#CroftyBlog @CroftyF1 talks Malaysian Grand Prix & filling gaps when rain delays racing: http://t.co/TgY7JRoWvT #F1 http://t.co/iEMReottOR

F1Monaco : La confiance d’Honda en hausse – http://t.co/l7pFfTqCq3 http://t.co/ztUGnB1Zl8

The weekend showed some fantastic racing, both on 2 and 4 wheels. Here are our highlights! http://t.co/OdGimADtc2 http://t.co/PwTp6sHnIE

Stoneman tops afternoon session as Vaxiviere remains quickest http://t.co/pMEZWfkAkX #FR3.5 http://t.co/NkkhaKpfbn

Ever wondered what ex-Ferrari F1 team boss Stefano Domenicali is doing right now?http://t.co/hqcmi6meoT http://t.co/vVXxBA9TJT

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With Hamilton’s new contract imminent, Wolff says it won’t be at odds with Merc pay structure http://t.co/QoBrfr3czy http://t.co/hFAx9Gnr7a

From the #MalaysiaGP fans in the stands to your messages on the #RBwall, this one’s for you. http://t.co/YJT6M5Igki http://t.co/x46wrRZMRi

Super windy here in the Cotswolds. A bit gusty at Silverstone too.. http://t.co/2XgB9lYURA http://t.co/Kinecy4GS3

NASA is testing renewable jet fuel, thanks to Gevo’s alcohol to jet fuel: http://t.co/TiD5E8HSQE http://t.co/DqmIc9PApX

Aragon – Official pre-season test [Tuesday PM] http://t.co/L44VWIVEve #FR3.5 http://t.co/ipCU5y5XfU

Seriously… WOW! “@MercedesBenzCDN: The miniature @MercedesBenz world of Stephen Garcon http://t.co/1Zab1cL0gr http://t.co/g44U7Mnm9H

Dani Alves has a unique way of dealing with unwanted journalist’s questions http://t.co/rSisV8sDf9 http://t.co/PTYLDx75GV

Překonali překážky a poběží @WFLWorldRun http://t.co/WGXgLY53fn http://t.co/mqoMYNjsXI

Podcast: Martin Brundle speaks to Kimi Raikkonen’s trainer Mark Arnall about F1 driver fitness http://t.co/txUzEs7WKi http://t.co/TFqYisQ17h

Always interesting to revisit pre-season observations. This in last months @F1Racing_mag. I think the answer is yes.. http://t.co/uKTfG9VcHL

Get your own bike on track at #COTA. You’ve got until Monday to get your cycle corral package: http://t.co/ALm78ZSNzq http://t.co/QPJiK44fyf

Australia back 30-somethings for Ashes in bid to keep winning run going http://t.co/k9bZYRkK7v @Cricket_Ali (Getty) http://t.co/fMgFCX3zUz

F1Monaco : 5̬me moteur : Sauber exige des garanties Рhttp://t.co/72eA8WXJgC http://t.co/4M2p1D0Zvd

Heidfeld’in Goodwood’daki Rekor Performansı – http://t.co/xXe5u8iUX8 #NetVizyon #VideoGaleri http://t.co/WbUf4lc0D4

Follow Switzerland v USA – live with @BryanAGraham http://t.co/6o8hGR09e0 (Pic: Corbis) http://t.co/F6saD9NTGy