Circuito de Fiorano 🇮🇹 http://t.co/47nkCs28E7

Verdad verdadera!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂#alien #lasMadresSiQueSaben http://t.co/3XBBkJr9Bw

Good progress made in the simulator today, really good feeling 2 b working with the Honda engine engineers again #MclarenHondaOneTeamOneGoal

I know nothing about how to get better than others. I only know how to beat myself.#SamuraiQuotes #McLarenHonda http://t.co/oKgiueTydu

No sé nada acerca de cómo superar a otros. Sólo conozco el modo de superarme a mí mismo.#citaSamurai #McLarenHonda http://t.co/mCrzL5S7vp

Just on my way to @westfieldlondon to catch up with the guys at @InfinitiGB come down and say g’day if you’re about

Congratulation #Iceman for becoming a dad and welcome to the club.

A positive mindset gives you a more hopeful outlook, and belief that you CAN do something great, means you WILL! http://t.co/zclCY5enf6

“If you push the pedal on the right its LAUDA” won best caption! @SchuberthHelmet (1:2) on the way to the winner! 👏 http://t.co/osoM3TiqY4

Buenos días!! Mañana se presenta el coche…Good morning!! Tomorrow will be a big day..#McLarenHondaReturn http://t.co/69LELKqAF2

@aelych hola mexico. saludos de brackley!

Gotta get back to work guys. Always great chatting with you. #TeamLH #BestFans

@clot79 God bless you

Yes, it’s a boy, weighing 3,7 kg and height 51 cm. #Proud http://t.co/xaMTbliI2I

@Taajn great thanks :)

@EtienneBinot can’t wait to get in it

@ArtSaSch have to wait and see :)

@g8egd gross 😄