F1 Fanatic round-up: Mercedes won’t gift Hamilton a ‘payback win’: http://t.co/wEhQwvNG1B #F1 #MonacoGP

What did you think of the #MonacoGP? Rate the race here: http://t.co/bJd8lCPeJe #F1 #F1F

@tiff_tv – ah that makes more sense! Didn’t realise earlier….
@jatx I wouldn’t say more dependant. Esp as a large part of aero is sim based

@deepalir @adamcooperF1 don’t apologise. I can’t take credit for someone else’s great work!!

@Brian__Rainey I’m not surprised Brian, it was an amazing week for all of you. Was a pleasure to meet you all it really was

Utterly awesome #Monaco. Great to be back at an #f1 race https://t.co/EyEn3Bp0Ch

@deepalir It wasn’t me – it was my colleague @adamcooperF1. He will do a detailed race analysis after each GP now #f1

@pcwilliams They are brilliant… Wish I’d shot ‘em!

@HaatchiHD Perfect way to get me there on time and with a smile on my face. Cheers for the lift :) ))

.@therealdcf1 on how @LewisHamilton will recover from Monaco. & his own experience, involving a hangover & Ron Dennis http://t.co/JgzfWC0ngi

How tyre confusion influenced Hamilton’s pit call: http://t.co/lLbDuPVlTv #F1 #MonacoGP

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Great day to be a Norwich City FC fan, we’ve had many difficult ones. #OTBC have a great trip back up the A11 to all the great fans today

Up-to-date form guides for every #F1 driver after the 2015 #MonacoGP: http://t.co/eYzBC7GTxO #F1F http://t.co/MrRTgYN0tX

@mblancoF1 All the available information is in that link.

@Pickle2k4 Well he needs the practice does Champ, if he’s still there tell him his swing needs to be more like mine 😄😄😄😄😄

Credit where it’s due, that’s a fine win for England. Quite a turn around and not before time.

@AntonyWarmbold Just a tad slower!

Updated Points Calculator shows how the #MonacoGP changed the championship for @LewisHamilton & @nico_rosberg: http://t.co/U5igaBE73e #F1F

@tom118646 I try to make them all look good but as far as me being a #F1 fan, it was always special to work around #Senna.

Hamilton’s pit lane curse strikes again: http://t.co/Dd3pTvReUS #F1 #MonacoGP

A good driveability breakthrough for Honda in Monaco as it grabs points but #f1 boss admits it still needs more power http://t.co/tkuSwIiDDD

Updated 2015 Penalties Index after the #MonacoGP: @alo_oficial, @carlosainz & @Max33Verstappen transgressed: http://t.co/b7EmP9JvIy #F1 #F1F

NZ 5 down at lords and Norwich 2-0 up in the playoff at wembley. Common boys #OTBC

How Mercedes got it all wrong in Monaco: http://t.co/BetuQ6MfLt #F1 #MonacoGP #F1F http://t.co/hT4syMCWHx

@momac11 We have answered this repeatedly. We thought we had the gap to pit and retain track position. But our numbers were wrong.