Esto es lo más parecido a Asturias que encontré..!! 👍👍👍👍 #alpes #italia http://t.co/JwHgZYqexJ

Relaxing afternoon at the beach before the #hungariangp Après midi détente à la plage avant le Grand… http://t.co/MpuO1XPTWK

Enjoyable ride this morning around the Surrey Hills, enjoyed the ice cold …… water when I got back!🚴 http://t.co/sVrSOySH4X

Love back to back race weekends. No time for the adrenaline to escape. Sunday can’t come sooner http://t.co/JvEmlCfADF

@EricBana67 @Timo_Bernhard @carreracup yes matey, he’s pretty handy. Smooth as silk driving the big girl too..

@Podolski10 @nico_rosberg – Danke Lukas, cool dass du da warst!! hat was gebracht…bis zum nächsten mal hoffentlich bald

Días de entreno físico + reposo mental en los Alpes italianos…Training days + mental rest in the Italian Alps… http://t.co/wbQd8oC6lx
 @AussieGrit21 Jul

“@Timo_Bernhard: Racing uphill in the rain, interesting new experience! @carreracup http://t.co/J5wa7HSX8Q”my team mate on a weekend off..
 @LewisHamilton21 Jul

Thank you for all the support this weekend! Im so grateful to the team for this car,I really take my hat off to them! http://t.co/o4GVotABKF
Hello Michael. I hope you have good an quick recovery as possible. From our whole family. Kimi http://t.co/3EDvhIVpFN
 @LewisHamilton21 Jul

Was great to hear that http://t.co/F2bvIFSAAh picked up a Silver within the Digital/Social category in this years Clio Sports Awards 2014!
on soundcloud as well: ‘Giga mix July 2014’ by Gvandergarde on #SoundCloud? https://t.co/iiyu1bxr9VRTand leave some comments!!!
check it out…. my new mix:>>> http://t.co/12zCxBfVlk <<<Retweet and let me know what you think of it…
Dommage que nous avions du abandonner au GP d’Allemagne, mais Budapest a toujours été un bon circuit pour nous, alors espérons le meilleur
Shame we had to retire the car from the #germangp but we have always been good in Budapest so let’s hope for a good race before summer break
 @Pastormaldo20 Jul

Excelente noticia, continuamos en @fostelf en el 2015!😃👍 Great news regarding the next 2015 season,… http://t.co/yFduA7br8g
 @Pastormaldo20 Jul

Gran estrategia, gran trabajo en equipo 👍. Great team Job today… http://t.co/myQrFBU6yt
 @Pastormaldo20 Jul

Buena remontada hoy! Aún nos falta mejorar pero seguimos trabajando para dar siempre nuestro 100 % 👍 http://t.co/cQLXnQGQ9g
 @nico_rosberg20 Jul

here is my video message from Germany for you. thx for you support! https://t.co/0K66gclstM
 @LewisHamilton20 Jul

Congrats to Nico winning home race! This c’ship is proving a big challenge but that’s how I love it – and I wouldn’t have it any other way!
So close… 7 WDC title here. http://t.co/9kXb4F3alA
 @SChecoPerez20 Jul

1 punto que sabe a mucho después de todos los problemas que tuvimos en la carrera !lo bueno es que regresamos en 5 días al coche! Gracias!
 @SChecoPerez20 Jul

Sin duda esperábamos mucho más! Nos cambio las condiciones de la pista en la carrera,luchamos hasta el final sin tener Ritmo y rescatamos
 @nico_rosberg20 Jul

What a week!! I got married, Germany won, I signed a new contract with mercedes AND i just won my home GP ;) http://t.co/ECILxSVNnH
 @JensonButton20 Jul

Amazed we both got around the corner!! F1 put on a great show today and long may it continue! http://t.co/zP3bK9Ghx6
 @JensonButton20 Jul

After watching the race back think I overreacted with my feelings about Lewis’s move. I can understand why he thought I was giving him room.
 @danielricciardo20 Jul

@ValeYellow46 grazie Vale!! Glad you enjoyed it also 😉👍