Fernando Alonso has refused to rule out leaving Ferrari before the end of his contract, which runs until 2016. http://t.co/Yq08nn92OS

@TomFricker Another stitch in life’s rich tapestry of small disappointments!

I don’t know what the weather will be like at Suzuka, but I know what @F1Photographer thinks about the people who think they know…

@365Daytonafan @AndyC_F1 We have Mansell talking about overtaking in this week’s magazine – talks about that very move!

Good chat-& impromptu shoot-with @MaxVerstappen3 & dad Jos leaving #Suzuka tonight. Top kid who I hope does well. #F1 #JapaneseGP

One of my favourite F1 overtakes was JPM’s cheeky move on Schumacher at Brazil in 2001. It kicked off a great rivalry #autosport

Some great debate at @autosport on #F1‘s greatest overtaking moves. Who has your vote? #autosport

The official movie trailer of ‘Gonchi’ about the life and career of #GonzaloRodriguez is available to view at http://t.co/AWlBvqS3Pb

@TokyoSpark @alex_wurz Tickets to watch rain on an empty track for nine or 10 hours?

Ferrari and Alonso heading for divorce – who will the Scuderia go for next? http://t.co/GsCHzyOgQA

Update on the typhoon threat to the Japanese Grand Prix http://t.co/bSJsIyBhy7

Pleased for @WillStevens_ , hope he gets the chance to make the most of his opportunity.

#F1 Ex-Caterham F1 tester Will Stevens gets Marussia FP1 drive in Japan http://t.co/m9zjPcf4j0 via @autosport

@alex_wurz Looks like the only way we might get a race – replace FP3 with qual and race in the afternoon

ALO, RAI and VET are on the bubble for power unit grid penalties – here’s the updated list…: http://t.co/CEq8XvyBbs #F1
@StephenHynds Yeah, they will use it to cover the track.
Alonso and typhoon Phanfone: No one knows where they will end up, but everybody is eager to find out.

Ubimet points out that the weather could be particularly disruptive when the teams are packing for Sochi after the race

“with associated rainbands extending north towards Suzuka during the morning. Rain is likely to be prolonged and become increasingly heavy“

@JRobertsF1 I will not run. Nor do I have a coat. #nofear

Run for your lives! Typhoon Phanfone is coming!!! (only for those in Suzuka, Japan). #panic

Ubimet: “The current forecast track for typhoon Phanfone keeps the eye of the storm to the southeast of Japan on Sunday…”

Quick thought on possible Typhoon disruption to Japanese GP. If the rain is heavier later in the day on Sun could the race start earlier?

Ubimet, the official F1 weather forecaster, is predicting a very soggy Sunday at Suzuka…
Sauber says it had no choice on Simona de Silvestro: http://t.co/Nfrar7C84B #F1

@JezParsons I’m not sure that they would any access to the Merc engine to study it in great detail. It’s not something Merc would allow

McLaren describe reports Gerhard Berger could take over from Ron Dennis as “complete and utter nonsense”. #f1

Gerhard Berger? Pah! Fools! #dontmesswithron