@LanzaroteCamel @FIBT Sadly, too busy to read Twitter on air but will try to answer some tomorrow…

The good people at @Chuggington need to design Grand Prix tracks! It’s a bit more ‘Escher’ than it is Tilke however. http://t.co/Vbe9dOwGmp

@jockojohnson…..and we’ll be deaf until he leaves for College.

Hey @jockojohnson We’re doing Xmas early as we’re off to Ireland. This is what the wee lad will see in the morning! http://t.co/8SRBxzQnL4

Bernie Ecclestone tells teams to cut costs or else #f1 #indy

Lewis Hamilton on handling F1 pressure: I no longer dwell on setbacks for three days #f1 #indy

@MichaelBicak @former_f1doc I’ve always found Gary insightful but careful to explain these are his opinions only. Just as I have on MS.

Jean-Eric Vergne joins Ferrari as test driver after losing his race seat at Toro Rosso #f1 #mail

Lewis Hamilton posts picture of latest set of wheels on his Instagram account #f1 #mail

A sneak peek at what’s in store in The Champions Issue of @RACERmag …get yours today! http://t.co/TFoywoJzJX http://t.co/tz5Zh0QbLV

Part 2 of @ndegroot89 discussion with @GuyCosmo, who is looking into @WCRacing & even Indy! http://t.co/T0KXYR7SvE http://t.co/LVYJsW7IJM

Doctor Who on tv, Christmas cookies in oven. If only Mom hadn’t forcibly half-decorated my house, telling me to “decorate or put it away.”

Newcomers head Valencia F3 test http://t.co/IQUkFbQsHu

Panis Jr. to graduate to FR3.5 in 2015 http://t.co/xX01Ab6s98

Sebastian Vettel’s departure influenced by Ricciardo’s pacehttp://t.co/CVhGEwr81j #f1

Vergne replaces De la Rosa at Ferrari as test driver #f1 #formula1 #f1chat #ferrari http://t.co/OSqWBq5oY6

.@Chrysler, @Dodge, and @RamTrucks recall 2.9M U.S. vehicles b/c of Takata airbag problem: http://t.co/NcbkhRAMxI http://t.co/3fio6nynYu

Wow, great read.RT “@willbuxton: I’ve always liked and respected @former_f1doc. I do so even more tonight. https://t.co/OdEyJgkohR”

@HamiltonFan1705 @CoolSinan99 @lukejulyan @jamesdesigns Racing Incident IMO. I couldn’t really have backed out anyway

@HamiltonFan1705 @CoolSinan99 @lukejulyan @jamesdesigns I didn’t hit anyone, yes I was on the inside but I only tapped with Gestirn

Congrats to Vergne on the Ferrari contract! The team needed a fresh reserve line-up and Jean-Eric is a solid addition. #F1

A festive message for you from Daniel. Merry Christmas to all, thanks for your s… http://t.co/Io9s1Zl07N #rbr

#Batman, your @Chevrolet Impala is ready. (In case you lose all of your money or something.) http://t.co/fJgYcBvZLk http://t.co/iYHlaqJUkv

“Annie” is delightful. Just delightful.

VIDEO: Every heard of the Ulster Grand Prix? No? Now you have. You’re welcome.http://t.co/BEYwqiRzFd