@stuarthatto @pirellisport Do you genuinely not like the circuit or is this a cunning plot to get your mother an #F1 race seat ;)

@Jfjfennell77 @addictedtolewis @Autodromo_Monza @LewisHamilton We want the best drivers available John – nationality is irrelevant!

@smceneaneyirl @SilverArrowsHAM @MisterPigz The people want them, so we sell them Sarah! :)

@leannecarty That’s what we’re here for Leannae! Bring on Monza! :)

@dean92 Monza is pretty unique, so we’ll likely see a number of aero tweaks throughout the field to shed drag…

@nicolas070185 Thanks for posting it! :)

@strideyj @SkySportsF1 @LewisHamilton We better put on a show then eh James? ;)

#FerrariITAGP Stagione difficile, ma voi siete sempre i migliori! Diufficult season, but you’re always the best! http://t.co/RV0iRXJHQ6

@strideyj @SkySportsF1 @LewisHamilton How very dare you! ;) #YouDontAskyouDontGet Safe travels and see you there :)

@tweetingshak We checked the Twitter coast was clear first – there seem to be slightly calmer seas now ;)

@porschemeister The matter has been dealt with internally Stuart. Our focus is now set on the future, not the past. Onwards to Monza!

@SilverArrowsHAM @MisterPigz …person (which we already do) there’s not a lot that can be done :(

@SilverArrowsHAM @MisterPigz We wish there was something we could do, we really do, but aside from restricting maximum order quantity per…

@_Ryan_LH44 @Autodromo_Monza @LewisHamilton @PET_Motorsports Best of luck Ryan! Let’s hope is gives you some inspiration ;)

@DannyJamesHale @f1fanatic_co_uk This is a common occurrence in wet conditions Daniel – we weren’t alone on that one!

How about a quick (and we mean QUICK) tour of @Autodromo_Monza to keep the #ItalianGP countdown ticking along? And our guide? Well… #F1

Heading through China on the epic #SilkRoadRally with @grid1tv and @Pirelli_Media. Awesome ride. http://t.co/KEEQdluqPL

Got a question for @danielricciardo? Tweet it using #AskRicciardo & @redbullmotors will put it to him next Monday. http://t.co/TBZhS42Ij1

@fredzfrog HAHAHAHA, probably :-)

@f1fanatic_co_uk We achieved it on the reliability front :)

@fredzfrog Thanks for letting us know, we’re looking into it.

“Unsere Aufmerksamkeit gilt ganz dem nächsten Rennen” Toto zum #ItalianGP: http://t.co/xpFh0WPobb #F1 http://t.co/AGlt6xVNeP

“Our attention is now fully focused on the next race”Toto talks #ItalianGP here -> http://t.co/UgzGprTUSW #F1 http://t.co/AGlt6xVNeP

Speaking of @MercedesBenz magic, we’ve thrown a dash of heritage in with wise words from the boss to create a Silver Arrows #F1 cocktail…

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