Epic second for Michael Schumacher, stuck for most of the race in fifth gear. Highlights here: http://t.co/X5i5goHBTB http://t.co/meklYBoUN9

Latest news from 24 Hours of Le Mans – 29/05/2015 – http://t.co/M7iP0JaDTj

Also, a much needed win for Damon Hill and Mark Blundell’s final F1 podium. http://t.co/x6neUE1vMk

May 29th 1994. Spanish Grand Prix and @therealdcf1 makes his F1 debut for @WilliamsRacing http://t.co/jDw3BY01Lv

In the round-up: FIA invites new teams • De Villota family seek compensation • Ecclestone wants Indian GP back http://t.co/2ncloKF2yC #F1

The role of that Hamilton radio message in Mercedes Monaco pit call was explained fully in our post-GP race analysis http://t.co/RdMN2AAwaY

Renault not surprised by FIA engine clampdown http://t.co/VoXlh5wBLR #F1

@Jason_A_Swales and Montreal serves the best milk in curry houses

Amusing story about Ayrton Senna’s bungalow in Norwich..! http://t.co/jPSAB13rsd? http://t.co/OzDs2jCgBU

Magnussen: McLaren will take care of my career http://t.co/uTNo58RtaQ #F1

Massa: What happened in Monaco will not happen again http://t.co/jfjMhxSDJL #F1

In case you missed it last night, FIA inspected Ferrari wind tunnel to check on its Haas relationship. #f1 http://t.co/YpsghgzKF1

Some good radio stuff in the @F1 race edit from Monaco – and not just from Lewis https://t.co/0BcAfjhGvr

@Jimmy_Manna @adamcooperF1 Felipe having a go at somebody for making rookie mistakes. Priceless.

FIA clears Ferrari of using Haas wind-tunnel http://t.co/fKtTgcWu64 #F1

German fans could lose free TV coverage http://t.co/4edFqhh2oe #F1

FIA seek to monitor and show live driver ‘telemetry’ http://t.co/XsKPeBlPP4 #F1

@adamcooperF1 Lewis yes but whoever decides on these line ups is lacking imagination. I’d plonk Grosjean in with Verstappen for a start…

And you didn’t even spend that long doing a lap, either @markblundellf1#slacker https://t.co/mcKhCeUxVO

Next Thursday’s FIA press conference will feature HAM, KVY, MAL, MAS, PER and VES

And a Happy Birthday to one of my favourites from the 1990′s, Larrousse, Tyrrell and Minardi driver, Ukyo Katayama. http://t.co/5f7hOFkdLo
@_markgallagher You should have a build-in one

Valtteri Bottas is sure that Williams will return to form at the Canadian Grand Prix #F1 http://t.co/JoqnClAlgJ

Technology swap deal includes Mclaren getting Marussia’s performance KPI’s

Button ‘didn’t expect’ Vettel’s pace http://t.co/9ivcdfyS27 #f1 #planetf1

One for the ladies. Happy Birthday F1 Safety Car driver @BerndMaylaender. Not sure if he also has a virtual birthday. http://t.co/ZeSjGkObbg

And yes: I *did* have to visit Pharrell Williams’ Wikipedia page more than once for that

Verstappen actually just massive Blurred Lines fan – http://t.co/LOpIGxtbNh http://t.co/MS28SkEH27 #F1