban for anyone in Australia http://t.co/ImfDDlvzaA

Palmer’in Gözü Force India’da – http://t.co/IRhtcn4Mg8 http://t.co/RXgL2IURJm

For those not viewing their twitter output sideways, here’s that @OconEsteban pic with conventional orientation http://t.co/gHHhG9YzxF

Late nights, tikka masalas and lots of flying. The first days as a double #W05LDCHAMPION http://t.co/lC2Hpgnh7A #F1 http://t.co/s57BJfqLMA

Danimarka 2018 Yılında Formula 1 Takvimine Girebilir – http://t.co/vM2mlSNx2A http://t.co/kzBRXDNBK4

Honda will be ‘strong’ despite troubled start – Dennishttp://t.co/yjXGCYlWQs http://t.co/n14wWiIsah

.@LewisHamilton’s first 48 hours as a double #W05LDCHAMPION! What has he been up to? http://t.co/lC2Hpgnh7A #F1 http://t.co/5giY6QYUOo

With 34 laps on the board and fifth fastest time, @OconEsteban jumps out of the E22. Early lunch? http://t.co/0vIdMPbcXs

Honda: Rakiplerimiz Gibi Yavaş Başladık – http://t.co/9RVm5GXl2j http://t.co/VjnIn0nvlN

Education, education, education… & innovation http://t.co/apyFmTEOAC http://t.co/1Jjmw54DQM

Das ist Pascals Helm! Das Design hat er komplett selbst entworfen. Wirklich cool! #AbuDhabi #F1 http://t.co/5Xl0oWQhiM

Confirmed: Ten-time Grand Prix winner Gerhard Berger seen wearing Lotus T-Shirt @ymcofficial http://t.co/Qc2YTiWX96

Out of the car with 31 laps on the board, @OconEsteban offers some feedback to our man from @pirellisport http://t.co/2sI9HzXnvT

Got that ‘last day of school’ feeling. Final day of laps in the sun. @WillStevens_ doing mega http://t.co/ra18kGGl0J http://t.co/1K1iWAFLWB

La prova ufficiale che sono in Italia http://t.co/290EKfVutH

Raikkonen: Mattiacci Ä°yi Bir İş Yaptı – http://t.co/Ewj9PawX3S http://t.co/yYsNreaDYe

ICYMI; Five star Chelsea thrashed Schalke in Germany. Report by @Matt_Barlow_DM http://t.co/nLOPjUnrun http://t.co/HgryWQ7Fjh

MARTIN SAMUEL: Against all logic City take #UCL box seat. Perhaps, Dr Brian Cox can explain it http://t.co/m9VHlU5MK6 http://t.co/YE6FSRo0y3

The top 5 must-visit places in #Guangzhou, China u don’t wanna miss out on! Explore Guangzhou http://t.co/rm1FL2LlKb http://t.co/k0fcYZDi2d

Leal 2015′te Carlin’de Yarışacak – http://t.co/pp45oSNHse http://t.co/W2olxxVnCG

Arrivato landed now ..work http://t.co/BnofFNQaY4

Vettel’s Ferrari appearance ‘legally not ok’ admits Marko: http://t.co/qu4VVcBybf #F1 @ScuderiaFerrari http://t.co/RPpP9IBnj6