#OnThisDay 21 years ago, at Suzuka, Ayrton Senna took his 40th & penultimate GP win. #F1 #Legend #RememberSenna http://t.co/S5FYVrH2kR

#OnThisDay in ’76, at Fuji, James Hunt won the most dramatic #F1 world championship ever. #DownToTheWire #NeverGiveIn http://t.co/2kg0AjVGy6

@MailSport @talkSPORTDrive no way it’s so true !!!!

@Varennesports but I loved everyone else

@Varennesports I was never an idiot

in life it is sometimes difficult to see who is the worst at something, maybe you should look forward to the best and see why you failed

Cant comment on F1 but walked into my office in leafield last week and found an asleep Romanian cleaner, was this the infamous Mr Cojocar

We caught up with @OconEsteban after his successful test in the #E20. Here’s what he said: http://t.co/0Afvzg4Ecv. http://t.co/kj0bg6cpRZ

Wishing you a happy festival of light from all at McLaren. #HappyDiwali http://t.co/2JXYGtG1Go

10 seasons, 10 weeks, 10 days, 10 hours, 10 seconds. This is what we can do: http://t.co/N1J2GRG83e #10seasonsracing http://t.co/W98Isk5xPc

WIN! A pair of signed #NR6 #F1 racing gloves could be yours! Click here -> http://t.co/xDcDXXxFbb #GlovesAreOff http://t.co/sLGhKPr1Gg

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Check out this hilarious video from @IWC feat. @LewisHamilton & @nico_rosberg! There’s more too… #F1 #GlovesAreOffhttps://t.co/SqViS00ndv

The full story of @emmofittipaldi‘s first World Championship win for McLaren: http://t.co/zatE2byLZF http://t.co/d12BWgxqHT #HisNameIsEmmo

Daniil “The Czar” is getting ready for our #SpaghettiWesternGP!To be continued at @circuitamericas http://t.co/BYmi1cjSBC

@bendougcraig the McLaren Technology Centre is built on what used to be an ostrich farm. #McLarenGeek

Thank you to everyone who tweeted! We’ve chosen @bendougcraig as our biggest #McLarenGeek with this unusual fact…

#FDA El primer paso de una cuesta muy empinada http://t.co/Qtg6EmpI9H http://t.co/QspMaflIUX

#FDA ll primo gradino di una scala molto ripida http://t.co/4SzbVroG8c http://t.co/Vxp49UIW6k
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Good morning @JGB331, are you ready for F1 to hit Texas or is it just NASCAR you like? We have a fun challenge for you!

@hitbyaclaymore We’re good thank you Sam, how are you doing?

Come and join us for some Breakfast Donuts… Last chance for entries for our Austin event -> http://t.co/b3UJmKnarA http://t.co/pyevOyyt3Q

Thank you for all your crazy facts, keep them coming in! The deadline is 4pm today! #McLarenGeek

Check out this epic aerial footage from a memorable day of #F1 WCC celebrations at Brackley & Brixworth!https://t.co/n7hLBtKAwY

Fancy flying up, up and away, high in the skies over Brackley and Brixworth – home to @MercedesAMGF1? Doesn’t sound too shabby, right? #F1