@bf1systems epic… @FIAWEC looks like the SMP truck is very close to crossing the line into the other space too.

@DC_claxton It would be fun to see Horner go wheel to wheel with Toto Wolff

A F1 drivers strike would be good for the sport – think of all the guys who would fill in – be a thriller of a race.

@GrandPrixDiary You’ll have to wait another month – Claire is in the June issue…

@RightTurnLover I’m not sure have not sat down with the new rules long enough yet

@Ovieiroro Fraid not – will be at Silverstone!

@GrandPrixDiary @clubforce @CoddersF1 RETURN TO YOUR WORKSTATIONS

@md9647 @michaellgoodwin @dmidwestredneck No its just bad, Days of Thunder is funny

Little late off the mark here (cos I was catching z’s) but here is the Rebellion R1 http://t.co/1zdkvEG4ur
 @RacecarEngineer16 Apr

@Chris_Pickering @RacecarEd Looking at the forecast I must be on @radiolemans then… oh right I am. (afro drying products required…)
 @RacecarEngineer16 Apr

@dmidwestredneck @michaellgoodwin @md9647 why would anyone watch that again? Got a thing for Beau Brandenburg?
 @RacecarEngineer15 Apr

@altrezia @RacecarEd will tell you that I live in a constant state of confusion.
 @RacecarEngineer15 Apr

@lombers yes. So need to read the full judgement
 @RacecarEngineer15 Apr

I’m gonna hold off commenting on the Red Bull verdict until I have read the full judgement…
 @RacecarEngineer15 Apr

@bwass24 The decision is out, the judgement is not
 @RacecarEngineer15 Apr

Why F1 needs fuel flow meters http://t.co/Kc2QKiJ130
 @RacecarEngineer15 Apr

Why Fuel flow is restricted in F1 http://t.co/9p1s9MODIy