Marussia, Caterham to miss USGP in Austin #f1 #formula1 #f1chat http://t.co/Z7DdGJZqSx

@TJChristman if I had a dollar for every time… :)

While #f1 looks like it could lose two teams, combined value of players on pitch for #ElClasico Barca v RMadrid must be nudging $1 billion.

Eighteen cars in Austin? http://t.co/d5Ftu6MLI3

#F1 Marussia also won’t race in America – Ecclestone: Oct.25 (GMM) Marussia will join f… http://t.co/3EqEkGHt6P http://t.co/bjbvUTqmx4

Caption Competition 62: Lewis Hamilton | Caption Competition http://t.co/x70eOcdSpD

Eighteen cars in Austin? http://t.co/geACj0hTtS

Caption Competition 62: Lewis Hamilton: http://t.co/yxn4G8xlyW #F1

@warworlder Whaaaaaat! This is ridiculous

UPDATE 1-Motor racing-Caterham and Marussia to miss next races – Ecclestone http://t.co/LRTcYL2YxU

The Pitstraight F1 Daily is out! http://t.co/M4K1058jxo Stories via @SportsMemNet @KevinB1981 @BLUESFAN16

Marussia will also miss US GP http://t.co/aUtIX4tMW4

Just 18 F1 cars on the grid for US Grand Prix, says Ecclestone http://t.co/82iuVODxXT

#F1 Ricciardo: Austin best of the new circuits: Red Bull driver Daniel Ricciardo believ… http://t.co/U53TSflftM http://t.co/bjbvUTqmx4

Hot off the press! SpeedRead is out! http://t.co/JB8UC5X1Zl http://t.co/AKwxIVhwQR

@janicemarie @saskystewart The best part, though, was that we got this TV get from Paul Stoddart: http://t.co/QmsyDkYy8R

If Marussia & Caterham are going to miss the rest of the season, doesnt it mean contracts stating a guaranteed 20 cars have been broken?

Not since Monaco 2005 have we had a grid of just 18 cars. Sorry US fans, such a shame! Not good for #F1‘s image in the US either!

“Button ‘not fearful’ of Alonso” http://t.co/7XcTcosjvq

Marussia to miss US Grand Prix confirms Ecclestone – http://t.co/GVPT7HX8jE #f1

“Marussia and Caterham set to miss US GP” http://t.co/7BdI6SFTLK

The latest MotoGP photos from qualifying in Malaysia http://t.co/7qJnAWDETJ

@RDV69 OK, it’s oyster beds…#sueme

@RDV69 Always a good read… has the Clam of Calamity risen from its bed yet?#seewhatIdidthere?

@RDV69 Always a good read… ha she Clam OD Calamity risen from its bed yet?#seewhatIdidthere?

@theJeremyVine Dogs might have been nice and friendly before being shut in the house and caged for weeks on end. Owner certainly wasn’t…

This #USGP is starting to sound familiar…#ABCF1 #F1 http://t.co/bIUfWEDBGK

@neilhudson @lemish32 That’s just in the public interest…

@neilhudson @lemish32 Still illegal under EU sex discrimination laws, surely?