McLaren insist there is nothing fundamentally wrong with their team despite their continuing poor form http://t.co/ep77DJGaGd

Boullier using Grosjean experience to help Magnussen: http://t.co/ry3h6UvZEj #F1

@ProjectQM you’ve got to be loyal to Edinburgh and Scottish brands! #McGin (that’s not my nickname)

@JJHutch82 Thx J. What happened happened and we and #F1 live with the consequences.

Not your average scene on Regent Street, over a hundred horses! .. http://t.co/BcuQiDGH7N

@AndrewPotterNZ Thx Andrew. Yes #Vettel looks pretty down doesn’t he…

He’s been gone 20 years. Seems like yesterday: http://t.co/Zzh25KnV5K #Senna #ChineseGP #F1

Hello there everyone! How are we on this fine spring morning? You may have noticed a new look to @MercedesAMGF1 today… pretty neat right?

@Warrensnel That’s a good question. I know that the competition is closed, but not sure when the prize is awarded. Will try and find out.

Video: 25 years ago today Berger survived a horrible crash at Tamburello and the Senna-Prost rivalry intensified: http://t.co/gcgpjoPteZ #F1

Govt cash for F1 ideas… http://t.co/0LMxUzsDhb
@CassieMayF1 I thought that was your plan all along.
@Djay_chicharito we may be biased but @clubforce all the way!
Oooh the new Twitter layout looks nice. To switch or not to switch? This is the question… #ForceDilemma

Our cat rocky (balboa) closely watching if my physio Dan does a good job during the post interval training massage http://t.co/Kcxk6bPNqC

Mr Christ’s Easter weekend http://t.co/bwKU5wi5NW

Happy St George’s day fellow Englishfolk. To celebrate a Turk putting an odd looking animal on a lance, I will tonight be eating a kebab.

In the round-up: Red Bull say they’ve “rattled” Mercedes • Russian GP forces rally cancellation • Lotus ‘gained 2s’ http://t.co/DdaNGmlYon

How’s this to start your day? Muse covering Nirvana in tribute to Cobain. Holy actual wow. https://t.co/0a3fvpdSkJ

How did you get on in the Predictions Championship this week? Find out here: http://t.co/ublptqorhB #rule4d

@TalkingaboutF1 Thanks. Good thing we use nice photos from @latphotographic! :)

@Alehud42 thanks. Actually I enjoyed watched Lewis’s excellence and Fernando’s acrobatics.

@mcrisever Yes – Ray Brimble, the Embassy Hill team manager who also died in the plane accident. Nice guy.

@williams4ever thanks – glad you enjoyed. Seamless gearshifts are brilliant – but there’s still a human element.

@spronkey Yes – good point. We should get Rob back into the studio to update!

@mcrisever Thanks – hope you had a great Easter.