Yes we did!! It was a great race with such an epic start! Very refreshing in the era of Mercedes dominance. #F1 https://t.co/hovgAufagS

Just noticed that Claire Williams and Rob Smedley have the same haircut. #F1 @WilliamsRacing

Aston Martin/Red Bull story just got legs, Newey designing road car: http://t.co/iNFlu1gqCb #f1 #formula1 #f1chat http://t.co/lTGCRORsP8

Fan Captures Kimi Raikkonen Spin Missed By The TV Cameras: http://t.co/YlgsvfkQA0 #F1 http://t.co/a0IBiHbcBf

A winding-up petition against Lotus has been adjourned for two weeks #F1 http://t.co/oSlEEH0GHW http://t.co/rSWXj8yf8F

Merc’s Toto says @WilliamsRacing was wrong-footed…patronize much? http://t.co/7DDiUJRG0a #f1 #formula1 http://t.co/7ELI5k2w2l

@JennieGow Bought quite expensive hospitality tickets for the weekend & more people watch Red Arrows than Quali on Sat! @SilverstoneUK #f1

Silverstone lifts #F1 gloom, if only for a day http://t.co/7zU2O8sC2S

@JennieGow I enjoyed it but the @FIAWEC weekend is far, far better value. Weekend ticket for cheaper than parking at #F1!

Here’s something I wrote late last year on why the financial peril of midfield and back #F1 teams should concern us: http://t.co/h2Z7M7zDXo

…and is beyond the ability of those in the midfield and back to raise revenue. #F1

As Gerard Lopez explained very well late last year, the main problem is that the minimum cost just to turn up in #F1 has mushroomed…

I’d often suspected some assumed #F1 $ problems only afflicted back of grid fodder. This is a team with titles, that won a GP just 2 yrs ago

We can hardly argue that financial problems for the midfield teams hasn’t been seen coming a mile off either. #F1

Not sure I like the ‘don’t worry, we only owe to shareholders’ line either. Seen plenty of cases where that’s the beginning of the end. #F1

Oh dear, not good news for Lotus nor for #F1: http://t.co/xpMxMjSlCZ

McLaren acknowledges its lack of success in #F1 is hurting commercially in terms of lost revenues and sponsor appeal http://t.co/FcxnmsyFSH

#Onthisday in 1958, five-time World Champion Juan Manuel Fangio took part in his final Formula One race #F1 http://t.co/sF6MJPefYd

Our Team WTF1 prize winners for June: http://t.co/io90y9ZzUB #F1 http://t.co/RgHhRxIrwr

Kimi Raikkonen daily is out! http://t.co/NauZnYgSPL #Raikkonen #f1 promotion.twitter.mentions_prefix @GregorF1 @alegarrasino

That’s really good! “@MuddlyTalkerF1: Brilliant! #BrundleBingo #F1

Dennis not fair to call Jordan idiot – Coulthard – #F1 http://t.co/dVYhK1RB0U http://t.co/uXrogbFbrh

Did ‘team orders’ cost Williams’ Silverstone win? – #F1 http://t.co/TNjZ1lZ2uZ http://t.co/zWS4ZDU66F

F1 ‘Crisis off’ after British GP thriller? – #F1 http://t.co/fTHItLe01y http://t.co/YEtY42lJ5b

I do not want to talk about Raikkonen’s future – Arrivabene – #F1 #Ferrari http://t.co/CjqLLgq7kl http://t.co/yFnqczd2kx

Mercedes not ruling out Red Bull engine deal – #F1 http://t.co/uXxMpzWsiQ http://t.co/lAtbZH5QAU

Team by team analysis of British GP http://t.co/vzKzlmaFEA #F1

Sounds like FOM dropped the ball this weekend as badly as Kimi Raikkonen did… Thank goodness for crowd-sourced footage! #F1