Ricciardo says Red Bull pleasnatly surprised by his pace http://t.co/mG9PUif5P7 #F1

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Ferrari: We will try and exploit any opportunity to attack http://t.co/1uQPX0Hw4c #F1

McLaren: To put it in simple terms we performed poorly http://t.co/5JThHYN2tT #F1

Force India: We can be strong in race conditions http://t.co/x1vVBLOmmw #F1

Red Bull: Our straight line speed wasn’t able to challenge that of the Mercedes http://t.co/0rXrhNzypL #F1

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Strong finish still possible – Button http://t.co/5N77zC7G3H

So @fiaf3europe if the race result and safety car operation both are found to be outside the rules will both get a grid penalty?

eer so @TomBlomqvist wins the @fiaf3europe race but the whole race result is now under investigation.

Rosberg didn’t realise his last lap was quicker: http://t.co/KPwKP7SUBt #F1

Engine makers get to work on spicing up the sound of the turbo V6 power unit #F1 http://t.co/jGSA1vonaf http://t.co/4YpEDTOdXp

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