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Night everyone! Looking forward to seeing some of you bright & early! Gates for @FIAWEC open @ 8am, more info in FAQs http://t.co/DbZFX6b2Da

@willkinton247 it needed to be said

@PinnacleLeague with pole Mr JokelRz set the fastest time but was disconnected meaning Formula Moss got promoted to pole

@willkinton247 giant promotional ‘hats off’ to you for your IMSA column! :)

@PinnacleLeagueMr JokelRzRandom BeatzCasey legend99Nathan AvieDrastic Midget Hicky 96Formula Moss (DNF)Fastest Lap: Mr JokelRz

@PinnacleLeague They are trying to restart soon but are short on drivers…..very short!

New spec engines for Lotus as Renault look to close the gap http://t.co/E4gbKvpiAp

New York 2014: Surprise! Honda reveals all-new HR-Vhttp://t.co/qfCTqW9ARW

@IanCallum hello from Shanghai Ian, my twitter works fine here. Hope all is well in Jaguar Land. Looking forward to D Type and Mille Miglia

Cleaning sweat off the visor of the pointy hat, ready for tomorrow’s @a3crg #timetrial (hopefully) http://t.co/es9A2P5c44

One obligatory pitstop, performance weight penalties, new qualifying procedure among #DTM rule changes for 2014 http://t.co/zqn68YrFCZ

New York 2014: Audi unveils A3 TDI Sportback http://t.co/gUuoKYYCyF

Kepler discovers 1st Earth-sized planet In Goldilocks zone of M-dwarf Kepler-186 http://t.co/REx3Fi4R0a @plutokiller @neiltyson

@JennieGow @bbc5live here’s something for you to do if you can’t sleep, join this, it will be fun! https://t.co/nXUKuEqzrm

MASSIVE thanks to ALL donors from me and @jasonplato @krismeeke @prodrive for what we have achieved as a group. http://t.co/gkVmYxrGoo

F1 News: [Photos] Grand Prix de Chine http://t.co/Oki8F31wXN

F1 News: Rosberg-Hamilton : La discussion entre les courses pour apaiser la rivalité http://t.co/OQOBTCXaT5

F1 News: Button : ”Mercedes loin devant” http://t.co/INsU8PtAUc

F1 News: Des appuis pour les points de pénalité http://t.co/K8wZ3aRfk3

Press conference excitement #f1 [Photo: Sahara Force India] http://t.co/RDNRyebilN

F1 News: Interview de Romain Grosjean : “Je sais à quel point Renault travaille dur” http://t.co/DmAQ2q7lqG

Pastor Maldonado warns against excessive penalties http://t.co/rj71vBcWMr #f1

The Lone Star Le Mans weekend is going to be life-altering! Get the details: http://t.co/zIY1d0uy9T