ブログをアップしました!「シャンティ デイズ」http://t.co/epnd5rGl7q

Shooting for COSMOPOLITAN China today! Make up by @barbiemichiru hair by ryojiimaizumi Regram… http://t.co/ry88rKqBQU

バイキングの後は、コスモポリタン中国の撮影をしています!RG ryojiimaizumi: #todaysshooting#with#jessicamichibata今日は @jessybondgirl… http://t.co/va8lZQxuOT

シャンティ デイズは明日から公開です!RT @eigacom: [映画ニュース] 日本初のヨガ映画「シャンティ デイズ」門脇麦&道端ジェシカからあふれるポジティブオーラ http://t.co/NmAalc9ozu #映画 #eiga http://t.co/3S1YuqUvp1

💓💓💓RT @barbiemichiru: 道端ジェシカちゃんがフジテレビのバイキングに出演中です。保湿の美容法でMiMCのシルクパウダーを紹介していただきました〜☆ http://t.co/cMPWiQRkcP

(*^^*) RT @barbiemichiru: Work with @jessybondgirl atFuji TV. フジTVのバイキングにジェシちゃんが出演します!今はまっている美容法などを紹介しますよ〜#シャンティデイズ… http://t.co/hRCtdNBN3C

今、発売中のVoCE🎵 最近ハマっている、ビューティー情報が載っています(*^^*) http://t.co/arMJY4AZeI

Good morning! おはようございます!今、お台場に向かってます!今日はこれからバイキング12時〜に出ます!良かったら観てください(*^^*) #バイキング #フジテレビ http://t.co/X9ndkAEhMk
 @NicoleScherzy23 Oct

I’m taking you to #paradise!!! Go behind the scenes with me on the set of my #BigFatLie photoshoot http://t.co/7ra93u7YDC
 @NicoleScherzy23 Oct

I’m taking you to #paradise!!! Go behind the scenes with me on the set of the my #BigFatLie photoshoot http://t.co/7ra93u7YDC
 @NicoleScherzy23 Oct

Yes! What would I do without my mega fans?! Thanku 4 Believing in me even when I don’t in myself. Ur… http://t.co/Tz3fL3gRLG
 @NicoleScherzy23 Oct

Thanku so much 2 all the fans who came out to my hmv signing, it made #BigFatLie album release real &… http://t.co/uDVaES7eZR
 @jessybondgirl23 Oct

Thank you all for the birthday wishes💖 #libra #grateful #birthdaygirl http://t.co/cG2WJtcCQC
 @NicoleScherzy22 Oct

“Rock, steady, feelin good already, look at what you do #ElectricBlue” ! #BigFatLie #AcousticShow http://t.co/VyDEl5JUsg
“@norcsu92: Can we just talk about how cute this family picture is?! :) @afelixdacosta @realTimoGlock @IsabellDoreen http://t.co/Pcbl8GauVT”
 @ipburrows21 Oct

Straw poll – how many Arsenal fans questioning the Glorious Leaders decision not to resign Cesc? Looked bad at the time, now looks terrible
@Varennesports ooh, I want the spongebob on the right, top shelf…. :) )))
 @NicoleScherzy21 Oct

No child should live in fear. Join me & @UNICEF_uk to help keep children safe. Watch: http://t.co/yNuRNwNVD8 #violencevaccine
 @NicoleScherzy21 Oct

My girl @officialjdunn one of the hottest chicks rockin my @missguided #NicoleXMissguided collection http://t.co/Wykhmvij0d
 @NicoleScherzy21 Oct

#BigFatLie is out now! “If you look past my features… Just a little deeper…” #LondonAcousticShow http://t.co/QnxuCUQm35
@jessybondgirl !! Happy Happy Birthday Jessica🌺!! Hope You have a beautiful Day ! 💐
Happy Happy Birthday @KataHyde ! Hope you recieve a big chocolate Cake 🍫🍰😜! Hope to see u soon. 😘
Thanks for all the birthday love and wishes everyone! 😊🎂
Not as old as you honey @H_Kovalainen 😜😘
“@riadasmat: Happy birthday sista!!! @KataHyde 😃” Thanks my brother from another mother! Happy Birthday to the beautiful @arnidaroselay ❤️🎂🎉
 @NicoleScherzy21 Oct

@NicoleOfans well what would u suggest I perform…?
 @NicoleScherzy20 Oct

It was so wonderful 2 see everyone at my hmv signing! Really warmed my heart and made this album release day so special for me! #BigFatLie