@SatoshiMotoyama いつもクリーニングに任せてたけどこれからは自分でやったほうがいい気がします😁

Such a pleasure to be driven around in this 250 SWB at Goodwood today and even better the owner wasn’t hanging about. http://t.co/sINWOsrwWm

250 SWB around Goodwood has just made me fall in love.#Ferrari #Perfect http://t.co/pxLhkYOQtq

This blew me away. Flying over Iceland the other day. Now it all makes sense 😯 http://t.co/rn17NXjCpi

@DaviMillsaps no worries man was awesome to see it live you guys deserve the credit! Congrats on the win 👍

@WilHahn_ likewise man good times 👊

靴を洗濯機で洗ってみた! 非常にキレイになるし良い匂い😊 新しい発見!

Happy to be RACING again soon! #ROCBarbados http://t.co/NlEC8O5NOP

So happy to be RACING again! at #ROCBarbados http://t.co/VaUaY0NZ37

Continúo entrenando en bici todo lo que puedo! / Still cycling as much as I can…#lovecycling https://t.co/pr0lndfXdx

Having breakfast this morning in my hotel, roscoe snoring so hard I had to put the pillow over his head! hahahttps://t.co/EdxgluVFXY

Next week #USGP . Really good memory from last year !!! #r8main http://t.co/rqGUSTUYBB

Check out my behind the scenes chat with the team #W05LDCHAMPIONS #BestTeam @MercedesAMGF1https://t.co/rXD2x8CJkO

So proud of @NicoleScherzy all your hard work has paid off. Everyone, please go & get the new album & show some love! http://t.co/DdXlKljw6I

.@NicoHulkenberg Congrats buddy, hopefully we can have some nice fights next year, like the old days 😉 http://t.co/pgB73GBhRK

Good Morning !! This week, intense program of training!! And like every day, thinking about my friend in Japan! #ForzaJules !!

Buenos días!! Esta semana toca preparación física a tope! Y como cada día, pensando en mi compañero en Japón! #ForzaJules !!

@AmberLoungeLtd Fashion show Singapore, Nice suit from @McGregorFashion 👍 http://t.co/ivKDVMAd4k

Good morning, arrived @Schiphol and ready for a busy day..!

@paolongoria felicidades Paola! Eres un ejemplo para todos!!!!
 @SChecoPerez19 Oct

Amigos les recomiendo usar Claro música ! La mejor App para escuchar Música . Feliz Domingo , Dios los bendiga. http://t.co/k4u0D9TiqV
Time for some home cooking with my brand new #RaymondBlanc sauce pan. Very French menu with a cucumber… http://t.co/BtVJ1DtVjV
 @JensonButton19 Oct

@KishereFilm Yes thanks you, it’s wicked!
 @danielricciardo19 Oct

And got to hang with @CRtwotwo and warm his bike up for him 🙊 thanks for having me guys @TwoTwoMsport http://t.co/WBZe5vaqRd
 @danielricciardo19 Oct

Well after many years I finally got to a supercross! Big fan of the sport & yes I had an awesome time 😊 http://t.co/RwrOjTJ5bt