van der Mark: I won’t put pressure on myself http://t.co/CceaLxRZ1v #WSBK http://t.co/Vn0S9K4oA9

Happy Birthday Luca Badoer. http://t.co/Kr6gVSKGWT

Nico Rosberg is predicting Seb Vettel will “see my tail lights on many occasions” in 2015… http://t.co/6desw2WQuS http://t.co/SmfM3PpOu6

As a mark of solidarity with my followers north of the border, I’ll be having this later. Tasty. http://t.co/sjaCRwkJWj

Haas 2016 Sürücü Kadrosuna Henüz Karar Vermedi – http://t.co/eD2xBSQ46B #Formula1 http://t.co/4PvhWPcFqY

Steiner: Güçlü Bir Takım Oluşturuyoruz – http://t.co/FtV4o6BHmL #Formula1 http://t.co/fA7Hvzr0nB

2015 Formula 1 Sportif Kural Değişiklikleri – http://t.co/PWaSbZiQ0q #Formula1 http://t.co/8NJ3cz6Xz5

What will happen to #Bitcoin in 2015? Our resident expert looks ahead: http://t.co/f6B6ywbHBe http://t.co/muncm9SFlO

Ferrari Motor Bölümüne Mercedes’ten Önemli Ä°simler Kattı! – http://t.co/Iaeqqamr0D #Formula1 http://t.co/qbWmQGpgtF
Que nota haber estado con @UranRigoberto y la Sra. Muchas gracias por la pinta, lo único que falta son las piernas! http://t.co/PoVgUVD1Oa

Looking for a new sedan for the family? Then better look at our Editors’ Choice winners.http://t.co/NzcBVlvgXR http://t.co/c2lvQKWNSI

Ford Lightened Dealers’ Financial Load Converting Body Shops to Handle Aluminum 2015 F-150http://t.co/8a8icrEe8i http://t.co/8koUOV97pI

Faking It: Engine-Sound Enhancement Explained #millivanillihttp://t.co/ktdXoxopaE http://t.co/Uqq2jLzoJd

The #01 @CGRTeams Riley in sunset just a few hours ago. More photos from the #Daytona24: http://t.co/FMstPTyr6Q http://t.co/rbiEeUCMjc

Updated: We now have four retirements in the #Rolex24, all of which are prototypes: http://t.co/g1yoIiqUbs http://t.co/v4REryH65d

No slip-ups – catch the first round of @CrashedIce 2015 from Saint Paul: http://t.co/nh1pWfdhUu http://t.co/n6knSRKDcf

If you think the @MazdaUSA MX-5 Global Cup racer is girly, you need your head checked – http://t.co/gXf61yzzRt http://t.co/pxbWuWklWD