*\(^o^)/*💓💓 RT @kazukovalentain: 毎日が素晴らしい撮影でした✨✨@jessybondgirl #Firenze http://t.co/6xF4DfxFtK

The Ferrari challenge – exclusive Marco Mattiacci Q&A http://t.co/TmBSpjDAQo #F1
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@jordanette you are sooooooo right! ;)
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これからメイク♬ with my make-up artist @kazukovalentain 💗 Getting ready for shoot! #firenze #italy… http://t.co/05BjKxQIIV
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Philippe Gurdjian, 1945 – 2014 http://t.co/grl0DxqeDc #F1
@janseyffarth Hey wie lieb, dass du daran gedacht hast ! Dankeschön !
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Hamilton: Rosberg and I have both made mistakes http://t.co/lZYCYB2NfI #F1
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Mercedes duo remain free to race after Rosberg apology http://t.co/V5UMqHp2wl #F1
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The Ferrari challenge – exclusive Marco Mattiacci Q&A http://t.co/ypCFglYVUv #F1
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Towel thrown in at Bellinzona. It was the 1hr hike in heat to Andermatt wot broke me. Training for 2015 starts now http://t.co/O5M9pyBuY8
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Lenny Kravitz to headline race weekend concert in Russia http://t.co/aMPrzCJGgl #F1
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😍💓💓 RT @norimio: @jessybondgirl シャンティデイズが楽しみです!わかちゃんのインスタで紹介されてました! http://t.co/iPDFm17Czr
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When approaching the St Gotthards pass, ensure that roadworks don’t close it to bikes as you have to hike instead http://t.co/OeQR61bBQo
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Moving McLaren forward – exclusive Ron Dennis Q&A http://t.co/lrrKubKfRB #F1