Um @Sportsnet you couldn’t take a minute to @ToddLewisSports get a post-race quote from @hinchtown before switching to cricket? #IndyCar

@WallyAction Any driver would tell you that luck & skill go hand-in-hand. Skill isn’t why the 48, 25, 31, 88, 22 got caught up in incidents.

F1Monaco : Wolff: Frauen-Rennserie nicht der richtige Weg: Was würde ich gewinnen? – http://t.co/670VjtdmqE

2015 Formula 1 Championship Standings After Malaysian GP http://t.co/tBQ1VuFxa1 #Motorsport #formula1 #2015malaysiangrandprix

With a little luck, @DanicaPatrick survives carnage to finish seventh at Martinsville: http://t.co/2d4dkESqYX #NASCAR http://t.co/My0IZsUNIW

@JeremyShawRacer Also, losing one of the many winglets doesn’t really seem to make any difference so why so many? @grumpy_twitch #Indycar

A day of Vettel winning in a red car, @ValeYellow46 winning on anything and @jpmontoya winning in any series is a good one in my book

@JarvoB I never realised they played basketball as the @IndyCar podium ceremony.

Great effort from @jpmontoya to win. What a great day of @f1, @MotoGP and @IndyCar racing.

The The Checkered Flag Daily is out! http://t.co/wop6krASj7

Bye for now, Malaysia! Thank you to our @Petronasbrands family, and amazing fans for making us feel at home. #TeamLH http://t.co/T0PbpuYJX7

#F1 News: Malaysian GP – Sunday Press Conference http://t.co/xaCbC86xPM © Copyright Image http://t.co/oS3ATRG6nV

F1Monaco : Dennis: Alles gut zwischen Alonso und McLaren: Gute Miene zum b̦sen Spiel? Рhttp://t.co/p0EwvoRmGO

Bernie Ecclestone keen to explore the idea of grands prix for female drivers #f1 #guardian

F1Monaco : Ergebnisse: Malaysia GP – http://t.co/RlauGp4g6c

Rossi thrilled with race win 109http://t.co/J5s2GgjaU2
Living with cf is like aging like a dog.Not because of how we look but because 2 cope we learn to mature 7 times faster than normal @CFAware

Bernie Ecclestone keen to explore the idea of grands prix for women drivers #f1 #guardian

Sebastian Vettel: “Today is such a special day for me” http://t.co/YlRdtF387Y #Motorsport #formula1 #2015malaysiangrandprix #kimiraikkonen

F1Monaco : Malaysia: Rosberg zieht vor Ferrari den Hut: Ein richtiger Weckruf – http://t.co/O627u3v4Rb

@elgordo99 Happily there’s been lots of time to enjoy those too…
все как обычно…

Holy crap what a move by @12WillPower: 4th to 1st in one corner. #IndyCar #FirestoneGP

Holy crap what a move by @12WillPower. $th to 1st in one corner. #IndyCar

#NASCAR and #IndyCar both. RT @jim_utter: Caution debris

I fail to see the point of @Sportsnet‘s announcers bantering during yellows at the #FirestoneGP. #IndyCar

Taking a few weeks off from League Racing has been so good, enjoying it again now and I didn’t miss it at all when I was gone!

Um, no @AllenBestwick, @eddiecheeverF1 and Scott Goodyear, St. Pete may be nice, but it is not Monaco. #FirestoneGP #IndyCar

Toro Rosso bolts rear wing support onto exhaust pipe http://t.co/d1upHwrOAr #F1 #TechF1