Замминистра МИД РФ: Предстоит серьёзный разговор с украинской стороной

Месси заплатит около 33 млн евро штрафа

Силы АТО окружили Славянск и контролируют ситуацию

“All in all, it was a solid weekend.” – @DanielRicciardo #SingaporeGP #F1 http://t.co/zv1mmWLeWn
@redbullracing to #Ricciardo: “Avoiding exit kerbs may help the problem with the car.” Does this constitute a coded message?#F1 #SingaporeGP

“I’m pleased with this weekend. We were competitive and were able to fight with the front runners.” – @Alo_Oficial http://t.co/lGprGivxcb

@mjchaney96 Yes we have trailers and hot laps coming. :)

@SennaV10F1 Glad to hear it! :D
2022 finals ‘will not be in Qatar’ – BT http://t.co/g4yFer0UUS

Решение с запахом газа
Rumours today @McLarenF1 have lost a £155m sponsorship deal http://t.co/pmQPidqQkH. Big blow for the team if true.#F1 http://t.co/APESjE9Ltt
McLaren denies losing Johnnie Walker as sponsor http://t.co/wBZYCRQbs3 via @motorsport

В Хакасии попал в аварию грузовик с юными спортсменами
@ACHOOGIRL @AmberLoungeLtd @PodiumLounge It is a tough life A but someone has to do it. Race was great. V close between Lewis & Nico now!

Испанская трагедия: чемпион мира покидает Бразилию

Суд в США оставил под стражей сына депутата Госдумы Валерия Селезнёва
 @FanVisionF122 Sep

В Кировском районе произошло ДТП из 17 машин, виновник аварии погиб
 @FanVisionF121 Sep

Обзор прессы: Названы причины аварии в московском метро
 @FanVisionF121 Sep

Кадыров обещает действовать жестко, если группу LifeNews не отпустят
 @Formula1game21 Sep

Experience this year’s incredible season with #F12014, launching October 17th. #SingaporeGP #F1 http://t.co/LoKPoqA2Qd
 @Formula1game21 Sep

WATCH our latest hot lap featuring @Lotus_F1Team’s @RGrosjean at Singapore! >> https://t.co/9MakD28UXT #F1 http://t.co/s3fXv0RACT
VIDEO: Be sure to check out the two videos of @nico_rosberg @MercedesAMGF1 already on the #F1App http://t.co/i5CvlQfvQY
 @Formula1game21 Sep

So then, who was your driver of the day? #SingaporeGP #F1 http://t.co/noWx4iEGBM
TELEMETRY UPDATE: Looks like the link is down from the #F1App from ALO. Apologies for that.
 @Formula1game21 Sep

.@LewisHamilton WINS the 2014 #SingaporeGP and moves 3 points clear at the top of the Championship! #F1 http://t.co/G8rPXE8XSg
 @Formula1game21 Sep

COMPETITION: RT for a chance to win a @PirelliSport prize bundle! #SingaporeGP #F1 http://t.co/OdvnJtODYE
TEAM RADIO: @ToroRossoSpy @Dany_Kvyat ‘I need to stop. Without the drink, I’m dying here.’
Off and running again after safety car. @LewisHamilton gets a flyer! #SingaporeGP #F1