#Toyota confirm manufacturer entry for 2017 World Rally Championship http://t.co/SFxcAhaD6N #Motorsport #worldrallychampionship #akiotoyoda
@EliGP @SanchezdeCastro Too right, I’ll give my Jerez pass to Eli then…

@BenConsty Wish they’d used his GP2 livery – far more exciting!

The headlines write themselves. “Sauber suffer blue day”“Out of the blue – Sauber score at last”

Sauber pair Marcus Ericsson and Felipe Nasr say their aim is to claim points finishes in 2015 http://t.co/CG0TXVox8v
@KP2231994 @SauberF1Team its cheap! but there are aero benefits to the “T” cross section
everything else is similar, with new cooling inlets beside the roll hoop http://t.co/mwqNCqKOqN

The new Sauber #F1 A Swiss car in Swedish and Brazilian colours. http://t.co/iocFf1lORw
Sauber C34, The long nose is easier to pass the crash test, one of the compromises of their restricted resources http://t.co/ZzcJbGLb46

Sauber: “The sidepods of the new Sauber C34 are slimmer than C33, despite higher cooling requirements from the new power unit”

Setting the Sauber-IKEA up at races will be a nightmare. It will take two days and there will still be several screws left over.

Crash-death rate slashed by new tech http://t.co/Sl5E8uxJXs
On a scale of 1 to At least It’s Not Grey, how do you rate the Sauber?

Ferrari news via Sauber: “The engine is very much comparable with last year’s, but its architecture has changed significantly.” #F1

News: Sauber reveals conservative C34 http://t.co/budANyYp0a #F1

Now for the Ferrari launch. I wonder what colour that will be?
That’s a lot of empty space on that car.
The new sauber looks quite good http://t.co/c8se2JE5Go

The car may not be grey but the drivers are: http://t.co/taJky0wCBx #F1 http://t.co/sjTSKPQi4p

I’m sure I’ve seen that new Sauber look somewhere before… http://t.co/ON55VE2hc9
@MrAsasuka @f1enigma really? any one of them in particular?

High res pics of the new Sauber now available here: http://t.co/taJky0wCBx #F1 http://t.co/XBjtmY0ml6

@BenMurphyF1 I’m on the same track there…

Another view of the @SauberF1Team. Not the best nose we have seen thus far in 2015…: http://t.co/XJ9CGCBfny
The new Sauber, brought to you by Brazil and Sweden: http://t.co/4QAOhCM77X #F1 http://t.co/114nKWun4K

And here we have the new Sauber and it’s new livery #ShelsBlue http://t.co/W1SGmunIxH