Niki & Luca having a spat…: Ok, pretty minor, but it’s fun anyhow……
Another Old Guys Series…: Well, F1 Masters went broke in 3 races, and now Bernie is looking at reviving it i…

Video: #tbt crash of the week. A huge Hollywood-style ball of fire at the start of the V8 Supercars Barbagallo race

F1: Marco Mattiacci to head Scuderia Ferrari for a ‘long time’ #f1

F1: Fernando Alonso denies sarcastic ”victory salute” in Bahrain #f1

@Kirbydaz Mate it was a lifelong dream fulfilled. I will never forget it and am very lucky indeed.

Nico Hulkenberg rules out strike action over unpaid wages #f1

TCF Daily – 17/04/2014 –

Tire Test: Bridgestone DriveGuard run-flatRun-flat tires 2.0

#f1 Massa not surprised by Domenicali exit – Felipe Massa says Stefano Domenicali’s decision to step down as Ferra…꣋

Formula 1 drivers say they are supportive of penalty points #f1

US base for Haas team ‘crazy’ – @jpmontoya

Stranded supercar: Lambo runs out of petrol

@F1Racing_mag I hope my answer from Claire is in there and it is positive news. If not I’m unsubscribing.

@F1Racing_mag @clubforce @CoddersF1 Will do, busy now, so all hands on Decker.

Alonso: Stefano is a great man, first of all, and I am a close friend of his #F1

#f1 Thursday’s FIA press conference – Daniel Ricciardo, Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton, Esteban Gutierrez, Sergio…

#f1 Alonso: Give Mattiacci time – Fernando Alonso has played it safe, refusing to pass judgement on Ferrari’s deci…

#f1 Hulkenberg: Drivers strike not possible – Although it has been spoken about, Nico Hulkenberg has ruled out the…

@clubforce I apologise with all my Heart and Soul.

@clubforce I had to use that T’Pau joke before @CoddersF1 did. It’s an annual battle.

@clubforce He’s got China in his hands.

VW reveals next SA-bound Touareg

F1: Sebastian Vettel ”shocked” by Stefano Domenicali exit #f1

Fernando Alonso has yet to speak with his new boss #f1

#F1 Alonso denies sarcastic ‘victory salute’ with Bahrain ninth for OFFICIAL REPORTS

#F1 Ecclestone planning new F1 masters series for OFFICIAL REPORTS