Ferrari extends a traditional welcome to the new boss… #ChineseGP http://t.co/7vDTP72rrP

Kalibo here we come!The inaugural flight AK0608 is our 3rd direct flight to the Philippines fm M’sia-we’re so excited http://t.co/pFq60uxGOL

‘Left, Pastor. Left! LEFT!’ #F1 http://t.co/QJpNsqPG9I

Plenty of laps and no major problems. Here are the #FP1 results. #ChineseGP http://t.co/l1IdwiYidg

2014 Çin GP 1. Antrenmanlar – Alonso Hızlı Başladı! – http://t.co/P5TUdLexSA http://t.co/zIDmWxV4lX

Don’t like 2014 F1? Have a look at past #F1 liveries and what they would look on a 2013 F1: http://t.co/zBrra1pXQ7 http://t.co/RjYdeO6vB9

And an excellent double pit stop to round off our #FP1 http://t.co/WgS4qnaWBc

Session over. Just time for a little pit stop. Fancy it? http://t.co/NoXH1W0UBB

FP1 #ChineseGP: Seb (P9) 18 Laps – Best Lap 1:41.629 | Dan (P3) 23 Laps – Best Lap 1:40.772 | (P1 Alonso 1:39.783) http://t.co/nQfSi1ubd4

And this is how we end our #ChineseGP #FP1 session. Good recovery #JB17 squadron. http://t.co/x4754MVVC2

Another wiggle for @RGrosjean and he’s out like a shot. #BlinkAndYoullMissHim http://t.co/WHgHinHynD

This shot really shows off the stunning @AkzoNobel paintwork on the MP4-29! #F1 #ChineseGP http://t.co/QnOJfZ3AYp

And out heads @Pastormaldo to add to his lappage tally. 11 mins remaining #FP1 http://t.co/ELGN5Uh2xu

Another three in the bag and we’re back for a little adjustment #F1 #ChineseGP http://t.co/ywLvJPisVC

When Max has left the garage, we’re going to grab some of that left rear blanket action for ourselves. http://t.co/3hmelISxmn

#Guti back in the garage for some feedback and setup changes #FP1 #ChineseGP http://t.co/vcJy5tzMx1

2004 Çin GP’sini Hatırlayalım – http://t.co/UBoiPGRqgL http://t.co/JHdzwzjUEq

14 laps complete and we fancy a few more. Allez @RGrosjean! http://t.co/xlk6dJEcIp

” fire up, fire up” #Giedo heading out and #Guti following #FP1 #ChineseGP http://t.co/HpuiNa5W1I

Back we come… Looks like @RGrosjean would like some of that #ChineseGP #F1 http://t.co/QRgxE7gVO7

A tweak here, a twiddle there… Then we’re ready to join the track. Approx 40 mins of #FP1 remaining. http://t.co/eo6i11u1MG

.@jessybondgirl watches on as @JensonButton gets ready for another run in #FP1. http://t.co/rOvk5OjxcN

Firing up on the @maxchilton side of the garage. He’ll soon be on his way. http://t.co/ZXkAFZ8pcB

#Guti finally in the car and ready for #FP1 #ChineseGP http://t.co/gm7ux9JghG

The best place for @KevinMagnussen to catch up with his favourite fortnightly soap opera! #F1 http://t.co/CDUUhvep8q

He’s keen. Or there’s a delay on Twitter… Quick as a flash and @RGrosjean has the track all to himself #ChineseGO http://t.co/MZVV5eVeq0

AK0608 will be departing to Kalibo. It’s our inaugural flight to the 3rd direct flight to the Philippines frm M’sia. http://t.co/vmfmjvpq2b

Spoke too soon. Back we come @RGrosjean, into the garage for a little more feedback #ChineseGP http://t.co/ImWEM3K8Z8