Vettel denies Santa Claus decided Ferrari’s strategy: #F1

COMPETITION WINNER: Congrats to @jamesstock89, you have won our @grahamandleigh sculpture! DM us ASAP! #WinTheTrack

Arden International’s Kevin Ceccon takes victory in GP3 Race 2 The smile could not be bigger for Kevin Ceccon:…

Fernando Alonso has slammed the Lotus drivers for being “far too aggressive” in Brit GP…

Under the radar: #SebastianVettel weathers the storm to finish on the podium yet again and claim another 15 points.

Bottas says he had chances to pass Massa | 2015 British Grand Prix

.@LewisHamilton hails “perfect” pitstop decision as he wins #BritishGP for third time… #F1

@JennieGow Oh no!! A few will gain a march on you this weekend then Jennie. Don’t forget for Hungary!

Bottas says he had chances to pass Massa: #F1 #BritishGP

@ChooseFreeWill @JennieGow The British GP weekend is rather busy and the result is still provisional.
Alonso welcomes the “free” point, but wants a lot more: #F1
Hamilton says it’s the first time in his career that he’s made a perfect tyre choice: #F1
@stlmkh PL = socialist?? Sliding scale of handouts based on finishing position. Higher place = higher money. Meritocracy. Not in #f1

@ChooseFreeWill @JennieGow Not until much later tonight, possibly tomorrow.
Do Arsenal or Man Utd get more PL money based on history? No. Same should apply in #f1 encourage competition

#F1 News: Wolff not ‘categorically’ ruling out Red Bull engine deal © Copyright Image
#f1 needs ‘heartland’ circuits. Bahrain, AD, Korea, Barcelona = no. Suzuka, Silverstone, Brazil, Monza = yes

Rosberg says he had to stay out a lap longer if he had any chance of winning #f1

@RamoneCat No we get BBC’s @therealdcf1 and @benedwardstv commentating on hotdog eating contests.
Fairer money share-out among the teams would do much to raise #f1 level of competition and dampen criticism.

Latest photos as Lewis Hamilton wins the British Grand Prix #F1

Latest F1 photos: Sunday at Silverstone #F1
#f1 in crisis headlines invariably lead to a thrilling race response #BritishGP @LewisHamilton delivered, like the British weather

Fernando Alonso says “free” point just an anecdote: #F1