Four first-time champions at the NHRA US Nationals, the top drag racing event in the world!http://t.co/5yEn4MdU5v

We lost a giant talent on this day in 1985 at Spa. Stefan Bellof was possibly Senna’s true nemesis in waiting. But we never got to find out.

Today in 1985, Stefan Bellof went for an impossible move on Jacky Icky as they went side by side into Eau Rouge, u know the rest. RIP Stefan

F1: Honda open to customer teams in 2016 http://t.co/ZHMG6fnUNN

Spa-Francorchamps always scores highly in Rate the Race and this year was no exception: http://t.co/JF0hrvQLeX #F1

Should Mercedes implode, Red Bull’s star driver will be lurking in the shadows…& we’re not talking about Vettel. http://t.co/uKFWPoecdD

Didn’t do that badly for only my second time out, eh professor @CHaggstamF1? 😜😜🌊🌊🏄🏊 http://t.co/jkpJVgA5Qh http://t.co/w9iJMHzfLq

#F1 I won’t give up in title fight, Hamilton vows: Lewis Hamilton insists that he will … http://t.co/Rxe0G6eSKX http://t.co/bjbvUTqmx4

#F1 Van der Garde to replace Sutil in Italy FP1: Giedo van der Garde will replace Adria… http://t.co/nDo9GM4lnZ http://t.co/bjbvUTqmx4

#F1 UBS reducing F1 sponsorship: Major F1 sponsor UBS is scaling down its investment in… http://t.co/KvSPlRO8hi http://t.co/bjbvUTqmx4

Just over 2 hours to go before end of deadline day: if Arsenal *really* need a “destroyer” surely Lotus could offload Maldonado?

Think you are a big #F1 fan? sure but are you the king? http://t.co/4Xhd5mm5mE

Forgot to post earlier, but mom made biscuits & whipped cream for peach shortcakes for my birthday.… http://t.co/JBQ1WbEJyW

@DHdan91 Twin bruvva. Not me ✌️
Wow, some massive crashes and burnt arses at Silverstone for the MotoGP weekend! http://t.co/zxqk7BHLe8

@stevenroy27 I did already see that, thank you :-)

House prices in Hitchin up £173,778 over the past two decades. How’ve they changed near you? http://t.co/DqNgUJtEfl via @thesundaytimes

Was thinking it’d be neat to have a race poster from F1 weekend I was born. Oddly, no one seems to have one from Zandvoort (August 26, 1984)

@tommybridewell @5taceyJo M Yam hospitality gets even better for you 👍🍴🍕🍗🍝? 😉

If UR wondering, my @Globe_Drive column is Tues due to holiday featuring @Tagliani, @ChaseT1D, @Scott_Hargrove @CameronNHayley, @acastell95

Wild finish brings @KaseyKahne‘s first win of the @NASCAR @Sprint Cup season – @RACERmag http://t.co/wAGhZZG7ao @TeamHendrick @TeamChevy

Eric Boullier and Jonathan Neale have completed the ALS #IceBucketChallenge #McLaren #F1 http://t.co/M8kH1Ranrv

Honda reveal pre-season test plans in Jerez https://t.co/BpllbOWqcA #f1