@Pirelli_Media9 Apr

@sportauto awards P Zero winner of the test! Enjoy Spring and let us worry about the showers! http://t.co/BvvZLW9ElH http://t.co/aG2ijNwwDW
 @Pirelli_Media9 Apr

@AutoMotoFoto no, another guess?
 @Pirelli_Media9 Apr

@Pearcey28 You’re right!
 @Pirelli_Media8 Apr

Juan Munoz ‘Double Bind & Around’ the first solo exhibition in Italy, tonight opening @hangarbicocca #DiscoverPirelli http://t.co/WiNYhyHrxP
 @Pirelli_Media8 Apr

A homologated tyre is tailor made for a specific car. What does the “F” represent on this P Zero? #ThePerfectFit http://t.co/HKdUbPL8Ye
 @Pirelli_Media8 Apr

Tonight from 7pm #opening #JuanMuñoz ‘Double Bind & Around’ curated by Vicente Todolì @hangarbicocca #DiscoverPirelli http://t.co/LVAwNlJ8zt
 @Pirelli_Media2 Apr

Don’t be fooled by the sleek design the #AventadorPE is engineered to dominate the road. #ThePerfectFit @Lamborghini https://t.co/Gs8R6z28kd
 @Pirelli_Media30 Mar

@volvocarsglobal: Outstanding Quality matched with an Outstanding Tyre #ThePerfectFit http://t.co/HTggGA8WpK http://t.co/YbnX6HKu7W
 @Pirelli_Media27 Mar

@BerrySmits please, send an email to pzero@pirelli.com! Thanks for getting in touch with us
 @Pirelli_Media26 Mar

@Autozeitung put P Zeros to the #test: excellent combination of performance & precision http://t.co/ZXfclDcC47 http://t.co/SZXRKLJg48
 @Pirelli_Media20 Mar

@Jaguar #Xe named ‘Most Beautiful Car’ at the Festival Automobile International in Paris. A matter of #ThePerfectFit? http://t.co/aBE0g5WqYb