#CatsPray2 Every performance before I go out on that stage…It’s by the grace of God I’m able to do… http://t.co/y0Wg5aQTAX

Loving the aloha life style🌺 http://t.co/KDlLH49yDh

@AMJLoveFRW happy birthday sweetie! Many blessings on this special day:) Keep shining! Xo

Perfect Sunday starting with the 1h30mins yoga in the morning and Christmas shopping in the afternoon… http://t.co/0GndjSOspB
Heute vor 14 Tagen durften wir dich ein letztes mal sehen! Das war das schönste Konzert auf dem wir je waren! Vielen Dank Udo!
 @jessybondgirl21 Dec

With my dear friend Mari💓💓💓 mauimarioceanjewelry She is having a trunk show this weekend at four… http://t.co/YerAUGHxxy
 @jessybondgirl21 Dec

Lots of goodies from mauimarioceanjewelry at Cabana shop in Four seasons Maui😘💓💓💓… http://t.co/c8DhwB3Ogd
 @NicoleScherzy20 Dec

Ahhh #HelenaBonhamCarter I love you! Thankyou & your gorgeous family for coming catsmusical #Cats &… http://t.co/FQcg2lcoyy
 @NicoleScherzy20 Dec

Ahhh so cool and inspiring to meet #TimBurton tonight at my show catsmusical #Cats #LondonPalladium… http://t.co/Y1ZQflQCmE
 @NicoleScherzy19 Dec

6 days till #Christmas!! Get ready with this eclectic @Spotify mix of my favorite #British & #American Xmas songs http://t.co/dPO1cR0M7T
 @jessybondgirl19 Dec

Current mood 😎👯 http://t.co/XrfctqR6bo
 @andystobart18 Dec

Happy to confirm I have not been fired by @ScuderiaFerrari within the last 24 hours.
 @NicoleScherzy17 Dec

Even my nieces are feeling my new single #Run…I love it!! Now I wanna see how you’re feeling it too!! http://t.co/ElrHQhc75C
 @NicoleScherzy17 Dec

Even my nieces are feeling my new single #run I love it! Show me how you’re feeling it too!? http://t.co/qHc5S57Gdj
 @NicoleScherzy17 Dec

@LittleMix Thank u so much for coming sweetie! Send you and ur mom a kiss from me. Have a schamazing Christmas! xo
 @NicoleScherzy16 Dec

#Stayingbusy between #cats shows! Had a photoshoot yesterday w/@DrGotts for @followwestwood‘s #SAVETHEARCTIC campaign http://t.co/RxQ4s7WhOH
 @jessybondgirl16 Dec

😁✌️ RT @norimio: @jessybondgirl バス停にジェシー!嬉しいーーー♡ http://t.co/Hkx4uu4vDZ
 @jessybondgirl16 Dec

引き寄せましたね😊✨RT @Am1202M: 今日、この本を見つけました。パラパラ中を見てみると、ドラゴンがとても気になって…何が入っているか分からないけれどそれもご縁…と思って中を開けたら…入っていました! http://t.co/fEbife8sea
 @jessybondgirl13 Dec

👯💓 RG angelica_michibata: ジェっちゃんと合同トレーニング😆✌️ #regramapp http://t.co/d8Svfa0YKW
 @NicoleScherzy13 Dec

#latergram #openingnight of #Cats working with this cat! Director #TrevorNunn ! Legends in the… http://t.co/YXrh0qJnGq
 @NicoleScherzy13 Dec

#latergram Love this man #AndrewLloydWebber. Tears of joy streaming down my face last night after our… http://t.co/ynILk2JSTR