@McLarenAuto I commentated on OBH 500H at @shelsleywalsh in May. Drove it from Essex. Superb. http://t.co/1YxVHsRLri http://t.co/SmlHYz0eUr

Luca di Montezemolo, ex-Ferrari president, also joins F1 board, while Ecclestone reappointed after his criminal trial in Germany

It is thought he couldn’t work in tandem with Bernie Ecclestone but he clearly has a long-term vision for F1 and his role in it

Intriguing that Paul Walsh has accepted a board position in F1 two days after kicking the job of chairman into touch …

The @GBRowingTeam have cancelled this weekend’s second assessment in Boston because of predicted high winds.

@p2pc2e more on this on http://t.co/gqsdAI52K8 in a little while
Spyker, former owner of Force India, has been declared bankrupt today.
You’d think running an airline would be a full-time job.
Montezemolo is back in the F1 board with Bernie. How do these people find the time to run everything?
@JarvoB But, but, there’s a press release!

@Jamesallenonf1 except 2014 @MercedesAMGF1 not the most dominant car in #F1 history. Win rate for 1988 McLaren = 93%, 2014 Merc = 84%

With Walsh now out as #F1 boss, @adam_s_parr looks even better: http://t.co/l5Cdmcp9JW RT if you agree or reply with your pick @Globe_Drive

@RobChinchero: Someone forgot the reason why in this picture there are not any Red Bull stickers…. http://t.co/XVqeMMvWMt” Haha. Touché.

The biggest ever GP+ e-magazine is now ready for downloading http://t.co/hkT6mOX2jE

@Forza_Scuderia He is going; they just haven’t officially announced it yet

Meanwhile, Fernando Alonso has taken his former Ferrari race engineer Andrea Stella with him to McLaren. Again, precise role unclear as yet

To follow up @jenniegow‘s tweet, Jock Clear is going to Ferrari – but it is not clear when he will start work at Maranello or in what role

Having a lovely lunch with @Jason_A_Swales at the BRDC as guests of our dear friend @MrDavidHobbs http://t.co/cNZRt8HSbx

@mclarenace @Jamesallenonf1 I believe so, yes. I’m sure Mercedes will find a suitable replacement
The battle that saved Formula 1 – AUTOSPORT+ http://t.co/rjnaaFBrmg #F1

@Silency4shizz Yes, I believe so
@Optimaximal @KaStutz Just goes to show I don’t exist…
@KaStutz Sorry. Dunno why it disappeared…
I never thought I’d live to see Pocoyo make it into @autosporthttp://t.co/L1lTj1uqjQ
I never thought I’d live to see Pocoyo make it into @autorsporthttp://t.co/L1lTj1uqjQ

@bootif1 get the car out early as testing started in early January & things were so different with a test team as well doing as they like!

#WEC Oliver Jarvis replaces Tom Kristensen in 2015 Audi LMP1 line-up http://t.co/QrqYszv2SM via @autosport