что дорога туда далека

You seem to have a stray there with you @redbullracing? We’ll have him back thank you very much ;-) https://t.co/9dBjmYnx6X

#OnThisDay in 1993, the brilliant Ayrton Senna won his sixth and final #MonacoGP. #Legend #MonacoMasters http://t.co/B0HdMh7yal

@Formula1chick @RGrosjean @Pastormaldo Will do! (well, best they keep both hands on the wheel but the intention will be there 😉)

We’re loving seeing your tweets on the garage wall as always! Keep them coming :-) #BestFans #MonacoGP http://t.co/31nb5lQeeH

@SimmonsKindra goooooooood morning!

@LHWC_JP all good thanks! How’s things with you?

Heading back to the streets! The Team arrive, the circuit is ready; it’s Saturday at the #MonacoGP. 👊🏁🏁 http://t.co/NqRYTCt7iP

@F1Tricky @SilverArrowsHAM @RocketF1 silver! :-) … hmmm silver ketchup, now there’s an idea

@MartinDB07 chance of showers today Martin! But hopefully dry…

@LucindaTomlinso mainly, chance of showers!

@SilverArrowsHAM @RocketF1 we smell bacon! It’s dangerous…

@ChrisBraisher good morning Chris! Thank you for the kind words :-)

@BENZ9Boy :-) they received a mixed reception. But we are using the official #F1 hashtags this year!

@TanjaKonrad that would be nice Tanja!

@nigeljf40 thanks Nige, appreciate it!

MASSIVE day in the principality; it’s qualifying day at the #MonacoGP. 8am curfew over, final prep underway… #F1 http://t.co/h3oQDTHSwR
пламенем жарким костра
как кандидатов в бессмертные.

Well done Virat @imVkohli for leading a fantastic RCB @RCBTweets side into the semi final. We lost narrowly to CSK but very proud of RCB.
Устроился уютно

@AlanSabatino @johnniewalker_ @JensonButton Our boy definitely knows how to rock a suit! #Sharp