It’s what we’ve all been waiting for. https://t.co/KhHn9iSLEH

Good effort Ron Dennis. One leather topped desk and a Hugo Boss suit ruined: https://t.co/kWpu79WJiJ #F1

My latest @Globe_Drive column: Young drivers could learn lots from @tagliani‘s lessons in racing http://t.co/twg0jGH2PQ #IndyCar #NASCAR

.@McAdamSandwich You, Sir, win the internet today.

@YoshimotoHiroki You know it my friend.
@Huge_action it’s oddly addictive too. I drew the Toro in one sitting! about 6-8 hours work.
@ldstreak yeah get what u mean lung func is hard 2do & really hard to get consistent good blow I have 2 blow several times 2 get best result

Haas makes change to new F1 team name ahead of 2016 debut http://t.co/TB1eppg19H

Finally some news from Gene Haas – but only regarding a team name change: http://t.co/QCimkA74B8 #F1

Renault says it would support a slight ease of F1′s engine freeze rules – as long as it didn’t result in spending war http://t.co/xcJXjHk5tS

Gene Haas announces that his team will be called Haas F1 team, not Haas Formula, as originally intended.
@ldstreak yeah I love numbers lol. Whats ur fev1? Or u better with percentages? Mines 2.2 atm or 55% lung function im normally 2.6fev1 70%
@ldstreak I get obsessed doing lung function. I even have my own piko lol

Mercedes says that Hamilton and Rosberg will be in FIA press conference together at Monza on Thursday. No colliding on way to seats please!
@ldstreak oh yeah makes sense. I dont go brompton normally im at kings unless its trials then I go brompton lol #trynottoconfuseyou
@ldstreak bullied who? I have no doubt U have cf. are u currently in brompton atm? Do u partake in any trials they do there? Amazing place
@ldstreak whos head of cf in brompton? Id like to ask what they drink in their hipflask lol. Only joking I know what u mean.
@ldstreak did ur dr also sound slurry with his words. Or was it a trainee? U should have asked him to apologise. Lol

Monza will thus see junior drivers from @redbullracing, @McLarenF1, @InsideFerrari, @WilliamsRacing, @Lotus_F1Team, @CaterhamF1 race in GP2.

The Gasly/Caterham news isn’t the last GP2 driver change for Monza. Expecting another line-up shift to be announced in the coming 48 hours.

@LeighOGorman It was 2008. We’ve had Red Bull links (Evans and Abt most recent & current) but no full members of the programme since Buemi.

@EeroH84 Yes. Hartley raced with Red Bull helmet logos, but had been dropped by the programme before his debut in Monza 2010.

Interestingly, @PierreGASLY becomes the first full Red Bull junior to race in GP2 since… goodness, is it really @Sebastien_buemi in 2008?

@OWeingarten @F1Photographer That’s the Elizabeth Tower, Weingarten! Big Ben is the name of the bell that marks the hour.

@quelle_folie @Sareyware You won’t see me wearing Asics!

Rumours pan out to be true then. Red Bull moves @PierreGASLY into GP2 with @CaterhamGP2 for the final 3 races of 2014.