READ ALL ABOUT IT! Nico goes the distance on day one in Jerez -> http://t.co/ZAi5nmpTex #BackToWork #SechsyBeast #F1 http://t.co/LnqxCBWY7x

Ron Dennis this afternoon denied trying to poach #Horner to run his team, said it was a story calculated to de-stabilise McLaren #f1

@benjhunt Actually #Vettel said he won’t make up his mind until he has done more testing. He wants to play with her some more.

Turns out Snow missed my house by about a 10mins drive. Loads on Dartmoor and in Tavistock, none in my area :/

Jerez Test – Day 1#Carlo55ainz: I felt good in the car today, I was constantly improving… http://t.co/hkAqEHtrWz http://t.co/BXz8QwDXY2

Day one in Jerez complete as the #RB11 makes its first eye catching appearance: http://t.co/fDEXAeX1tF #F1 http://t.co/sJ1t8TmeIh

Farewell Kylie,Kate’s Dirty Sister,Luscious Liz and Hungry Heidi #Vettel has been mulling over a name for his rocket red Ferrari racer

ÉNORME BRAVO aux bleus pour leur 5ème étoiles. #ChampionduMonde de handball #allbleus @ffhandball

Vettel: ‘I first dreamt of driving for Ferrari when I was young and karting.’

Build Me up Buttercup – Overnight build programme for the E23 Hybrid: http://t.co/Ua41PO1HcV http://t.co/Dz9OBfqM9Y

The Chequered Flag: Oliver Webb continues success with Dubai victory; F1 begins to take shape and Andy… #f1 #indy

F1 2015: McLaren and Ferrari confirm unveiling dates for new cars ahead of Jerez test session #f1 #indy

@mrdagz Only because Ricciardo got disqualified. Pants year otherwise…

#F1 #WEC #DTM Mercedes AMG – 2015 Test 1 (Jerez), Test Day 1 http://t.co/ClShkesj8W © Copyright Image http://t.co/TwBHly12So

#F1 #WEC #DTM Sauber F1 – 2015 Test 1 (Jerez), Test Day 1 http://t.co/9Mx20KTDW6 © Copyright Image http://t.co/TkFiSExtNf

How I did on Twitter this week: 6 Mentions, 6.3K Mention Reach, 5 Retweets. How’d your week go? via http://t.co/JDM5keF0sx

Ricciardo: Mercedes not intimidating http://t.co/L71XpzG9sn #f1 #autosport

Lotus might not run until Tuesday http://t.co/fPyvzB4NMl #f1 #autosport

ÉNORME BRAVO aux bleus pour leur 5ème étoiles. #ChampionduMonde de handball #allbleus @ffhandball

Alonso unfazed by ‘slow start’ #f1 #sky

#F1 #WEC #DTM Red Bull Racing – 2015 Test 1 (Jerez), Test Day 1 http://t.co/BRX0k3rNtL © Copyright Image http://t.co/qFGqlEVfo0

Vettel fastest but Mercedes send out the most potent message as testing gets underway http://t.co/cl6tS8EVfI

@Racingnews365, just “teething troubles”: we decided it was better to stop running early to ensure we are completely ready for tomorrow. Thx

Despite a lack of laps ALO was in upbeat mood today, clearly he’s very pumped up by the whole McLaren-Honda experience

Lotus expect to be on track at Jerez by Tuesday http://t.co/A6Og2zVtlA #F1

@Unfenswinger Sit down, relax and report abuse. We’ll look into it :-)

@piersnewbery sensational work Piers! Have a good flight back.

Honda F1 boss Arai-san says he wants to be “the Village People of F1″… meaning the company will be around forever!

#F1 #WEC #DTM Lotus F1 – 2015 Test 1 (Jerez), Test Day 1 http://t.co/5D8wavFi7s © Copyright Image http://t.co/DhqIhoPzGT