Halloween may just be the perfect night for the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat. Boo!!http://t.co/rcOU97O99q http://t.co/dhqk90qMOo

The good people at Toca tweaked a Hyundai Genesis into a twin-turbo 600-hp “Steel Phoenix.”http://t.co/Vs2GueMHAm http://t.co/zntT5gzrHO

Meanwhile, I’ll take two Boo! cakes please… #Halloween http://t.co/HNVhAFbQiR

The award for best paddock pumpkin goes to…. @WilliamsRacing! I really feel sorry for the little pumpkin #Halloween http://t.co/okoNLfvFdu
A happy Halloween to all our #BestFans! Enjoy this Fright-day night and stock up on treats! #FeelTheForce http://t.co/ZEOtiBMWIW

Have you seen the video for the 7th installment of Fast & Furious yet? [VIDEO]http://t.co/kV6Pg6Kf7n http://t.co/Fa0PiGs4yE

The Porsche 918′s engine weighs 309 pounds, about 220 fewer than a 911′s. #enginepornhttp://t.co/UxZf5sGYzp http://t.co/elwx4CxQeB

The Porsche 918′s engine weighs 309 pounds, about 220 fewer than a 911′s. #engineporn http://t.co/jCJnXdNCgI

The Porsche 918′s engine weighs 309 pounds, about 220 fewer than a Porsche 911′s. #enginepornhttp://t.co/VixRzdsedc http://t.co/1k8gqPnMUI

Work never ends over an #F1 weekend. We didn’t think #Halloween night would take the team here though! #ghoulish http://t.co/1LPDi9HBT9

Remember that time we raced a Ferrari 348ts against a GMC Syclone? #FBFhttp://t.co/YXTeDpQvj4 http://t.co/j1kXfmTvUI

Be careful what you wish for #F1#USGP #ABCF1 http://t.co/RwCHd9cWaR

With the Cayenne S E-hybrid, @Porsche managed to combine “fun,” “plug-in” & “SUV.” Seriously.http://t.co/dGaxj8XVyP http://t.co/bmEirDIi46

F1′s new ‘virtual safety car’ test was given a thumbs up by drivers. http://t.co/fVDf3QiWV4 http://t.co/CjQcijPeT8

“All eyes on the battle and we want to make it a great finale” Nico for @MailSport -> http://t.co/fyAjfv38yC #F1 http://t.co/VGH8Dx52HQ

Saturday’s #backpage tonight: Van Gaal stalks City and Balotelli’s firework damage is revealed! http://t.co/lHZecjfmwt

Paul and the centerpiece. It’s a #shellvpower thing. @PaulF1B #F1BGP http://t.co/4cG1J5DJYp

The C8 Corvette will have his name on it. #FBFhttp://t.co/iUPwhNKDLn http://t.co/qoUFkDHJxf

What’s a $264,895 Porsche Panamera look like? Let us show you.http://t.co/ZLfvhnuSA1 http://t.co/PeQv7aajB5

Marouane Fellaini could prove the key for Manchester United away at rivals City http://t.co/RBzRKtJcBC http://t.co/VpLKzCeZ9H

Rodeo Runs – Plenty of laps and data on first day of running in Austin: http://t.co/ogv5RkDSRJ #USGP http://t.co/KTzQUjBtcb

With the @WSJ and @martiniwines in Austin today. ☀️ http://t.co/Im96mi0Uak

#FerrariUSAGP Y aquí el ganador, felicidades al equipo Lotus F1 Team. http://t.co/ObIQG895XW

Happy Halloween from #COTA and Darth Nico. See all you ghouls and goblins tomorrow for Day 2 of the 2014 #USGP. http://t.co/kUAM7lI4SO