@MgNuno nope about 1km away in a new facility. Ilmor is still there

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix at Yas Marina: Who was your Driver of the Day? http://t.co/6KxGhhpDvC

On the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, and Lewis Hamilton’s second title http://t.co/iTj4p7t7wi

@indobleh I’m glad too!

@Tom_Stallard ha! Good luck mate. See you soon

Also, if that was JB’s last race in F1 then good on him. Great driver and bloke

superior car yes, but came back v well this yr to assert himself over Ros. LH = great driver, complex character, never less than compelling

thoughts on the f1 >Hamilton badly needed that. Talent never in question but needed 2nd title to cement rep. Expect him to win again next yr
More #f1 on @onbbc4now Jim Clark:The Quiet Champion – two titles like @LewisHamilton

My #formulaone scribbles are almost done for 2014. Here’s my race report & Mercedes wrap. They were a class act eh? http://t.co/s8eVazIexm
That’d look nice hanging on your wall. @MercedesAMGF1 http://t.co/AXo4hfnNPZ

Alonso emotional at Ferrari farewell http://t.co/zgfjrsefVJ

If you are in UK and missed #Badgerbash you missed out… next time Melbourne. Follow @BadgerGP

@LewHAMF1 Love JB. But time and tide wait for no man. Stoffel is the future.

What makes the Mercedes W05 that carried Lewis Hamilton to the title so good? http://t.co/DA02jLXqMu

@BadgerGP @Jason_A_Swales Hope it went down well.

@BadgerGP Yeah but Caterham!!!! one for later me thinks!

@sparkacid @BadgerGP cheers – shame someone had too many bubbles! I’ll be back in 2015 (if Adam allows it!)

The End…Hope you enjoyed F1 2014 as much as me and thank you for your company and lovely comments about SkyF1. http://t.co/OAELHvVvwA

The lovely Claire Williams made me a cocktail. I wanted an umbrella but there was only an old cork. Nice though :) ) http://t.co/RObd6lB20A