@slackwagon I know there isn’t a conspiracy, that’s my point…

Re McLaren they announced two surprise signings (@jpmontoya and @alo_oficial) a year ahead of gettting them. Could happen again

The Points Calculator has been updated so you can work out how the second half of the season will unfold: http://t.co/OU3bcJVtrX #F1 #F1F

My guess is that McLaren would want a commitment sooner rather than later from any big name. And they have MAG,VAN & BUT if they want him

@ZoeJordanStudio stunning colours. Loving your stuff. Mentioned you in this mag the other day. Catch you soon xx http://t.co/PyTydGcVf5

Look back at the key moments of yesterday’s Hungarian thriller with @PeterDWindsor http://t.co/BnxS4TfK05

McLaren-Honda’s role in 2016 driver market is fascinating. Any big names waiting to see how its goes in ’15 may be too late…

#f1 Sauber still without any points – Sauber produced a much improved display in Hungary this weekend, but their 2… http://t.co/pq3gjLgB4C

Re HUL being on my list, car weight goes up 10kgs next year so the driver less critical. He might finally get his big break

@SteveHyde HUL was very close to the Ferrari drive and I am sure they are keeping an eye on him

TCF Daily – 28/07/2014 – http://t.co/H5DETsSkIH

The Pitstraight F1 Daily is out! http://t.co/FdlweRcnqe Stories via @UnsafeReleaseF1 @HookupMyRide

@LauraLeslie23 @danielricciardo I was thinking of teams who are not winning now and fact that Ferrari might need to replace ALO

How Twitter sees Lewis Hamilton’s situation. http://t.co/ayV6JbOzxT

Mercedes will allow its drivers to race freely – http://t.co/h5UeaWozc8

Caterham faces legal action from axed employees – http://t.co/bMYqsgLBWh

@BKKF1 Sorry but with Honda power they are a key player on the driver market

More seriously RIC joins BOT, KVY and HUL alongside the obvious World Champs on any major team’s list of possibles

Although as we found out yesterday McLaren’s radar isn’t up to much!

Hungarian Grand Prix Video Montage http://t.co/7wDMcMSgvp

#CommentOfTheDay: Getting @BriatoreFlavio to ‘improve’ #F1 is like getting @LanceArmstrong to run the Tour de France: http://t.co/rXekXFsFpp

Marco Mattiacci says Ferrari must not to get carried away with its Hungarian Grand Prix performance http://t.co/WXJUndlsHS

@hughstanistreet That was my point, it certainly didn’t hurt having no dramas of that sort

@Kerfoil @TomKerfoot @alexduckett yes you two… Get on with it!

2014 Hungarian Grand Prix in pictures: http://t.co/4ClMMmYTeI #F1
Wolf acknowledges team orders were not best move…: Not surprisingly, Toto Wolf has essentially come out and … http://t.co/SbZ1BgVa7b

Hungary better than Canada – Red Bull http://t.co/PT5D2qtWeR #F1

“Pastor, be a pal and just move that truck out of the way for us would you?”https://t.co/b2Kqyebkyp

@willbuxton If only we had some bold visionary to mandate bigger yachts, smaller thongs and mandatory cheating. #F1