Mercedes deny using 2014 engines for early 2015 http://t.co/iktTwawnyT #F1

All kicking off a Jerez today – F1 2015 is go! http://t.co/zwq0BKPWx5

Jerez kicks off F1 season but four teams are missing http://t.co/JnWVJmHmlu #F1

@lee987212 @MercedesAMGF1 I’ll let you know in the next few days. Their installation laps are far from representative #F1

@pentaquark_F1 Not allowed. Only TV broadcasters can.

Also interesting is that the smooth oooozzzz under braking on the Ferrari powered cars is now entirely gone #TechF1 #F1

Hamilton: I’m grateful that the fire is still there in me http://t.co/23zNfms1jQ #F1

Rosberg sets commanding early pace http://t.co/9SYCFX8XWs #f1 #autosport

Not sure if that means something on the engines, or if Mercedes are simply running a higher power regime at the moment #F1

It may be just my impression, but I believe the @MercedesAMGF1 is the loudest car running today. Renault relatively quiet on throttle #F1

Rosberg: I’m massively motivated for the rematch http://t.co/QBISxvthBX #F1

Formula One 2015 under way as drivers hit the test track at Jerez #f1 #guardian

Rosberg currently fastest at Jerez and he’s racked up the most laps. Mercedes staring 2015 with intent.
@nico_rosberg and @MercedesAMGF1 are already a tenth under the 2014 fastest lap of Kevin Magnussen, McLaren, 1m 23.276s. #F1 #F1testing
I just wish there was a bit more continuation of it towards the back of the car. What do you think of the livery? #F1 #makinghistory
I’m definitely coming round to the @McLarenF1 @HondaRacingF1 red stripe… http ://twitter.com/McLarenF1/status/561842835641868288/photo/1

#F1 #WEC #DTM 2015 RB11 The First Images. – Red Bull Racing – 1st February – http://t.co/OaLFnsog9E: http://t.co/R62Qy6lJVA
Great looking car @ToroRossoSpy! Hope it brings you some points in 2015 http://t.co/0PS7ecOiAi

Ferrari release ‘really sexy’ new F1 car, but only target two Grand Prix wins during 2015 #f1 #indy

Lewis Hamilton: There is ‘no stress’ over new Mercedes contract, insists world champion #f1 #indy

Jules Bianchi crash prompts changes to the F1 calendar that will see five races start an hour earlier #f1 #indy

The Chequered Flag: Oliver Webb continues success with Dubai victory; F1 begins to take shape and Andy… #f1 #indy

F1: Mercedes officially unveil W06 Hybrid – video #f1 #guardian

TCF Daily – 01/02/2015 – http://t.co/tz955LJvyM

Daniel Ricciardo: “I feel really good coming into the 2015 season” http://t.co/9Z0YEZ7AHZ #Motorsport #formula1 #2015f1carlaunch

Formula One: five talking points, can McLaren-Honda propel Fernando Alonso back to the front of the… #f1 #telegraph

Camo-Bull or Zebra-Bull? Take your pick and see all the photos of the new @redbullracing #F1 : http://t.co/HSIezbYk1o http://t.co/cWOOKraZGY

@f1broadcasting @ScarbsF1 It’s been like that for years…

F1 2015: McLaren and Ferrari confirm unveiling dates for new cars ahead of Jerez test session #f1 #indy