#昭和50年蕎麦の本 https://t.co/TAZRWfnR1B

Time to finally go home. Goodbye Asia! http://t.co/abcWtiDL8h

Bye for now, Malaysia! Thank you to our @Petronasbrands family, and amazing fans for making us feel at home. #TeamLH http://t.co/T0PbpuYJX7

Great job any how by “EFJ” @Edjonesracing Two wins for @CarlinRacing Road to Indy and I can’t wait for Long Beach! http://t.co/63NNpwj4lp

Shafted on the outside of the rolling start again. Never had a clear lap but certain I would have been quickest#Indy http://t.co/92girFF0Pn

De vuelta a casa a encontrar a mis grandes amores😘😘 https://t.co/lM7I3Xqw9T

Después de los problemas que se presentaron este fin de semana no queda mas que seguir trabajando… https://t.co/j07OqmsAfj

#お仕事中 https://t.co/qLnHbAeCTv

Lo intentamos todo,es apenas la 2da carrera apenas empieza! Será complicado el inicio , regresaremos muy pronto !! NeverGiveUp

We tryed everything, we knew it was going to be difficult Start ! But season is Long , will be back ! We’re working on it!!! #NeverGiveUp

Momento especial hoy en el Previo de @a3formula1 al enseñar mi casco. Por? Fijaos en la visera #MariaSiempreContigo http://t.co/V7JcuD0Iat

Una grande vittoria per Seb e #Ferrari oggi, bravo bravo ..! https://t.co/4ZrT5uw5ae

Very disappointing end to a otherwise great weekend.. Fell on my own mistake when trying to overtake… https://t.co/6zBk7vAxo7

We maximised the result today with the car we had so P5 is good start for me. Good points for the… https://t.co/Ri3LnxSf0A

Quelle note artistique ? :-) Any idea on the artistic mark ? #lol #MalaysiaGP #r8main #spinhttps://t.co/C0zFdjuslp

Tuff weekend…as expected really. But we wont let our Head down. This was only Race 2. It might take a while but we will catch up! #pushing

Probably the best pirouette move during the #MalaysiaGP but unfortunately no points on the board. Looking very promising though for #ChinaGP

Enhorabuena a mis amigos de @ScuderiaFerrari !!! Esta victoria es muy buena para la F1, hay Campeonato👍👍Complimenti!! http://t.co/W1vLKghg0m

GRANDE GRANDE!! @ScuderiaFerrari Gran trabajo de todo el equipo por esta victoria!! Un honor grandísimo ser parte de esta gran familia!!

Many positive things this weekend for us. Now we will concentrate in China and be more competitive! #MclarenHonda http://t.co/6bo7DM5Kso

Muchas cosas positivas este fin de semana para nosotros. Toca preparar China y ser más competitivos! #MclarenHonda http://t.co/zNAUMfo8W5

Qué ganas de que empiece! Suerte a la armada española @alo_oficial @carlosainz @robertomerhi #orgullosos