@Acarter0882 not necessarily. He might have lost time there and made it up elsewhere

@J_Atkinson_6 I’d like to think we can get at least a point tonight. Good starting line up too

Getting tweets about Lewis having all 4 wheels off track on pole lap. Remember if driver judged not to have gained an advantage, no penalty
Interesting to note the race was 1h59m last year, with the cars lapping three seconds per lap quicker than this year.

Just got the BSB Showdown 6 into 6 seconds. But only just. https://t.co/cpxWmyBHNQ

Looks like a wet weekend in Stoke on Trent from the media centre window … he will recognise that

They tell me Robbie Williams is the #SingaporeGP star act tonight at Marina Bay. Hope he has a brolly.

@alanmanicom My excuse for not being there is that I’m working thousands of miles away. But I’ve lent my @LiRFC season ticket to a ringer.

I think I know which boxset Nico was watching on the flight to Singapore https://t.co/KwURvrS4tn

Who says team mates can’t be friends? Especially when they need to share an umbrella! @MassaFelipe19 @ValtteriBottas http://t.co/oGH0SpWy1X

He’s only fifth but a happy @alo_oficial believes that @InsideFerrari can challenge for a podium tomorrow: http://t.co/H6ocKCBwET

Great qualifying session and a brilliant end. Pole changing three times in a few secs. Just in time too, but wet now! http://t.co/BJWILJh4hh

A true tropical downpour right now #SingaporeGP http://t.co/84UMNlF5HX

One of the tv commentators has squelched in to the press room looking a bit wet. “I need a tea…..” she moaned #f1

May need a raft to get back tonight if this carries on http://t.co/FBTWipm52A

Anyone got a life raft? Think we may need a lifeboat to get out of Marina Bay tonight ,…..
It’s now pouring in Singapore. Water, to be precise.

Incredible, but it is persisting it down here at Marina Bay just minutes after the end of #SingaporeGP quali. Veritable torrents

@lewishamilton “Potentially there’s going to be a lot of pit stops. We need to look after the rear tyres.”

You could smell the power and money in the paddock this afternoon. Todt here too. #f1

Wonder if there is a correlation between a paddock packed with BIG sponsors and an exciting qualifying. #f1

@Pengumile that’s a question the drivers have been asking ever since 2008. Hasn’t been a wet one yet

@tamsinstenning @fergieweather thank goodness for BBC’s excellent highlights programme, then…

@CONNYloveF1 A normal post-qually one

Tipping it down out there now. It would have been good for qualifi but we hardly needed any more excitement. #f1

It’s just started to chuck it down at Singapore. Bad timing, with @alo_oficial‘s (outdoor) news conference in 10 minutes