2014 Bentley Continental GT V8S First ImpressionA pinnaclehttp://t.co/7wgdwAARI2 http://t.co/ETWp69JQI4

A bit of sport and relax. Time zone changes, traveling, Japan next week… important to be 100% prepare. ;) http://t.co/O5lQtlqou9

Un poco de deporte y relax. Cambios de horario, viajes, Japón dentro de una semana…importante estar a tope. http://t.co/AK14Ka4lKQ

McLaren at a loss over Magnussen issue http://t.co/IeCTYbvJ7B #f1 #autosport

#f1 Button confident over McLaren future – Jenson Button insists he is “pretty happy” he will remain at McLaren ne… http://t.co/D3eYx18cj9

Kaltenborn Q&A: We’ve not forgotten how to build good cars http://t.co/12m2QSauuX #f1

Tata Communications achieves first live F1<sup>®</sup> 4K feed over fibre http://t.co/ZFtIrPRZCN #f1

Инфографика по @F1NightRace от @pirellisport! #F1Sochi http://t.co/64cybCZBiE

TCF Daily – 23/09/2014 – http://t.co/VLPjbXqKgD

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@MercedesAMGF1 Oh snap, we’ve been doing just that. Our photos though dear, not yours… #nooffence

We’ve had a final trawl through our #SingaporeGP pics &this shot takes the ticket! Right-click, save, wallpaper: done http://t.co/Tu4FLnW4hE

F1: Can Kevin Magnussen be asked to make room for Fernando Alonso? http://t.co/fwpKyUXTAY #f1

Check out the #TopShots from the @MercedesAMGF1 @instagram page over the spectacular #SingaporeGP weekend! #F1 http://t.co/Vb4S17ZJKw
I was going to say this is getting ridiculous, but this got ridiculous a while ago.

We’re feeling rather artistic today… how about one last look back at some staggering #SingaporeGP stunners? You know you want to… #F1

We’re feeling rather artistic today… how about one last look back at some staggering #SingaporeGP stunners? You know you wan too… #F1
Some #BelgianGP 3 day tickets are cheaper than SUN only! Check full details & prices here: http://t.co/E67Qai2eoY #F1 http://t.co/azvCfMrZ9Z

@Mel_F1Ham Marvellous thanks Mel! A little disorientated but otherwise fine!

@Ash44TeamLH Roll on Japan indeed! We may be back at work, but never bored though ;)

Video: had no chance to follow TUSC at COTA this weekend?No problem!http://t.co/o4Kmnaf58v http://t.co/rEM6mdTLqS

How are we #BestFans? It’s been a rollercoaster few days – whether from the #F1 action or the jet lag, our heads are still spinning!

@benjhunt @willbuxton Did you burn the soap box, or did it just get hot and sweaty?
“Briatore wants Alonso to drive for Lotus” will be followed by “Alonso thinks he needs a new manager”

I think…

So, Alonso going to Lotus with Mercedes engines while staying and leaving Ferrari at the same time while also going to McLaren and Red Bull.
Did Alonso cheat to gain 3rd after turn 1 in Singapore GP: Big Yes from me, but my son disagrees – who’s right… http://t.co/cGF1DMNYRV