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@robfiction I’m on vacation. There is sunshine & the beach, even if it is a bit chilly. I’m great. hope the same for you.

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Heatproof Vettel makes Mercedes sweat with surprise Malaysian Grand Prix win | 2015 Malaysian Grand Prix review http://t.co/2NZeaFkk2w

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@chrisnovaks unlimited until the game locks for China

@robfiction of course: law of averages.

ok, deep, cleansing breath. time for IndyCar.

2015 Malaysian Grand Prix review: Heatproof Vettel makes Mercedes sweat: http://t.co/gNtJ4g6IUN #F1 #MalGP

Live: 2015 IndyCar Grand Prix of St Petersburg: http://t.co/VxdLR0KQOh #F1

Am failure at being a race fan some days. Impossibly frustrated with self, especially since it was apparently awesome.

No! Thought MotoGP was at 3pm, not 2pm. Have completely missed the entire premier class race.

Valentino Rossi claims victory in a thrilling opening round to the 2015 MotoGP season in Qatar http://t.co/y7KYuC77qn

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