@lookingspiffy @rachaelfurn There’s a bigger priority than the 2009 World Drivers’ Championship?
@rachaelfurn @lookingspiffy I’m intrigued now… What did I miss?!
@rachaelfurn It would be cool if he races in Formula E :-) Looking forward to it.

Would sparks, glowing discs and contrails make you happy? #f1 #formula1 #f1chat http://t.co/1letLJzW0x
Every so often Jaime Alguersuari pops up in my timeline. What does he do now? Could’ve had a good career if he wasn’t so stubborn about F1.

Analysis – F1 2014 the story so far: Ferrari http://t.co/lfImpY5GmX

@YoungerHamiiF1F Why thank you :-)

@lukehmuse just picking up where fota left off. bottles of evian, cucumber sandwiches and a jolly nice day out ;)

@lukehmuse next up – let’s start the cars with a hand crank.

Glowing brakes and flying sparks ‘could return to F1′https://t.co/fTIHhh7cHF #f1

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@notonlyahatrack you starting your own meme there?

Renault is making a run at the FWD Nurburgring lap time record – Autoweek… http://t.co/TPxJEVCAZK

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Ecclestone’s Munich court case opens http://t.co/DhVQJOW04d #F1