@StephenHynds as is they essentially killed the N24… so I’m guessing at least a temporary fix

What is going to make F1 2015 for me? Has to be THESE two boys. The most inspired rookie pairing for a generation. http://t.co/9yy4AWAolf

Force India duo disagree with stewards over penalty decisions http://t.co/xxW8dnfVNp #Motorsport #formula1 #2015malaysiangrandprix

Lap 2: Wounded @FelipeNasr and Raikkonen’s limping Ferrari head to the pits after contact: http://t.co/kUrUJ7J2qL #F1 http://t.co/cjTIHKZdTP

will they have to @limerockpark the Nordschleife with a chicane? before the jump? http://t.co/dySaz3MSH0

A selection of the best race action from today's #MalaysiaGP. #F1 http://t.co/mfZJZ9h2Hn #rbr

@andonida Enjoy! Washing load number 5 going through and house spotless top to bottom.#domesticated

@RaceCircuitInfo Why is the North West 200 not on your site eh? or Olivers Mount eh?

@alogoc Just things I heard. Probably nothing….

@RichardHillSays I’m just warming up…

@Craig_O_F1 So did Kimi but the point is the other guys were brought up the ranks by Red Bull, like half the Formula E grid!

My ‘Mercedes to win every race’ bet with @ChrisMedlandF1 lasted a long time. Glad it was only £5. Numpty.

Paolini plays it perfectly to take solo win.Terpstra 2nd. Thomas (who had earlier gone flying into a ditch) 3rd. Cracking race.#GentWevelgem

With another team in the frame for wins Merc may struggle to maintain parity on strategy etc between HAM and ROS. Makes life interesting

Ferrari lose together and win together http://t.co/bTefR8VaRV

@JarvoB @dariofranchitti Ha. Good save! I was fooled by two KLM flights to the same destination scheduled 4 minutes apart!
My Picks for the Malaysian Grand Prix: Rain – YesIt’s Malaysia, even when they say no rain, it rains.  Right? … http://t.co/rA2BZSK2Mz
2015 race picks: This year we started listing 2 races in advance topick.There’s no reason to be late or miss a… http://t.co/eMWPDSjU7Y

IndyCar: Will Power determined to win another title http://t.co/BL1qHeFIuI #indycar

.@BMW‘s M135i is just like the M235i we get here—only with a hatch! http://t.co/R9pNgmtfEW http://t.co/FP33V5pvJK

@forzaferrari7 There will be a ‘best of’ my career pics book soon…

Five Red Bull/Marko proteges in the top 10 today with VET, VES, SAI, KVY and RIC. It’s almost like Formula E!

Amuses me when some right-on, politically correct type, looking for offence where there is none, thinks they can tell me what to tweet.

Just saved from a terrible flight-missing blunder by a combination of a throwaway comment by @benedwardstv and the Verstappens. Thanks!