@tokulski on the plus side an e30 front wing is like $50 tops :)

@tokulski what happened, you put wheels on the inside curb at big bend?

@psychemedia yup. npm install and about three lines of code. stopped using it cause perf was poor on tablets though.

@psychemedia not a clue soz. socket.io is all js.

@psychemedia socket.io will fallback to http polling if browser doesn’t support sockets, so you should be able to force it using IE 8 :)

@psychemedia it’s just a http connection upgrade. that said, never tried scraping them before.

alternate @FIAformulaE live timing link (working a treat):http://t.co/qKPa3vgPwD

@TheMrJourneyer they’re using Varnish as a front end cache. terrible, terrible idea.

Button: This could be my last F1 race | F1 Fanatic Round-up http://t.co/JQzRYWRFkH

sadly, as is traditional for any modern racing series, @FIAformulaE‘s live timing is completely stuï¿­.

F1 Fanatic round-up: Button – This could be my last F1 race: http://t.co/Ocdb7qdS1B #F1 #AbuDhabiGP

ace. the @FIAformulaE app has free live streaming of practice on now.looks fab airplay’d to the telly.https://t.co/aGSKg5nK2H

Red Bull, Ferrari digging F1′s grave warns Mercedes – http://t.co/zfYUrVavZG #f1

Drivers want to join the conversation about F1′s woes #f1 #formula1 #f1chat http://t.co/Zwr2ZLOzBY

@micky_heth Indeed, in fact to cut costs lets get rid of the cars and make em run round the track instead.

@thefalken Course if you download our app you get it anyway.

@thefalken We are doing that its just not finished yet.

Christian Horners suggestion of using common energy recovery systems in F1 goes against the basic point of motor racing.

#BuffaloSnow couldn’t stop this man and his 560-hp @Porsche 911—until it did. The epic story: http://t.co/8zTy6sPK0Q http://t.co/mdWjMUPqua

Who will be doing the doughnuts at Abu Dhabi? (I’m not suggesting Ferrari by this picture – just me being a fool). http://t.co/jtcgn8u9ha

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2014: Will Lewis Hamilton be Britain’s unappreciated double world champion? #f1 #indy

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