In the round-up: Hamilton hoping for proper #BritishGP trophy • “Amnesia” about refuelling • ‘Driver aids’ ban mooted http://t.co/CoFgSK6Fiu

Before we head to @SilverstoneUK, we have a rather special event at Brixworth, home of @MercedesAMG HPP, with the #MBFamily

Honda says engine developments planned for after summer break will deliver needed power boost http://t.co/stn0EOauRD http://t.co/fjz4hAWcND

If you want to know more about F1… https://t.co/TFyDqQGdQQ http://t.co/8iAXDB3iAd

@JRobertsF1 Always enjoyed T20 right from the start of it.

@JarvoB kneecap still attached. For now…

F1 Fanatic round-up: Hamilton hoping for proper Silverstone trophy: http://t.co/FQSxGpHnSD #F1

@UserGINGER @benjhunt You’d know how hot Texas can be

@LauraLeslie23 hi Laura. Great to meet you too. Keep up the good work; and don’t drink too much champagne in Monza! See you there

@philoakey6 okay then, I will, just like I always do at Silverstone :) ))))

And just like that, there you are! @SilverstoneUK you are looking stunning tonight. We’ll be seeing you very soon! http://t.co/762qJIO0lm

Mark Smith New Technical Boss at Sauber http://t.co/dOCwUVGq9w

Short hop from London to @SilverstoneUK now for @nico_rosberg “Thrilling racing” in the background; is it a sign?! :) http://t.co/fQDALdCbUZ
@MikeyDuncan44 no that’s the possible areas. I don’t know which they are upgrading

@ianparkesf1 – what a bummer!! Hope you feel better soon – was good to see you at the weekend…

@SaveFormulaOne @alex_wurz @GPDA_ our pleasure. But this is just the start of our work

Just time for a quick @BlackBerry selfie for #NR6! London, you are looking hot!! It’s time to head to @SilverstoneUK http://t.co/GUONKuH5vv

He’s a popular man @nico_rosberg! Leaving @Tumitravel store in Regent St now. Time for a quick pic… http://t.co/MhIDnJb7cl

#NR6 also saying how much he loves London! Enjoying his time here. And boy is it hot!! Bring your hats at @SilverstoneUK people! #BritishGP

#NR6 describing the quality of the @Tumitravel luggage and how important it is with a lifestyle (and job) full of travel #TumiGlobalCitizens

And here he is! @nico_rosberg joining us at the @Tumitravel store, Regent St, London. #TumiGlobalCitizens http://t.co/11YMs0VdC8

We’ve made it to London, Regent St the venue and @Tumitravel the store! We’re just waiting for a certain #F1 driver.. http://t.co/YQ8CUJfFiP
@MikeyDuncan44 mechanical, suspension, electronic, gearbox, hydraulic, powerunit?

Need a late birthday present idea for @nico_rosberg? How about the car he took his first podium finish in? http://t.co/ixMI6fDqCQ #F1 #F1F

The case against a tyre war was put very well by Franz Tost: “Two teams will get good tyres, the rest will get scrap” http://t.co/o3DYrraHCC

@Lotus_F1Team @F1Photographer_ @redbullracing @ForceIndiaF1 That’ll be heat haze! More of the same @ #F1 #BritishGP ’15!

@michaelwestwoo8 it is not normally only highlights. The British GP has been live always since the rights split