@Stealth72 @nh247 The engine I don’t think is but the chassis is totally legal. Needs a fin and holes mind.

@JAGLeMans @nh247 @Stealth72 There should be no breaks, there are no breaks in P2 now, and it works.

Delighted that Oxford United @OUFClive have seen sense and signed some bloke called James Roberts. A brilliant footballer: @James_Roberts39

@KeninSpoons @nh247 We need Jags. Everyone needs Jags. I have a Jag. Its broken. To be expected.

@nh247 @Stealth72 Which is still legal in LMP2… just sayin…

Mind you, when I used to go to Spiders, if the DJ spun a Motown tune it was considered a hanging offence…

Spiders nightclub in Hull: Celebrating 35 years as the ‘alternative home’ of rock, punk, Motown, indie and metal http://t.co/W32DIQi00y

Analysis – F1 2014 the story so far: Ferrari http://t.co/lfImpY5GmX

@kkopczyk @bbc5live hey, yhe Great Dino. Regards

@nh247 Why level them. They are not levelled in P2. This is racing not socialism.

@nh247 there are plenty of potential LMP2 motors out there. The Nissan is a known quantity. To beat an ORECA Nissan you need something diff.

@calcrutchlow @MotoGPJules – It was the one without the ticks. I saved that one for someone else.
@simon_cassDM be thankful it’s not 3D

@nh247 @ZytekMotorsport There are other engines out there its just one seems to be better

@nh247 Engine diversity is less of an issue than it appears. The ORECA Nissan and @ZytekMotorsport Nissan do differ

LMP2 has a great technical rule book – why cock about with it?

Standing starts post #F1 safety car periods; No.The rest; YES please.Been requesting titanium skid plates for ages! http://t.co/NLR0KALmxw

@DLphotographer Hi Daniel thanks for asking, can you email me please? http://t.co/eDPONQE222

@MotoGPJules I’ve prob eaten in one of those bars. And the dogs are not cute and cuddly….

F1′s plans to make the cars look more spectacular http://t.co/GVH9Ad1oh0

Worth reading this analysis by @gazzasportscars of how Audi, Porsche and Toyota stack up in LMP1. Subs/pay-per-view http://t.co/2SvNgIjPvX

In 1998 at Buenos Aires MotoGP there was a fight after the race between Sakata and Manako and/or mechanics. Accusations of rule bending.

Last time GP bikes went to Argentina, this happened… and still @DennisNoyes and I disagree on who was to blame. http://t.co/nzrXNeOksD

Niki Lauda insists that Mercedes “do not want to win all the races” because it would have a detrimental effect on the sport. #F1

@djosbun @dsceditor @specutainment There was a great pic you could use for the RLM one.

@lauracoppin Do you mean this Tandy 200? It still works, but getting stories off it is a problem… http://t.co/hadD9Y5HlA

@OWeingarten where, what and when is #notaFOTAforum ?

@RacecarEngineer @NickHeidfeld @Toyota_Hybrid It’s those @tmgofficial engines! Noisy and powerful…!