Go on @GaryLineker see if you can call @whufc_official ground ‘The Boleyn’ on #BBC #motd. Upton Park is after all an Underground station!

F1 looks into more powerful, louder, cheaper engines. Plus the latest on the in-season development row and Korea http://t.co/DFBYk0i603

@kopkings123 Love them both, always have.

@ohforfs And a bit of Darts too, all aerodynamics isn’t it :) )

@Andy_211007 Would love to see Gary do well this year, he’s on top form and I don’t think he’ll be far away

@jasonplato Holy cow! Did they empty the prisons!!

Lights Out And We Throw! Couldn’t resist it folks, couldn’t resist it 😄😄😄 Here’s to another top day of darts #WeLoveDarts

Lovely Thierry Henry tribute by the beeb at the end of Footy Focus. Perfectly pitched. Got me a bit misty. And I’m not even a Gooner.

The kids are finally gone
Interesting feature in the latest @develop3d on @Lotus_F1Team using Elysium CAD translation software

20 things that made F1 great in 2014: http://t.co/maPRNUdXcf #F1

@gregjames @LesRosbifs The honour was mine I can assure you, Messieurs ! #F1

@DaveClarkTV Will do mate, I promise your seat will be lovely and warm for you for this evening 😄 #lovethedarts

Just met @gregjames @BBCRadio1 DJ on a train heading north – he’s doing a cricket show for @bbc5live for Christmas period. What a cool guy.

German bank seeks to have last laugh as Ecclestone pokes fun in Christmas card http://t.co/9KoFsFQlMm

@RobPritchard78 @SkySportsDarts And let’s hope for a treble of goals for @whufc_official today too mate!

@benjhunt @MarkRMilan @stringerbessant How about their TV debut on The Word https://t.co/vSJT55i7Jw Doesn’t get more mid-90s than this.

@Spinninggenius @SkySportsDarts I am Sam, Clarkie gets a well deserved lie in and I get to live the dream :) )

@benjhunt @MarkRMilan @stringerbessant Ha! God that takes me back. Still got my minidisc player, too.

@benjhunt @MarkRMilan @stringerbessant I’ve just clicked that Reef in 95 was before all the “place your hands” bollocks. Even more jealous.

Looking good Ally Pally Waiting for the pilgrims to arrive at the Darting Cathedral. Live on @SkySportsDarts at 12.30 http://t.co/mCD00jllMS

@benjhunt @MarkRMilan @stringerbessant My first was Radiohead at Wembley Arena supported by Teenage Fanclub and DJ Shadow. Changed my life.

@benjhunt @MarkRMilan @stringerbessant Love it mate. Great band at a great venue. Bet it was awesome.
@BadgerGP @Autosport_Show @MotorsTV Tough times for ex – ferrari staff! Still there’s plenty of part time jobs about

Rolling around in hysterics at Chris Kamara’s best bits. Hell of a way to start the weekend. https://t.co/O1Bd425jIW #UnbelievableJeff
@burn with those glasses and the small pile of coins is it mine?